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  1. TheDonAJ

    Religious Tolerance

    There seems to be some syncretism in Westeros. Why do the followers of the old gods and The Seven seem to be completely fine with this arrangement? Most Lords and peasants might not care too much about religion, but even crazy zealots like the High Sparrow don’t mention or care about the fact that half the Kingdom prays to different gods. Given that the New Gods are based on medieval Catholicism, have they ever sent any missionaries up North?
  2. TheDonAJ

    Bolton Nicknames

    Many prominent members of houses have appelations that relate to their house sigil; with the Starks, ‘The young wolf’, ‘The hungry wolf’ - with the Lannisters - ‘Toothless lion’ etc. This is even seen with members of less prominent houses like Jeor ‘the old bear’ Mormont. Is this naming custom limited to houses with animal sigils? What would be the equivalent with House Bolton, and are their any historical examples of previous Bolton’s being nicknamed after their flayed man banners?