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  1. I went, it was fine for a free exhibition but I also didn't find it crazy impressive. Some of the places were so niche that I couldn't even remember them despite having listened to the audiobooks twice (I never read the written novels, and I'm only halfway through The World of Ice and Fire). This would obviously have been even worse for someone who only knew the TV show (though that's on them). I don't know in how many different cities this was held, but I went in Berlin and they had a "cinema" where no film was being shown when we arrived and it was so crowded we didn't feel like waiting around for it to start. All in all, I expected a more multimedia experience, not just a gallery of concept art landscapes with little accompanying information (unless you wanted to stare at your smartphone the entire time)
  2. punzerknacker

    Opinion: Coolest Sounding Name

    For some reason I've always loved the name Brynden Rivers (even though his nickname is arguably even cooler). I don't want children but if I ever have a son I might consider naming him that (as first and middle name)