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  1. SorcererOfAsshai

    Cersei the 2nd Queen of Westeros.

    It's obvious that Cersei wont be able to rule on her name in KL, allthough on Westerlands she's the de facto heir. That said, offstage during the short period of her antiregency to Tommen she was the person behind all the decisions of the crown, acting more like a Queen than a Queen Regent. The SC was a puppet to her own will. Even is she cant legally considered a queen, in terms of power, authority & circumstances she was the second queen of Westeros after Rhaenyra. Maesters wont ever write Cersei as one, but the influence she had to the crown "makes" her one.
  2. SorcererOfAsshai

    Cersei the 2nd Queen of Westeros.

    The Great Council of 101 AC summoned by King Jaehaerys I made sure that the Iron Throne could not pass to a woman, or to a male descendant of a female lady, all though it's decisions werent included in the Westerosi legal system by royal decrees, otherwise this would block Viserys from appointing Rhaenyra as his succesor. Does Cersei's antiregency to Tommen during Feast -until she gets imprisoned by Faith Militant- contradict it's conclusions? The regency of Aegon III was male dominated but in the case of little Tommen Cersei rules on her name without any male interference such as Kevan, Mace or Jaime. The small council was just an illusion to the eyes of the kingdom, Cersei was taking all the decisions herself. Most common folks never bothered to call her "Queen Regent", "Queen Mother" etc, they always call her the "Queen" (which sometimes comes with the word "cunt"). Can Cersei be considered the second queen Westeros witnessed after the Half-Year Queen Rhaenyra?