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  1. Here, here! The parents Jon deserves.
  2. Winter prince

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    I don't think the North would ever send a hostage to KL again
  3. Winter prince

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    This is one area that I felt like they didn't ruin Jon's character this season. The only time he lied in the show was to follow the orders of Halfhand. And his and Ned's sense of honor are commendable: Ned showed that the one place worth sacrificing honor for was children. That's why he allowed for himself to be slandered and bringing home a "bastard" from war, why he gave Cersei the opportunity to flee with her children, and why he died saying he committed treason. Jon appears to be willing to sacrifice his honor for his people.
  4. Winter prince

    Can we talk about Jon?

    I don't think he wants to come back again though
  5. Winter prince

    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    I had avoided the show and books up until January of this year. While I was deployed someone sent my squadron the whole series of books. When I was set to return I grabbed A Game of Thrones because I knew I had about 72 hours total of travel time. I fell in love with it, bought the series, and started watching the show. I just started my re-read of A Game of Thrones
  6. Winter prince

    Least favourite POV character per book

    You just opened my eyes to a side of Davos that I'd been ignoring...
  7. Winter prince

    Least favourite POV character per book

    AGOT: Sansa, she makes me cringe... and I try to be understanding that she's a kid but it hurts ACOK: Catelyn, just never been a fan ASOS: none AFFC: Cersei, I just felt dirty after reading her chapters ADWD: Dany/Tyrion they both seemed unpleasant in this book... definitely tired of "where do whores go"