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  1. Winter prince

    Lord Tywin Frequented Brothels (Theory)

    This is quite the interesting theory... This is also the first I've seenof A+J=J&C versus A+J=T
  2. Winter prince

    Lord Tywin Frequented Brothels (Theory)

    That is an interesting point... He definitely was more pride than honor
  3. I do a lot of travel and have started listening to ASOIAF on Audible. Excellently narrated by Roy Dotrice, even if I don't agree with the way he pronounced everything. But I noticed something I hadn't in other reads. Tyrion III has the evidence to the theory: When Tyrion asks how the brothel came to have a secret entrance, Varys explains that the tunnel was dug for another Hand who would not enter the house openly. I will add the actual quote when I grab my book but Varys states that the Hand's honor wouldn't allow for him to be seen entering a brothel. Tywin's true secret that he lays with whores if found out by Tyrion later when he encounters Shae in his father's bed chamber. But I believe this tunnel was placed for Tywin when he was the Hand for Aerys so that he can maintain his perfect image but give in to his needs.
  4. Winter prince

    Anyone else not interested in Jon's chapters?

    I love these topics. It cracks me up because I just did a Jon only POV read for ACOK because I enjoy them so much. But, being from Alaska and spending a lot of time outdoors in areas of the cold North, I identify with them on such a different level. For me I can't stand Bran chapters.
  5. Winter prince

    Why oh why didn’t Arya choose Tywin or The Mountain

    I just re-read one of Arya's chapters at Harrenhal and noticed that she actually didn't have an ill-will toward Tywin. She even considered going to him and stating who she was. She didn't see him as a foe to her family in the same sense that we as readers do.
  6. Winter prince

    I never got over...

    I never got over Ned Stark's folly in Kingslanding and the subsequent removal of his head
  7. Winter prince

    Poll. is Greywind dead?

    Super dead
  8. Winter prince

    All time Top Fighters

    Okay so like a power ranking essentially. Makes sense
  9. Winter prince

    All time Top Fighters

    Tourney's are just boys playing at war... Can I ask why you gave weight to armored fighters or how they were armed?
  10. Winter prince

    LF Chewing Mint

    IIRC, he is chewing mint as he is covering up his lies. He is often chewing mint in AGOT when talking with Ned or Cat.
  11. Winter prince

    Are there any characters you don't like their names?

    I have always disliked the names of characters from Essos. I want Dany to get to Westeros to not have to read those names anymore.
  12. Winter prince

    I don’t get the “Love is the Death of Duty”

    One of the things people lose sight of when using Maester Aemon's words as gospel is his position. He is double-sworn to duty being a maester and in the NW. If you frame it from his perspective than he is correct. Love is the death of duty in the NW. These are people that are supposed to be robots with no feelings toward anyone but their brothers and the protection of the realm. Though I absolutely agree with your second point. Which is why duty and honor do not go hand in hand. There is also a lot of discussion with this with Stannis who believes in duty to a fault.
  13. Winter prince

    Reasons for Dorne and Iron Islands' loyalty to Bran

    I think there was enough gaps in the writing that most of what has been discussed is assumptions, no? Why else would no other region push for independence? Are the Starks in the North that feared after years of in-fighting, war with the South, and war with the dead? King Bran the Broken has no forces at all
  14. Winter prince

    Reasons for Dorne and Iron Islands' loyalty to Bran

    After the fact but not at the council
  15. Winter prince

    Reasons for Dorne and Iron Islands' loyalty to Bran

    No, just a reason to not make waves in a hostile environment