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  1. Livesundersink

    Least favorite theory?

    Another rung in the ladder of reasons as to why i can't stand Bran, every other chapter he either thinks about his climbing exploits or about how he wanted to become a knight. Given he never listened when asked not to climb on things i can only imagine that he would have made a terrible squire, because that entails doing what are told and when you are told. I just can't see Bran doing that.
  2. Livesundersink

    Jon will get wightified, a theory by Lothar Frey

    Pray tell me what more could he do to convince them? I don't mean to sound like a dick, but has it not occured to you that some people simply do not care? We see Jon and Aemon writing letters to King's Landing, the response is to do nothing at all because it is not their problem, Jon also mentions if the wildlings are not allowed past the wall they will become wights and the NW leadership expresses indifference to this matter.
  3. Livesundersink

    Can we talk about Jon?

    I wholeheartedly agree, when he told Theon that he was a Stark as well, i actually said out loud "I'll bet that's a real comfort to all the people that he killed"