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  1. Livesundersink

    The Five Forts

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ih_ZAGCfMY0 The Five Forts are mentioned at 7:25 onwards, comparisons to the wall are made along with local legends of the Long Night and The Others/White Walkers
  2. Livesundersink

    Why do book readers hate R+L=J?

    Given that this happened before Ned was married to Cat means that Ned would have little reason to keep the identity of Jon's mother a secret or keep him at winterfell for every one to see The only source on this is a boy who is the same age as Sansa and therefore is too young to have witnessed these events and as a result this theory is just a flimsy
  3. I had this thought come to me a few days ago and I cannot stop thinking about it. Early in Clash we are told that Barristan was dismissed at the suggestion of Varys, he then proceeds to seek out Daenerys and serves in her Queensguard. At the end of Dance we see Varys kill Pycelle and Kevan, and then he talks about Faegon and his upbringing to be a perfect king. What doesn't seem to make sense is that why wouldn't he seek out Barristan before his departure from King's Landing and lead him toward Faegon while telling him the same as he told Kevan. Having one of the members of Aerys's Kingsguard at this side would no doubt lend a great deal of credibility to Faegon and his claim to the throne, yet he now serves Daenerys. Could this be to protect her until she could possible marry Faegon and unify their claims? Let me know what you guys think of this.
  4. Livesundersink

    Regarding Lord Rickard Stark’s Southron Ambitions,

    Aegon V did visit Winterfell, but this was when he was still a squire and rather low on the line of succession, he would not become king until some time later.
  5. Livesundersink

    How much does Lyanna Stark look like Margaery Tyrell?

    Maybe because it is possible that he never met Lyanna A rather well thought out response, i would take my hat off to you except i'm not wearing one
  6. Livesundersink

    Did Littlefinger influece Joffrey in executing Ned?

    It also meant that Robb would never put away his sword and go back to Winterfell. In the aftermath of the Red Wedding, Littlefinger is made Lord of Harrenhal and Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, so we see that he has profited greatly from the chaos that ensued after Ned's execution.
  7. Livesundersink

    Least favorite theory?

    Another rung in the ladder of reasons as to why i can't stand Bran, every other chapter he either thinks about his climbing exploits or about how he wanted to become a knight. Given he never listened when asked not to climb on things i can only imagine that he would have made a terrible squire, because that entails doing what are told and when you are told. I just can't see Bran doing that.
  8. Would make some sense, but a number of her chapters go into great detail about how she has always done as she was told and was always the perfect lady, all prim and proper and not doing anything untoward or unladylike, it just seems a little too thin.
  9. Livesundersink

    tyrrel demands

    He also was not a contender for the IT. He was just the KITN, the Tyrells wanted Margaery as queen of all the seven kingdoms, so Robb would have been deemed unsuitable in their eyes and of course this is before he breaks his word to the Freys, maybe he might not have married Jeyne if he was offered Margaery and the 50,000 men her father will bring to the table, who knows?
  10. Livesundersink

    You're Ned: find some marriage betrothals for your kids

    Before she was betrothed her father tried to make a match with her and Robb, Jon thinks about this when she arrives at the wall.
  11. Given that she expressed hesitation over the matter when the betrothal was announced over whether he would keep to her bed or not, a matter in which she would be later proven correct, i'd say not. Ned also thinks about this rather grimly because he believed that Robert would be a good and honest husband, yet by this time he has seen too many examples of his blatant infidelity for this to be true.
  12. More than likely he's salty that he didn't get his Stark bride, indeed the whole reason he proposes the match between Joffrey and Sansa is because he and Lyanna couldn't. Feast, Cersei V and Cersei VIII Given that Ned corrects him about whether Lyanna would argue with him about competing in the melee amongst other things hints towards the fact the he never knew her at all, indeed the only time we know of them meeting each other was at Harrenhal, nor do we know of them exchanging letters in the time that they were betrothed.
  13. Livesundersink

    What if Tywin had Tommen marry Sansa?

    Tywin expected the North to descend into civil war over the Bolton rule which would probably end in their demise and then come spring Tyrion and Sansa would arrive with Eddard Stark's grandson and then they would all kneel to swear fealty.
  14. Livesundersink

    What if Tywin had Tommen marry Sansa?

    She was married to Tyrion because he was available and because Tywin had denied him Casterly Rock, Tommen was the crown prince which would make Sansa the queen after the death of Joffrey, which is the last thing that Tywin would want, especially since the terms of the alliance with the Tyrells demand that Margaery be the queen.
  15. Livesundersink

    Who killed Joffrey?

    Pretty much, it goes in hand with her asking Sansa about Joffrey's character, after that she knew it was probably only a matter of time before he got bored with Margaery as he did with Sansa