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  1. ShyGamerGirl

    Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Many friends tell me to watch Black Mirror. I am still rather skeptical about it. Would you recommend it?
  2. ShyGamerGirl

    Last One Wins

    And what is a price?
  3. ShyGamerGirl


    I watched the first episode from the latest season and I am rather confused and disappointed. Am I alone here?
  4. ShyGamerGirl

    English and Dothraki

    Hi. Well, I'll try to help. Which are your first impressions, as English speakers, about Dothraki? - It's very strong in pronunciation like German, but it sounds like an Arabic. Do you find some similarities with other existing languages? - Yes, I have mentioned it above. Then, do you think English and Dothraki share some common features? - I guess it's the structure of a sentence. Or, which are the main differences? - Well as a made up language Dothraki has fewer arguments in rules or something. I hope that would be useful for your thesis.