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  1. The Hammer of Justice

    Best ASoIaF player

    Without knowing the end game of each of these characters it is impossible to say
  2. The Hammer of Justice

    Who is the dumbest POV character?

    It's Sansa, by a huge margin, Victarion is a distant second
  3. The Hammer of Justice

    Very small Bolton family

    Only one I can remember is Jon's nephew, I forgot his name, it was the Vale's heir by then, Robert wasn't born yet
  4. The Hammer of Justice

    Very small Bolton family

    The Arryns are even smaller
  5. The Hammer of Justice

    Qhorin : Half a hand but a full badass.

    I'm also a big fan of Qhorin, had he been lord commander instead of the old bear things would have been much different
  6. The Hammer of Justice

    What Harwyn Hardhand gave to Faceless men?

    a hand shake maybe?
  7. The Hammer of Justice

    Dullest characters

    My answer considered only the character, not if I enjoy his POVs or not, Jon Snow is one of the dullest characters, but his story is interesting, so I kinda enjoyed his POVs....as for Sansa, she is dull and her story is uninteresting, so it is one of the main POVs that I enjoyed the least. I find Dany the exact opposite of Jon Snow, she is a pretty interesting character, but her story became very boring after AGoT, so I usually don't enjoy manyof her POVs
  8. The Hammer of Justice

    Dullest characters

    Jon Snow and Sansa
  9. The Hammer of Justice


    Brown Ben missed the biology lessons lol but seriously then, maybe the ibbenese are not like neanderthals as I thought
  10. The Hammer of Justice


    Actually, that is not true, it is stated in the world of ice and fire that human/ibbenese inbreed would always result in stillborns and montrosities. If you remember the biology lessons, a species is often defined as the largest group of organisms in which two individuals can produce fertile offspring. If humans and Ibbenese can't produce fertile offsprings, then it is a strong hint that they are not humans (Homo sapiens)....and the only other known species that is closest to the Homo sapiens is the Homo neanderthalis (a different species) hehehe, asoiaf has so much of real world science that I'm almost convinced that is science finction instead of fantasy
  11. The Hammer of Justice

    What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    Drogon descending upon the Daznak Pit
  12. The Hammer of Justice

    Do you believe Preston Jacobs' explanation for dragon riding?

    I just read all the thread and here are my conclusions: When I first watched PJ's series on the genetics of dragonriding I was super excited (how cool would that be if asoiaf is actually, in fact, a sci-fi disguised as fantasy). But the more and more I went on to the series I simply could not take it seriously anymore, like many people have pointed he simply takes a loooooooot of assumptions as true just so his theory does not crumble. In the end, I DO believe dragon riding/hatching is strongly connected to genetics (or want to believe), but not in the way he puts it. The reason I believe it is 1) I like genetics xD and 2) it sure explains a lot of things that happened in the first half of the Targaryen dynasty. However, I believe there is MORE to it than just genetics. Eventually I realized that PJ is an entertainer, I don't think his goal is to solve the books, he is just trying to make a show to gain viewers (He's a Youtuber, isn't he?). Although I admit, he is pretty good at it, he possess great knowledge of the series and he explains his theories in a very convincing way, you just have to filter the good information in the middle of all the nonsense. I will have a better opinion about him as I watch more of his theories. I'm not saying he is outright wrong, just that the possibility of him being right is very minuscule. Edit: Also, I do believe that the Faith/maesters were trying to influence which Targs would marry/inherit to extinguish the "dragon gene". I believe Septon Barth figured it out, and that the Citadel kept a copy of Barth's work and that Baelor the Blessed (working with the Faith) burned the books so that ONLY the Citadel/Faith would have this knowledge and also locked his sister to prevent them from spreading the genes. Also, Aegon the Unworthy might have done a great service to the realm by spreading the dragon gene to all corners of the world right before the Others awakening (not that this necessarily will have any impact on the story, it is just a funny thought)
  13. The Hammer of Justice

    Why are the Hightowers so friendly to invaders?

    Because making friends is better than making enemies.
  14. The Hammer of Justice

    Best and Worst members of House Frey

    It's hard to keep track of so many Freys, so I will post just the ones I remember: Worst: 1. Black Walder 2. Lord Walder 3. Big Walder (Ramsay's squire, or it is Little Walder, I don't remember which one got killed) 4. Ryman Frey 5. ??? Best: (I don't think it is possible to think of 5 good Freys is it lol) 1. Perwyn Frey (I'm not sure of his name, the one that escorted Catelyn from Storm's End) 2. Stevron Frey 3. Olivar Frey (Robb's squire)