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  1. Camila Sofia

    Can you recommend me some books?

    Thanks everyone for their help!
  2. Camila Sofia

    Can you recommend me some books?

    I have read a couple of his short stories and watched Preston's videos on the 1000 worlds even though i'm not into sci fi all that much. The best part about the books imo is that they're never really boring, no matter what (i know people differ on this topic but i liked Meereen so hey) even when George steps out of the main story and wanders (cough Brianne) its still interesting on its on to read, there are very few sections on the book that are truly dull, even if i wished certain parts were a bit shorter or removed (cough Penny). Most characters are quite fleshed out and do feel like people, my problem with name of the wind is that every single character except the main one is nothing but a name and 1 or 2 "characteristics" that define them and the ones that have potential to be interesting barely get any screen time at all. Also the world is accesible and feels interesting and fleshed out without tons and tons of exposition. Anyway sorry for any errors or grammatical problems, is not my first language.
  3. Camila Sofia

    Can you recommend me some books?

    Sorry! i'll check the other thread. Thanks anyway Corvinus, yes i have read HP lol many times but i'll check the other too you said.
  4. Camila Sofia

    Can you recommend me some books?

    Hi everyone, i was looking for a new fantasy series to read and i was wondering if i could get some recommendations..(i'm new here) I got The name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss for christmas, i'm almost done and honestly its an ok book at best for me (some parts great others not so much) so can you tell me about some books that are more GRRM ish? I still haven't read the Lord of the rings (i know don't kill me) but i want to have a small list for the future. I tried reading the Malazan books and by God did i hate those! I'm looking for something a bit more approachable with a world building that actually makes you feel like you are in another land (that was one of my biggest gripes with the name of the wind, besides one dimensional characters). I would also appreciate a series that doesn't have 15 books...sorry if i'm being picky! thank you!