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    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    I already loved anything to do with Tolkien's LOTR, murder mysteries and history. Several people recommended the author to me at SF cons in Ireland, but I was studying then, no money or time to read. I finally got around to buying the first book in November a few years ago. I figured that if I liked the first one, the series might be a good winter read. (Obviously I didn't know it would be like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia.) Game of Thrones turned out to be brilliant, one of those rare writers that really draws you in. I rushed out and bought the others in the series as soon as I could and I'm pretty obsessed now - but knew nobody to talk about the books with. Luckily one friend got hooked on the HBO series, and started asking me for background and backstories. So we regularly ring & email each other with our theories. At the moment we're just waiting... sipping coffee from the GOT mugs my friend gave me for Christmas. I'm currently dying for the Winds of Winter to come out, and painting a door-sized map of Westeros to curb my impatience. This helps us to follow the plots, and ask 'what if?' And rereading book 1. I hope you all had an enjoyable St Patrick's Day.