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    Do the Others have knowledge of the rest of Westeros?

    A lot of people forget in asos in a Jon chapter during a conversation with ygritte she clearly states that when they were digging in the frost fangs "they let all those shades out on to the earth." So maybe they released the white walkers sleeping in ice while looking for the horn of joramun.
  2. LordScattergood10

    The Best commander in ASOIAF

    As far as asoiaf is concerned Robb stark is hands down the best military commander. He never lost a battle for one. He may not have been a good player in the political theory part of the game but he is easily the best general. His men/lords/people loved him. He won over the loyalty of not only jus own people but when the river lords swore fealty he did something no other stark king had done before. But the biggest part is undefeated in the field. Some people will give the credit to his captains or maybe even the decisions of the opposing but that's part of being a good general. You have to listen to your captains that's why they are your captains and you have to take advantage of your opponents weaknesses. After Robb I would say it's a tie between Tywin and stannis. They both won battles and are extremely effective in the field. They both run the army very well and organized too. Jon connington has accomplished a lot and seems the be a clever and effective commander. Randyll Tarly has a very solid reputation. Jaime won one battle in GOT but also blundered and was captured, and got his army massacred. After them I would say jon snow but before I give him any serious credit let's see what he does with a real army on a real battlefield. He led The battle for the wall extremely well especially considering the resources but that aside he had a 700 foot wall to stand on top of.
  3. LordScattergood10

    what robb could have done better?

    How do some posters believe that the starks are poor or looked down on by the rest of the kingdoms. If anything the books have explicitly told us how revered the starks are.They are one of the most noble families in westeros to the point that I can guarantee the lynesse Hightower situation who married jorah mormont and resided on bear island would have been completely different if say she married a robb stark and resided in winterfell(obviously this is not feasible it was a example). From what I have seen in all my reading of the woiaf that it's not like the real world was where it was a huge deal to build a castle. I believe especially in the current era where ned was lord of winterfell and Robert was king that ned could have restored moat cailin and ceded it to someone(one of his sons) very easily and trouble free with not only Roberts blessing but I bet he would have expanded the lands of the new lordship too. At this point in the worlds history we don't hear or see anyone building a castle but we do see people refortifying castles and expanding them with no problems or issues.
  4. LordScattergood10

    what robb could have done better?

    The starks are extremely wealthy even tyrion says so telling bran that it's better to be a rich cripple. They're not just rich comparatively either. The starks have a monopoly on not only a very lucrative fur trade that the entire world trades and buys with but what is absolutely the money maker for the Starks is timber. The wolfswood is one of the largest forests in the world. They ship and trade with the entire world but what is the key is that they are the lumber resource of bravos that desperately needs all the lumber it can get because they can't chop down their own trees. Also while I can't be certain with all the times silver is mentioned with the Starks it's enough to make me think they might be in control of some silver mines. As far as rebuilding castles other than the first keep that has absolutely no use at all other than just another tower winterfell is in great condition and clearly ready for any siege. I believe that if the Starks wanted to build an entirely new castle they could but they don't need to. As far as moat cailin is concerned it is absolutely ridiculous that it's not rebuilt and fortified. It is a major flaw in the strategic defensive capabilities of the north as well as a major draw back to the offensive capabilities. I say this because if the moat was a functional castle with a lord or a landed knight with a garrison and everything else it should be the iron born are not taking it. Offensively the location value especially in the wot5k for troop deployment is undeniably a advantage. The starks should rebuild the moat and make it a seat for a younger son. If this was done in Robb Starks kingdom the new Stark lord of the moat could be given land north and south the moat along with a really fancy sounding title like warden and defender of the neck to become one of the most powerful lords in robb starks kingdom of the north and riverlands.
  5. LordScattergood10

    Who else could Robb Stark marry instead?

    This is something that has never made sense to me. Robb is nearly 15 in the beginning of game and yet Catelyn or ned don't once even think about his marriage prospects. You'd think with all the political turmoil in the first book one or both of them would have had the thought well with this going on maybe I should talk to this about person about marrying their daughter to me heir. As of the middle of game there really only seems to be one option. Before I even say this I want to say that I hate the idea of these to marrying but at that point in the series it made the most sense. When ned SHOULD have sent Loras after the mountain he should have tried to marry Robb to Margery. I think it's very likely the tyrells would go for it. At thjs point ned is about to be lord protector, hand of the king, plus all of his birth titles. Also it gives the tyrells the chance of joining the power and prestige of being aligned with the Starks. It would be a very great and powerful alliance. I don't really see other options. Marrying into Dorne doesn't make sense for te Starks and other then the riverlands none of the other regions have a daughter that makes sense unless there is a Hightower that is near his age. I don't see ned an cat marrying their heir to one of their vassals considering they have 2 other sons, 2 daughters, and a bastard. The only option other than Margery that makes sense is myrcella which I could definitely see happening. Despite cerceis hatred of the Starks she definitely doesn't see them beneath her and considers them as good of a marriage match as possible for Joffrey.
  6. Clearly the lannisters would be a good choice. As someone said before you don't see any of his lords jumping ship to betray him when Robb is taking all the western castles(he even took ashemark). The baratheons clearly are capable. The storm lords are extremely Marshall in nature and the baratheons themselves are very competent warriors. obviously the Starks are capable. Robb carried the extreme loyalty of the entire north including roose until things went really against him and then it was only roose and Frey who betrayed him and frey was coaxed after Robb dishonored him. But regardless Robb had the extreme loyalties of the north, riverlands, and the vale was dying to join him and you can imagine would've bent the knee to him if they had half the chance considering they were dying to fight with him and would have if Lysa wasn't betraying her family for little finger. Also if theon had accomplished his task of getting the iron islands to fight the lannisters and they had the chance to fight a couple battles with Robb I bet they would have liked Robb and joined him like it seems everyone else did. i don't believe the tyrells could considering it doesn't seem they have the absolute loyalties of their own bannermen at all. The florents want to supplant them and the rest of the reach seem to just be biding their time for a chance(the peakes in the golden company say as much) the Martells do not have a grasp on Dorne. All of Dorne is too different and it seems every house in Dorne feels they should rule Dorne. no one but the iron islands would ever follow the greyjoys willingly let alone any iron borne house. the Arryns could possibly do it. They have a history of being extremely competent lords and the vale lords are loyal enough that even now with a very weak lord and the misrule of Lysa instead of trying to supplant them they just want the next heir in line to take over.