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  1. Unused account

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    I know that there are bigger and more expensive figures. One of the reasons why I tend to avoid buying new ones is that I can't throw away my old collections (and all the things I received as gifts from friends, family members in my younger years) to make space for newer stuff. This doesn't stop me from buying a figure of a character I really like 'though. I'm not as interested in collecting as I was before, but I still think it's nice to take a look at other's people collections, especially the ones related to GoT, of course.
  2. Unused account

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    The figures look good, some better than others to be honest. It's a bit sad they don't make more characters. I only have one and I don't plan do buy more figures anytime soon. They would take too much space.