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  1. Ser Jaime is called now called Lord Jaime because he is Lord Commander.
  2. This is the first book - GRRM makes up shit as he goes along - so Robb not being personally able to knight Olyvar was "not invented yet". Also, Catelyn and Walder could had been talking "southron" - using terminology not fully appropriate for Robb's "notherness". Squire also has the meaning of "apprentice to heavy cavalryman of high birth", hence in this sense of the word squiring for Robb is fully appropriate.. Or maybe this mention of "eventually knighted" might even mean that GRRM had already decided upon "sers" being rare in the North and that Robb was to find somebody to knight Olyvar at some point. At this point Robb is an "acting lord" already - and a high ranking aristocrat at the very least - so having a squire is IMO natural for somebody of such stature.
  3. There are non-Sevener knights. Now, to answer the OP: Ned cannot knight anybody, as he is not a knight. But - and this would be the case of Olyver Frey squiring for Robb - he can ask a friendly knight/knight in his service to knight somebody. Same applies to other kings or lords - "Ser Guttrippa, I deem this man here worthy, please knight him in my name". Landed knight - a legal rank, a landowner with certain legal powers and obligations. Need not be anointed, but usually is. Anointed knight - a mix of social/religious/military obligations and connotations. Household and hedge knights are anointed - but usually their military equipment is their only possession. There are poor nobles who could be knighted but turn down the honour due to financial expectations of persons of such station - they cannot afford horse/tack/armour/lifestyle - so they prefer to stay squires forever.
  4. TMIFairy

    Who do bastards marry?

    So, IF Orys was a bastard the answer to the OP - "whom do (male) bastards marry?" - is DRUMROLL - princesses!
  5. TMIFairy

    different north/Frey

    Look at the map. The route from the North to KL does NOT pass through the Twins. Robb crossed the Green Fork at the Twins as he was going to Riverrun. Which was besieged. Hence using Carannogmen to bypass the Twins was not an option - this would take too long. Nothing changes about the negotiations - Lord Frey knew that Robb was going to be the next Lord of the North sooner than later.
  6. TMIFairy

    Who do bastards marry?

    I think she'll fall for Tormund though. Daenaerys likes the "noble savage" type.
  7. TMIFairy

    Who do bastards marry?

    Isn't Jon enjoying The Great Beyond, the Afterlife ATM? Makes nuptials somewhat difficult ...
  8. TMIFairy

    If Theon had died in place of the Karstark boys...

    Wasn't Ramsay in WF dungeons as Reek? IMO Mat92 summed up things nicely
  9. TMIFairy

    Who do bastards marry?

    As you can see in my post - a few above yours - I fully agree. It is not only sucking up to the Starks - it works both ways, the Manderly's gain too. Besides serving customary stud duties, having the Lord/Lady Stark's favourite brother as Lady Manderly's Consort is politically beneficial.
  10. TMIFairy

    Who do bastards marry?

    First and foremost the family of Jon's waifu and all Houses related that that house.
  11. TMIFairy

    Who do bastards marry?

    The one and only real difference between a legitimised and acknowledged Bastard is inheritance. The latter does not inherit. So, depending upon circumstances, the difference between an acknowledged male bastard and "not eldest" son may be nil. Acknowledged Bastard girls probably are less valuable for alliances than Trueborns - but again this might vary depending on circumstances. In an AU where Robb lives and Jon does not take the Black, Jon is a hot marriage prospect. Maybe he could marry the Manderly or Mormont or Tallhart or Cerwyn Heiress?
  12. TMIFairy

    Who do bastards marry?

  13. TMIFairy

    Who do bastards marry?

    Very vague question Let us narrow it down - unacknowledged Bastards are smallfolk and marry other smallfolk. Acknowledged bastards marry whoever is appropriate for the station given to them by their noble parent. For all intents and purposes Jon Snow and Edric Storm were "a Lord's son". So they would marry some Lord's daughters.
  14. TMIFairy

    Could Rhaegar have fought for the other side?

    Lyanna was 16 at death in 283AC. So, at abduction her age is either 15 or 16. Which puts her exploits at the tournament in Harrenhall in 281AC in "mega uber teen-powersTM" territory. If she did elope, she could be given some leeway for horomal-teen-fanny-think-mode. But this still makes her stupid. Rheagar? He should had known better. He dug his own grave. No pity from me.
  15. I was amused - thank you! As to the Robert/Shireen match - the way I understand Westeros works (no accumulation of lands) Dragonstone would go to their 2nd son (child), not be united with the Vale. So Robert's children would have more stuff to inherit (Arryn's - Grow Stronger!) This also projects BLAST - the current ruling block of Westeros - into the future. For all we know the Joff/Sansa match could had been Jon's idea too. I also thought about Jon A. doing a favour to Stannis - who'd else offer to marry the marred girl? - but as she is a heiress (am I correct in assuming that Dragonstone was given to Stannis as hereditary fief? Not an annuity?) there would be no lack of 2nd/3rd lords' sons thrown at Stannis with offers of marriage and assurances of fertility.