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  1. I was amused - thank you! As to the Robert/Shireen match - the way I understand Westeros works (no accumulation of lands) Dragonstone would go to their 2nd son (child), not be united with the Vale. So Robert's children would have more stuff to inherit (Arryn's - Grow Stronger!) This also projects BLAST - the current ruling block of Westeros - into the future. For all we know the Joff/Sansa match could had been Jon's idea too. I also thought about Jon A. doing a favour to Stannis - who'd else offer to marry the marred girl? - but as she is a heiress (am I correct in assuming that Dragonstone was given to Stannis as hereditary fief? Not an annuity?) there would be no lack of 2nd/3rd lords' sons thrown at Stannis with offers of marriage and assurances of fertility.
  2. Shirking duty? A fosterer's duty is to teach the ward. And let us remember the ages! Sweet Baboo is is what - eight? Not much that Stannis can teach him. When the children reach 10 or 12 Stannis will be giving lessons on ruling to both Sweetpea and Shireen. IMO.
  3. Annoying brats - they are 6 or 8 years old ...
  4. Excellent point. And regardless of whom they marry later, Shireen and Robert A. should be BFF. Like e.g. Robert B. and Ned were.
  5. 1 - he heard reports of the sterling job Ned was doing with Theon [sarcasm]; 2 - he was afraid that Catelyn would spoil her nephew instead of whipping him into shape; 3 - he was doing the groundwork for a Robert-Shireen match; 4 - too far
  6. TMIFairy

    What will Iron Bank do if NW doesn't pay debts?

    I see the Iron Bank as having exclusive rights to sell "NW certified" chunks of the Wall as souvenirs.
  7. 1 - what was important to her at that time and place is pure speculation, Just as well it could had been "bury me in the crypts at Winterfell". Or "plant flower X on my grave". Or even - "promise me I will not die". 2 - again pure speculation. There could be several reasons - more or less important, or simply "it seemed a good idea at that time", for the hush-hush. 3 - a white direwolf fits the heraldry bastards use, i.e. reversing the House's colours. Inverting the Stark colours gives you "a white direwolf on black", and not "silver on grey". 4 - Dany is not (permanently) fire resistant either. It is a TV series thing. Viserys or Aegon Vth - or all the other Targs who buned themselves - certainly were not. So any heat resistance Daenerys Stormborn the Unburnt might have is her individual mutation
  8. TMIFairy

    Unowned lands and keeps

    Excellent point - not having them as lords would be an administrative nightmare for the Stark in Winterfell I also do wonder about the Glovers and Tallharts too - their Masterly (and not Lordly) status and the associated paperwork could be one of those things which one should not look into too closely
  9. TMIFairy

    Unowned lands and keeps

    A man could make a point that eliminating a Lordly House and creating a new Lordly House are two different things IIRC the Reyne and Tarbeck lands were annexed and added to Lannister Lands, hence no activation of the "create new Lordly House" procedure. Thinking about it, the Crown having a say over the creation of new Landed Knightly/Masterly Houses would be micro-management not possible in a "quasi Medieval" environment. Here I could imagine the Starks possibly having something to say about Lord Manderly creating landed Knight House no.103. But I really do not see the Crown as stooping that low. Back to Reyne and Tarbeck lands - technically/legally Tyiwn handing them out to Landed Knights would again be under the Crown's radar? As Master/Knight does not have the right to "pits and gallows" I can imagine that having too many Master/Knightly Houses could become an administrative burden. Especially for "he who passes the sentence swings the sword micromanagment freaks" - think of Ned riding out to behead NW deserters ... at a certain point he would spend all his time on the road meting out capital punishment sentences.
  10. TMIFairy

    Unowned lands and keeps

    I have seen more knowledgeable members assert that "only the Crown can make new Lords". I see the possible conflict between the Crown and Great House - with the Throne being capable of assigning the "free lands" to someone not agreeable to the local Great Lord - is part of the the System. "Don't piss off the King or you will end up with the lands of freshly extinct House X being given to somebody you do not like". This only extends to Lordly/Major Houses, however, with the assignement of lands to Masterly/Minor/Landed Knight Houses being at the Great Lord's pleasure. I do not believe that Tytos had to consult the Crown to grant land to and to elevate the "original Clegane" to Landed Knight. I could be wrong and I will gladly learn about this issue to
  11. TMIFairy

    So where would you live ?

    I'd be happy to be a 2nd/3rd/etc son of Masterly House . Traveling around as a hedge knight/sellsword/ guard would be nice. And then I would marry some heiress - like Lollys Stokeworth - and my children would be Nobility. I would retire to somewhere with a mountainous coast - to be able to enjoy the beach AND mountain hiking at the same time.
  12. TMIFairy

    Most precise ASOIAF timeline v.3

    Oh, silly me. I missed this being a drawn out affair with Tywin ending up post end-date
  13. TMIFairy

    Most precise ASOIAF timeline v.3

    It's me again "Tywin's funerals" are listed twice -12.II and 14.II - not that two days makes much of a difference - he was a smelly boy either way The 9.II (my BD, BTW) entry of 300AC is so cryptic that it simply must foreshadow something awesome - "only cat" - DUM!DUM!DUM!
  14. TMIFairy

    Most precise ASOIAF timeline v.3

    @Rhaenys_Targaryen Thank you for this document! It is an invaluable aid for me when writing That Which Shall Not Be Mentioned on this board. In II.300 you have a little mess with Tyrion - he first leaves Pentos - 2.II, and then he he kills Tywin on 7.II .