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  1. Aegon1FanBoy

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    Reading the book again Maegor and Visenya wiped out alot of Houses when they started attacking really wished he knew more about them
  2. Aegon1FanBoy

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    Thats a good point that injury could have driven Maegor even more over the edge but this is a guy that mocked his own King's power darign him to even try and take blackfyre and had no qualm about even torturing his nephew although he knew he didn't know where alyssa went. I mean they do hint his cruelty was exaggerated, but with how he wiped out the Horrways and killed Tyanna. along with holding the grand maesters head for comfort yea Cruel seems an understatement. Still as many said he was shown to at least value people at first the world book said he took his mother's death in strides, but we see him making it a point to make sure she joined her brother and sisters ashes. Did actually listen to her counsel as well. Man who would have thought Blackfyre would play a role for choosing a king again even before the blackfyre rebellion. Why would Visenya of all people think Aenys giving Maegor the sword proved he was fit to rule.
  3. Aegon1FanBoy

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    Reading this i wonder why the people didn't try to kill the High septon much sooner. I mean its one thing to threaten Aneys who we all know was weak, but to threaten Maegor who didn't have any of Aegon's patience he is either mad or really stupid. This is a guy that hates being called Kin slayer despite publically two of his kin. Tyana is a real nasty piece of work she deserved way worse than what she got. I do also believe with this Maegor killed himself he didn't seem that broken as TWOIAF suggested. A real shame though robbed the realm of two good princes . I will give Maegor this seems the best swordsman in Targ history the guy was an absolute beast.
  4. Aegon1FanBoy

    FIRE AND BLOOD Volume 1

    Its about the Targs of course i'm happy i want to know more about the Targs during the bleeding years. What happened to the other 4 dragons that came with Balerion (how did they die?). How did Gaemon the Glorious get his name i wish to know all of that those early targs especially who did the first night the most with their small folk. Jaehearys is definitely a must especially how his son aemon died didn't he have a dragon too. aegon I of course i want to know why he was so mysterious i want to hear more about his relationship with his sisters before they invaded. Bring it please
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