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  1. Form filled, great idea .
  2. Hi, I'm thrilled to see all of you at Dublin! . We will probably go to the Wild card Trivia ! Hoping to catch you there.
  3. Hi everyone, I’m kind of impress… With other members of « la Garde de Nuit », the French fan’s website of ASOIAF, I will attend the Worldcon in Dublin (and I can’t wait to be there). We would be very delighted to meet fans from everywhere and maybe share an ale (or two !) with you. Let me know if some of you are interested by a meeting and / or if events are already scheduled. As I said, I’m french, so I apologize by advance for my…. french.
  4. Tomcat

    Fave moment in AFFC?

    "When I'm king in my own right, I'm going to outlaw beets." Tommen. I love this quote. I love the way GRRM put a bit of humour out of Cersei chapters, which are both sad and dreadful. Cersei's descent into hell is perfectly written, step by step, drowning in paranoïa. Also love the line :" Am I the only one in Westeros with a pinch of wits?" Cersei, sweety, how say... AFFC is really underrated. Less action, true, after the revelations and surprises of ASOS, but such characters developments.