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  1. Im curious as to if the moment between Jon and Small Jon Umber before Jon starts to get trampled means more than we think. It appears to me that right after the two make eye contact, Small Jon Umber starts "helping" or allowing people to pass him going over the hill of bodies. Does he have a change of heart after seeing Jon? This doesn't really make sense, why go so far as to give up Rickon and commit to Ramsey just to change your mind mid battle? Especially considering he continues on to fight Tormund. I just feel like the moment meant something more but I just can't figure it out. Does anyone else have any thoughts on that certain interaction and what it possibly might mean if anything?
  2. northerngirl-eas

    did jaime really mean it when he said he would kill tyrion?

    You're right, this circumstance in the book is so different. Especially with the Tysha detail.
  3. northerngirl-eas

    did jaime really mean it when he said he would kill tyrion?

    I don't think Jamie would do it, I think he believes he would if the opportunity arose but now after seeing what is happening with Cersei and how far Tyrion has come with Daenerys I think he would definitely hesitate in the moment. I also think that Jamie, knowing what Tywin put Tyrion through understands why Tyrion killed his father.
  4. northerngirl-eas

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    This episode had a lot of great moments thats for sure! Although laid back and chill still viewer pleasing IMO. Arya taking the revenge against the Freys to the next level. Also seeing Arya just sitting around and being a normal person and having a normal conversation with a group of people. Seeing Jon and Sansa disagreeing but also still supporting and admiring each other. Brienne and Tormund.... always get some good chuckles in those moments. Euron!! Very into him, probably going to be my favourite villain yet. "Two good hands" Hound moments were so good, he is in the process of trying to turn his life around (as much as he possibly could), it seems like he's trying to be a part of something instead of just living for himself. I think him facing some actual evidence of the consequences of his actions on top of having a "religious experience" are going to help him in his journey. Of course, seeing Dany finally reach Westeros! Can't wait for next Sunday!