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    Is ti possible connection between the Night's king and the last hero? Because as we see in the earlier seasons where G.RR Martin were involved in the series writing, the Night's king who brings the son of Craster and behind there is 12 companions similar to the last hero. I can see this working out in the story if the Bran theory ( the one that he go to the past just to spread the stories , which in the end became legends ) is true. Also what if Azor Ahai story is related just with Essos and actually the monsters what he was fighting it's the Valeryans, because in the modern time of Westeros they (Valeryans) are considered as humans, but what if in the early history they were the monsters to the people in Essos, because clearly they are nothing as the other humans, . And i read somewhere how Azor Ahai kill the monster and then the flames burst from inside him, it's looks as dragons, because why The Night's King or The others will burst in flames? The discription of killing them it's different; And what if the prince that was promised it's totally another person, who actually was promised child with kings bloodline to the White Walkers , due their agreement after the long night ... Hmmmm ....