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  1. White_Winter_Raven

    Why did Arya give Sansa the dagger?

    I'd forgotten about that - it explains why sometimes the plot developments seem clumsy (besides the fact they don't have enough time to develop it better). thanks for reminding us - or me at least! Wow, this is great. Even though I have watched every episode 4-5 times, and I know that with Martin nothing happens by accident, my memory just isn't that good. Then again, Martin isn't writing the show. @Illiterati has a very good theory about how Sansa and Arya could be working together to trap LF (Sansa VIII - Game of Faces) but this theory fits where my mind was going with their story. I interpreted it as, after Arya finally believed Sansa about why she wrote that letter, she scared Sansa to her core showing her how dangerous she was, and then seeing that although scared Sansa was not cowed, she handed her the dagger to show her she trusted her. More great points!
  2. White_Winter_Raven

    Cersei's invitation.

    If someone would release poor Edmure from jail, he could be there to represent House Tully, as well as Lord Paramount of the Twins because he would obviously claim that for the Tullys. Wouldn't LF need to be there with Robin since Robin is still not of age? The Reach doesn't need a representative because it effectively belongs to the Lannisters now. It seems unlikely that the meeting is a response to Cersei's first summons because everyone who was going to respond already did at the beginning of the season. It seems more likely to me that Cersei is using Dany and Tyrion's request for a cease fire to discuss the threat of the AotD as a way to: 1) buy time to rebuild her army with mercenaries 2) try to get the dragons within range of newly constructed Scorpions 3) trap her enemies? - although that would be stupid of her because like Dany's not gonna bring her armies....but no one said Cersei was brilliant Someone suggested Sansa made up the summons in order to have an excuse to send Brienne off and foil LF's plan. While it is quite conceivable she would send her somewhere, I don't think she would send her all the way to KL (the literal lion's den) if it wasn't legitimate. She'd be gone for a couple of months at least and Brienne is her most trusted protector and the closest thing she has to a friend.
  3. White_Winter_Raven

    Where does the Magnificent 7 go now?

    I thought that one was pretty obvious considering what he said about why the LoL brought Jon and him back. Agreed on this one as well. And I suppose he feels well enough protected to be setting foot in KL if anyone figures out he's Robert's son. I would think the Hound would want to go to WF.
  4. White_Winter_Raven

    Jon Snow's 12 companions

    Also, last episode, Jon said he would ask some of the wildlings to go because they know the far north better than anyone. A plurality of wildlings was already implied. I'm really just mentioning that cuz I'm proud of myself for remembering! But it wouldn't have bothered me anyway because when every minute is so precious some details are too tedious to worry about.
  5. White_Winter_Raven

    Why are my content and settings buttons grayed out?

    Sorry to be ignorant, but how do I do that? I've only ever had to do that for a program at work.
  6. White_Winter_Raven

    If I was Dany I would let some of Cersai's army run

    Agree with all of the above. Sadly. Seems like his publisher would sue him though. Has there ever been an author who didn't finish an epic series before? Not counting Robert Jordan because he died but arranged for someone else to finish his Wheel of Time series.
  7. White_Winter_Raven

    Why are my content and settings buttons grayed out?

    I click on them and NOTHING happens. I haven't even been able to set my avatar. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for any assistance!
  8. White_Winter_Raven

    If I was Dany I would let some of Cersai's army run

    Yes, but I've heard that Martin himself said that final endings for all the major characters will be the same in book and show, regardless of the different paths they take to get there. I wish not. Since he won't get the books done until after the show, it would be great to not know the endings!
  9. One of the funniest things I've read all week! So, what have you found out? I'm new here too, so please forgive me if I have repeated someone else - I've only made it through 2 pages of this thread; I will eventually read all of them - but has anyone suggested The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan? Also, I saw someone say that ASOIAF is character-plot-theme-world driven. Could someone give me an example of a theme from ASOIAF? I'm having trouble putting my finger on that at the moment.
  10. White_Winter_Raven

    If I was Dany I would let some of Cersai's army run

    That's a very interesting idea that I've not heard before.
  11. White_Winter_Raven

    If I was Dany I would let some of Cersai's army run

    I've wondered if they will save human kind from the WW but fail to keep the 7 kingdoms intact. Kind of like Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire.