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  1. My bets are on Bronn and 10 good men.
  2. leftside

    Jaime the military commander and the ambush

    The only explanation I can think of, is that the scouts were ran down and burned by a dragon.
  3. leftside

    Stark Reunions compared

    If we see a re-union of Arya and Jon I have a few predictions. I say if because this story has a history of killing off Starks before they can reunite with Jon. Ned was killed before he could tell Jon who his mother was. Rob was killed before he could declare Jon a Stark and not a Snow. I'd actually be surprised if he meets Bran before the end of this series. 1) Jon will see needle and immediately come to the conclusion that Arya knows how to use it. No one survives in westerns with a sword unless they know how to use it. This is will make him proud and reserved at the same time. 2) Jon will speak with Sansa to update her about the current state of westeros after the re-union. This will either make Arya jealous of Sansa or it will give her reason to trust her. (If Jon trusts her than I can as well) 3) Every interaction that Arya has we see her put down more of her assassin like demeanor and act a little bit more like the girl. I think that after she meets Jon she will drop her guard even more. 4) Who knows how Bran will react to all of this... He has become un-predictable at this point.
  4. leftside

    Stark Reunions compared

    The meeting between Jon and Sansa was setup at both of the characters lowest points. Jon had just been betrayed by his sworn brothers, and Sansa raped and beaten. They both had nothing to lose and everything to gain from a family bond. There childhood issues seemed silly in comparison. Plus Sansa knew that Jon had become commander of the knights watch and that brought about respect. Jon could forgive Sansa for being a childish brat all those years ago. The meeting between Sansa and Arya could not be more of a contrast. Both sisters have just gotten a taste of freedom and power for the first time. They have both been through various trials, and both have been captives. Arya risks losing everything if Sansa commands her to lay down her sword and marry for political reasons. Sansa knows she can't control Arya, and learns just how powerful she has become later on in the episode. It was awkward because they left on bad terms and they both could lose there new found power and freedoms. I think that as they go through trials together it will bring more trust and a better relationship, but with GOT you never know what will happen next.
  5. leftside

    A Traitor amongst Daenarys Group

    I get the books and the show mixed up in my head, but I'm pretty sure that Danny was told she would be betrayed 3 times.
  6. leftside

    A Traitor amongst Daenarys Group

    I believe the traitor is Yara. When she met with Dany you could tell she was upset about the 'no more raiding' part of the deal. I think she contacted Euron and worked out a deal, so that she could continue her lifestyle. We know Dany is suppose to be betrayed one more time, so it has to be someone, unless they are saving it for season 8.
  7. Did anyone else notice that the cave drawings that the children of the forest made and the arrangements of dead bodies from the white walkers are the same symbols? I had to look back at episode one to find the first one, and then at Fist of the First Men the dead are arranged in a spiral pattern that matches the cave drawings. I'm wondering if it's just more evidence that the children of the forest created the WW, or if there is more backstory here. Maybe power is drawn from the symbols and could lead to a weakness.