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  1. justanotherposter

    What will Dany & Aejon name their heir?

    At the current pace the baby was born before they even hooked up. But more seriously I'd almost expect that before the end of the series Dany and possibly Cersie will either be showing very big baby bumps or have given birth.
  2. justanotherposter

    Future of the dothraki

    I think a massive amount freeze to death. They do seem somewhat similar to the Wild kings so I could see them integrating with them easily
  3. justanotherposter

    What will Dany & Aejon name their heir?

    Would it be his daughter or would it be his cousin?
  4. justanotherposter


    If the night king breaches the wall next episode at east watch wouldn't that mean the death of tormund and berrick?
  5. I hope cersei tries burning Dany alive and she freaks out when she doesn't burn
  6. justanotherposter

    Jon and Daeneris

    Maybe he has Stockholm syndrome?
  7. In the current timeline she could get pregnant and pop out the kid in the same episode so there's your answer
  8. justanotherposter

    Can Jon Get Burnt?

    Has there been any evidence that Jon shares this ability with Dany? The only time I can remember him grabbing anything hot was when he torched the wight at castle black. Is it possible that this is how Jon finds out he's a targ?
  9. justanotherposter

    Current Standings

    The only reason I'm inclined to disagree with these rankings is that the north is the hardest terrain to conquer. If it weren't for needing groups against the WW team Jon could literally flip off both of them and laugh as shirtless dothraki or Lannister foot soldiers freeze to death traversing the north. The north would pretty much be unconquerable till winter was over
  10. justanotherposter


    I think the wall gets burned down, Danny and Jon kiss to make a big "oooh ahhh" moment. Don't think littlefinger dies. I am wondering if we get the mountain vs the hound.