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  1. justanotherposter

    The Six Kingdoms

    Wasn't the vale pledged to Sansa? Seems like they'd have left with her. And I'd have a hard time imagining the Riverlands not leaving with the north as well. Edmure knows his house is bound to both the Vale and North by blood whereas all it'd take is a ruler who's upset with the Tully's to wreak havoc on the Riverlands sticking as part of the 6.
  2. justanotherposter

    Starkbucks Cup?

    Just checking that everybody noticed my starkbucks pun... I'd be crushed if that went unnoticed but never know with titles
  3. justanotherposter

    Starkbucks Cup?

    At least a few of those mentioned did not have access to the digital editing abilities that they do now. And the reason I mentioned budget was to point out that the individuals doing said editing and on set are the best of the best not scrubs from YouTube fanfiction.
  4. justanotherposter

    Starkbucks Cup?

    Did the GOT tour in Belfast two months ago and they wouldn't shut up about how there's only ever been like 7 mistakes in GOT. After two years and the highest budget ever i was hoping they'd live up to it. Overall it's just nit picky though
  5. justanotherposter

    Starkbucks Cup?

    It was a metaphor for the night's watch. Jon took the black... coffee. Then left... it there
  6. justanotherposter

    Armies left on both sides

    Forgetting whatever percentage of iron born are with Yara, are there any houses that'd still be loyal to Danny after highgarden fell? Are the knights of the vale with Danny? Plus, while they won't be back, she does have the second sons if she was truly desperate. For Cersei she also has however many gold-cloaks as well.
  7. justanotherposter

    Starkbucks Cup?

    Anyone see the picture of the coffee cup in the background? Actual error or just weird angle of a prop that fits in? If it's an actual error they're getting really lazy now days with more than just writing
  8. justanotherposter

    Just calling it now about Dany's and Jon's army

    Deepwood Mott is not on the way to Winterfell from the wall at all. I'd say it's fairly reasonable to assume that they survived fine.
  9. Can't imagine they're that thick. Probably were trying to do some type of play on words. No matter what the long night was only going to last max 4 episodes so whether it was 1 or 4 we should've been prepared to be disappointed in that regard
  10. justanotherposter

    Episode 4 preview

    Where are Davos and Jon heading? Noticed an empty chair next to Danny when they're raising their glasses. Wonder why Jon isn't in it?
  11. I'd agree except she knew she was coming back when talking to Varys at dragonstone so there has to be some reason she dipped out east and back.
  12. Enjoyed the episode from an excited fan perspective but overall very underwhelming. 1) no WW fight in the episode? After making a point to get all the Valyrian steel in one place? And then give it to a legit fighter instead of Sam? 2) just spit on the azor ahai prophecy? Maybe they bring that back against Cersei and say that really Cersei became so powerful and dark she became the greatest evil? Idk hoping for a twist 3) Melisandre sailed across the world and back for what? She didn't bring the fiery hand or even the other two red priestesses in the show. Did she need to make a will? 4) the NK! He's supposed to be this crazy badass and here's everything he did through 8 seasons: touch a babys forehead, raise arms, throw a spear, fall off a dragon, raise arms, kill Theon, catch Arya. For a great ultimate enemy we actually have no idea if the NK was even a good fighter, why'd they even bother with the ice sword? Future thoughts: almost no starks, unsullied, vale, or Dothraki left but Danny will somehow get the fully army, iron born will arrive, and remainder of the vale. Then low and behold she'll have her army. God I hope howland reed shows up to at least vouch that Jon is who he says he is and it's not just taken at the word of "I know they weren't lying"