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    So how/will that go down in the books?

    Well, it's good see a topic using the show to know what may happen in the books. I have wished to do this sinse the Shirren's sacrifice, but I didn't know where to write. So, thank you. I don't see this happening, no with the clues Martin gave us. And some characters don't get to to what they do on show. Cersei is pretty donkey and Euron is pretty dangerous. We know that a character from the show is a mix of several characters from the books and the events, as well. So, what may happen in the books? In the first place, I reckon we will have more than 2 books. It's much story to tell in just 2 ones. In second, I believe that the youger and prettier queen is not Dany. If she was, Cersei survived to Euron and Cersei is not capable. And Dany still needs to solve her problems in Slave's Bay and to find ships to go to Westeros. It may took some time. No, IMO, ththe younger and prettier queen is Lynesse Hightower, the queen of the love and beauty. In book 4, one of the Hightower's siblings was to Lys to ask help to her to win Euron. What happens: she helps, 'couse this is the time to come back to Westeros. But when she finds Euron, they become lovers. She is the woman in the Aerion's vision. She is the woman that Cersei needs to know, as well. What d'you think what will happen when Euron conquer KL? I see sacks, rapes and sacrifices in the septum and Cersei losing the Iron Throne. But I also see the other queen, a Hightower that has lived in Lys using Qyburn to make experiences with Cersei, turn the Lannister in another Reek, taking away from Cersei her beauty and Lannister proud, making Cersei to beg the Gods to send the valonqar to kill her. So, when Dany comes she will find Stannis with Davos, Melisandre, and the support of the North, Vale and Trident, thanks Sansa. Aegon will have Varys and the support of Stornslands, Dorne and part of the Reach. And Euron and Lynesse will Iron's Slands, Westlands and the other part of the Reach. Oh, and Dragonstone. Dany will have a huge army and a huge fleet as well. And 3 dragons. Her council will have Marwin as Maester, Tyrion as Hand, her own husband Victarion in charge of the Iron Fleet. But her army has people from different cultures and this may a problem for Dany. She needs harmony between her allies. Tyrion will be bitter and he be playing with Dany and Aegon. It was this I understood Moqorro saw in his flames. And Vicatarion is donkey. Dany have huge army and fleet, but all are foreigns or cruel. And Dany is with the prophecies about betrayals in his mind and the notice of Qarthe to not to trust in the griff, the dark flame, the lion, etc. So, she may have an allegiance with Aegon, but she will never believe him or whoever. And to show she is the only Targaryen, she will make Aegon attacks KL first. So, when Aegon is midst the fight, Dany attacks the army and fleet of Aegon and Lynesse at the same time.
  2. Garota Sem Rosto

    Episode 2 preview

    Bran wanted Jon knew. As Bran is not Bran anymore and just worries about the night king, he may think this is important in the fight against the White walkers. So, if Jon not to speak, Bran will it. Or Sam, 'couse he is pissed off.
  3. Garota Sem Rosto

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    Sunspear???? Why?
  4. Garota Sem Rosto

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    Despite oldtowm to be pretty reach, I think what euron looks for is knowledge. And the Hightowers like this as well. Oh, and sorcery, too. I think we won't see battes because euron and Hightowers will become allies. So what does euron really desire? (Lol, it was too Lucifer, now!). I think the iron throne is just a mean, a shortcut, a secondary objective for what he really wants: magical power. Dominating the wolrd. Ok, I know this is stuff to cartoon, but I really reckon it. He wanna be a white walker AND have dragons. He wanna have glasscandle, too. The priests who see the future in the flames, the maegi who see everything in a drop with blood, that blue drink i don't know its name in English. He wishes faceless men in order to kill and die for him. After all, fm are priests and what does Euron do with priests? It seems ridiculous, I know, but I think that way because of what Aeron saw when he drunk the blue drink. He will get the Iron Throne, but the Hightowers will rule for him while he looks for more sources of sorcery. Remember that shadow Aeron saw. Anyone said in another thread that could be the Mad Maid, but I think it is another girl Hightower: a younger and prettier queen from Cersei' s profecy. She will take the Iron Throne, will become Quibun' s ally and together, they will do experiences with Cersei, like it happens during the Holocaust. What Cersei will lose is her identity as a Lannister and she will beg for her valonqar to free her from this torture named life. Oh, I didn't forget the main matter. I just spoke about Cersei because someone would use the profecy in order to say that Cersei wouldn't fall until this another queen to come. And please, say to me if there be something y'all don't understand. I'm still training my English.