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  1. Lol, I didn't realize I wrote this! I meant Dorne, you crazy keyboard! Now I just get to think Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minie... Oh, I forgot to say: Dany 's hair won't grow up again. She will be a bald stallion. Without hair, without bells. And I think will be a bizarre jonerys: Jon looking an old and a bald Dany.
  2. I don't think this will happen. It's pretty hard and dangerous. Bran is the next grennsee. His job in the saga is as important as Jon's. And going to the wall takes much time! Anyway, Martin already said the princess is going to die. None is go to save her. And I reckon It's pretty early to Bran to know revive anyone. Actually, I even know if greensees have this power. BR couldn't fix legs' Bran. But I reckon Bran will be VERY important for Jon. First, I believe that, like Bran in AGOT, Jon is not died, but he's almost. Also, I think that Benjen found the COTF. And they convinced he to sacrifice himself to save Bran. Now, Bran will enter in dreams' Theon to convince him to sacrifice himself to save Jon. Do you remember the strange dream Jaime had while slept in a tree - that white tree I don't know its name in English? I imagine BR entered in his dreams. Now, Theon believes in the Old Gods, his story finished, and he likely will like to do something good. I think Bran will ask directly.
  3. Hello, I'd like to know where I create a topic about theores about the next book based on show. Is it on THE WINDS OF WINTER or on 8th season? And in order to do not create another topic, I wonder it's is possiblidade having a subforum where we use our abbilities to understand the Planetos. Doctors and nurses speak about the dissesses nas injuries and how they would could avoid dies in the 7 kingdons, for exemple. Oh, and I have a lot of asks about ali the books, but I don't know where I write ali.
  4. STANNIS He'll win the battle, but he still will have challenges. He'll need Asha's help to take Tohen's Square. Later he'll take Caillin. Asha will be the pov. But his biggest challenges will be to kepp his soldiers and the northen united. And there is Rickon - who already was a bit crazy before leaving Winterfell. The boy lost his parents, his oldest brother and is far from his siblings and his home. And went to Skagos! The boy, by the time, is just wild, and Davos will show this, rulling Winterfell, representing Stannis and take care Rickon. Theon will be clear about the murdering of the brothers' Stark, but Bran will ask him - in a dream - to sacrifice himself to solve Jon. I reckon Bran survived in AGOT because BR sacrificed Benjen. Now is the time theon does the same for Jon. Theon is broken, believes in the Old Gods. He will ask to a northern sacrifice him in the tree. But he's a prince, too. And Stannis'nen want burn him. So, he will have a sacrifice for the 2 religions like Victarion made in Meeren. So, later some time in coma, Jon will survive due the magic of Mel and BR. But his hair will get white and he will have sequels, like Bran. And the guard will be a mess. Wilds, queen's men, guard's ant and pro Jon will be fighting in the Wall. Jon will take all the book in order to pacify the men. But the Wall's magic will be ran out due these intern fights and the WW will try an invasion. In order to avoid this, Mel will burn the princess. Stannis will send Massey to Bravos. He deal with the Iron Bank who will hire all the FM. Arya - who by the time will be deaf for to have killed Ralf - will come back to westeros. The FM plan to stay in Night's Guard. But a storm takes her ship to riverlands. She will say is the desire of the God of Many Faces to stop there and will manipulate them to kill all the House Frey. Sansa will support Stannis when she know about Rickon. She marries Harold, but LF will got berseker because he won't bone with her and he will try rape her. She kill LF, pushing him from the castle. This castle is Snow. Later Sweet Robin will die due his disease or because he will can't bear the winter. Harold will die in the war and Sansa will find the book pregnant or pretending to be pregnant of Harold. The Vale will be hers. CERSEI She and his daughter in law will be clear. But when the sanakesands see Gregor, the things really will get hard. Tyenne will kill Tormen and later, Chataya will try to kill the High Sparrow. Martin said we will see Chataya and Allaya, right? I think Chataya doesn't see the High Sparrow as a whoore 's enemy, but an enemy of her religion. And she will try poison the High Sparrow, but Myrcella takes the poison. Now it's just cersei expecting the younger queen to come. By the time she will get rid of marg, so there's no queen, right? Wrong! Euron will take KL and the IT. He will use the Sept of Baelor for rape, murder, sacrifice, dark magic, etc. All the septs will die, even the High Sparrow. And who will be with euron is Lynesse Hightower, queen of the love and beauty. She and Euron, laugh, laugh and laugh. Euron will take the IT from Cersei, but Lynesse will take all is more precious to cersei: her pride as Cersei Lannister. Lynesse send Cersei for Quibun. The ex-queen will be a new reek and just the valonqar will have mercy and will kill her. EURON Hightower send a man Lys to ask Lynesse's help in order to deal with Euron. She deals with Euron, yes... but in another way. They turn lovers and the House Hightower turn Euron 's ally. He will get Westlands; part of the Reach and KL. DANY Dany will get all the khalasares because they will think she is the stallion. Half of the book will be gather all the khals. When she come in Merren, Tyrion and Victarion already will have dealt with the slavers, her husband will be killed for Vic and Baristan will be died due the pest. She realizes that she needs the fleet and reconquering Meeeren and marries with Vic. FAEGON The fake aegon takes all Stormlands and has Disney's support. The House Martell will know about Quentin and they will support faegon to revenge Dany. Jon Con dies due the pest.
  5. Despite oldtowm to be pretty reach, I think what euron looks for is knowledge. And the Hightowers like this as well. Oh, and sorcery, too. I think we won't see battes because euron and Hightowers will become allies. So what does euron really desire? (Lol, it was too Lucifer, now!). I think the iron throne is just a mean, a shortcut, a secondary objective for what he really wants: magical power. Dominating the wolrd. Ok, I know this is stuff to cartoon, but I really reckon it. He wanna be a white walker AND have dragons. He wanna have glasscandle, too. The priests who see the future in the flames, the maegi who see everything in a drop with blood, that blue drink i don't know its name in English. He wishes faceless men in order to kill and die for him. After all, fm are priests and what does Euron do with priests? It seems ridiculous, I know, but I think that way because of what Aeron saw when he drunk the blue drink. He will get the Iron Throne, but the Hightowers will rule for him while he looks for more sources of sorcery. Remember that shadow Aeron saw. Anyone said in another thread that could be the Mad Maid, but I think it is another girl Hightower: a younger and prettier queen from Cersei' s profecy. She will take the Iron Throne, will become Quibun' s ally and together, they will do experiences with Cersei, like it happens during the Holocaust. What Cersei will lose is her identity as a Lannister and she will beg for her valonqar to free her from this torture named life. Oh, I didn't forget the main matter. I just spoke about Cersei because someone would use the profecy in order to say that Cersei wouldn't fall until this another queen to come. And please, say to me if there be something y'all don't understand. I'm still training my English.
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