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  1. Garota Sem Rosto

    Will Jon come back to life?

    I think Jon wont come back to life 'couse he wont die. He has the Old Gods and the Lord of the Light to look after him. He counts with Bloodhaven who saved Bran when the boy was in coma (I reckon Bran needed a magic aid to survive) and Melisandre who can do with Jon what Moqorro did do with victarion. And if Jon dies and comes back to life, may be he lose his pov as happened with Catelyn. Without Jon, who will show what will happen on the wall will be Melisandre and ver visions in flames - a lotação of spoilers in each chapter. Bran will show us the news, too. He with his greensees and his know-how about the past. That way, Martin will give us all history. Jon knowsknows nothing is more interesting to Martin.
  2. Garota Sem Rosto

    The little dwarf lady's dream prophecies

    I think that the giant is Littlethinger, because the symbol of his house is a titan (the bird is just his personal symbol) and the castle built of snow may be Snow the castle in Vale.
  3. Garota Sem Rosto

    So, what is going on in the north

    Hello, As I'm still learning English, maybe I didn't understand everything you said and likely you won't understand what I'll say (I'm here to train my English), but I'll try to talk clearly with you. ROOSE: I didn't think about this. I think he count only with kartarks and Lady Dustin. Oh, he knows he has problems, but I don't think he has some plan yet. I guess that the Bolton's history is ending. Martin is wearing Euron a eviller and more dangerous character. And Martin made it clear that Stannis is pretty alive in books, what I reckon wouldn't happen if Stannis lost the battle. RAMSAY: if ROOSE doesn't has a plan, Ramsay certainly doesn't. The bastard 's plan was only the pink letter full of fake news. LADY DUSTIN: I'm sorry but I don't have a clue about what she 's up to. But I bet unharmed from this battle. She will be power as Roose as Stannis. MANDERLY: I think that the injury wasn't deep. So, he won't die right away but it may infect and he will have a slow and painful die. By the time Bolton and freys already have died, but his die will bring problems to Stannis that maybe don't get deal with the heirs too easily. IRON BORN: theon is alone. He was raised far from IRON Slands and lost Winterfell to Ramsay. No one cares about him. HOWLAND REED: I guess he just appear in last book.
  4. Garota Sem Rosto

    Which characters will be killed in TWOW?

    KL: Tommen, Myrcella, Alaya, Chataya, Mace, Loras, margarey, High Sparrow, Lancel. Riverlands: brienne, Rollin and the kuds she will have (I think the are twins) and many freys. North: Bowan Marsh, mance, Ramsay, roose, theon, gilly 's baby, Shireen, jojen ( I think that jojen already died). The Vale: Robert arryn. And of course, Aeron and Jon con. It's likely more people will die, but I don't have idea about other characters.
  5. Garota Sem Rosto

    Who controlls the North by the end of Winds?

    But Martin said that Stannis still is alive in TWOW. And it seemed that he will be alive during all the book.
  6. Garota Sem Rosto

    Who controlls the North by the end of Winds?

    I think Jon will come back, but no as a wight and he' ll have many problens in Wall to go to Winterfell. He will nedd gather the wtchs and free folk. Sansa wwon't to have power to go to Winterfell, yet. She nerds to conquer Harry, the heir, to figure out how LF works and to get ver own allies without his help. Arya will take all the book to come um Westeros. Bomnever will leave that tree. No, I think Stannis have all the North, but he needs a Stark in Winterfell, but the only one avaliable is a freaked boy. Who haves the vou, habeas Winterfell and will be closer the king or will have a gratefull Stark in the future. So, the biggest drama will be many bannermens fighting by Rickon's atention.