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  1. ChuckPunch

    King Aegon VI Appreciation Thread

    I actually support Aegon moreso as a Blackfyre than a Targaryen. THE FYRE RISES
  2. ChuckPunch

    Is Rickon going to be King/the next warden?

    Nope. Rickon has been eaten by cannibals in order for him to ascend to their throne as a god-king. Davos will follow the trail of Rickon being their king leading their army, only to learn at the end of his journey through Skagos that Rickon is dead.
  3. ChuckPunch

    ASOIAF Jokes

    A Septon, a Red Priest, and a Moonsinger walk into an inn... ...and the innkeeper exclaims, "What is this, a jape?"
  4. ChuckPunch

    The perfumed seneschal

    1- Penny's first appearance is the same chapter Joff dies, a pivotal moment in the series and for Tyrion's arc. She is one of the jousting dwarves hired by Petyr. All tinfoil ideas aside this alone means she is associated with Littlefinger (even if just a little) and should not be trusted at all. 2- Jorah is not clinically insane no. But he definitely has an obsession with Dany. 3- We really have no idea either way on what Quaithe wants or even who she is. Not really worth discussing IMO until we get more info.
  5. ChuckPunch

    The perfumed seneschal

    1 - Penny is a known Littlefinger employee, she is by no means a guaranteed "safe" person or someone who can be trusted. 2 - You must not have had any crazy exes because Jorah could get very dangerous for Dany if his emotions dictate his decisions. He already displays stalker-like behaviors and has nothing to lose. In moments of desperation he could be wildly unpredictable. On your timeline question; Quaithe making a prediction about the future sort of rules out the meaningfulness of when she made it, right? She is telling Dany people will betray her. The glass candle idea is only a theory, and Quaithe very well may be telling Dany the future events to come.
  6. ChuckPunch

    The perfumed seneschal

    I think Varys is a red herring, as is what's-his-name in Meereen. The Stinky Steward is just subtle enough to be missed on a passing read but noticeable enough on a re-read.