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  1. ChuckPunch

    Blackfyre Heritage Reveal Predictions

    I expect it to be revealed to us the readers, but not the characters in story. There's no way to prove it and as we saw from Joff and Tommen staying in power the Lords don't really buy into claims of illegitimacy just because someone claims it.
  2. ChuckPunch

    Illyrio dragon eggs. a plot hole?

    She was meant to sell them to buy an army for her brother, I would assume. She sort-of does this when she initially buys the Unsullied, however unfortunately for the Masters that didn't work out so well for them due to the dragons being hatched and loyal.
  3. ChuckPunch

    What are the ASOIAF characters' boggarts?

    I would think Jaime's would be Rhaegar coming for revenge, as we see in his dream. Or perhaps Aerys with the fire. He doesn't have much reason to doubt his swordsmanship abilities pre-hand-chop, so I don't think it'd be a deep seated fear. Also I think a few of us are misunderstanding a Boggart. It has to take a physical form, not an abstract like "failure". And the Boggart needs to instill a deep, paralyzing terror. My few- Joffrey; Robert, larger than life and ready to hit him Jon; Catelyn, again being larger than in reality, looking down in contempt Cersei; Tyrion with a crossbow Aegon Dragonbane; Dragons
  4. ChuckPunch

    Why do people dislike Stannis?

    Joff is an unfortunate product of his upbringing mixed with potential genetic disorders. He is a victim.
  5. ChuckPunch

    Why do people dislike Stannis?

    "would have been" is still not the same as him actually being one. Kinslaying is a grievous sin, and not one taken lightly. There's a reason Stannis lets Davos delay the decision for so long, it's not something he really wants to do. However, in the face of the elimination of humanity Stannis will sacrifice even his own soul to save everyone. If anything his sacrifices of family are his greatest redeeming quality.
  6. ChuckPunch

    Why do people dislike Stannis?

    He didn't actually kill Renly. Supposedly he isn't even aware of what Mel did with his shadowbaby, but even if he is aware of it they were going to go to combat the next morning regardless. Kinslaying is more direct, like what Tyrion did. He doesn't burn any septs, just idols of the 7. Weirwoods are significantly more demonic than Rhllor. People draped them with intestines and organs like a macabre Christmas tree. They drink blood and possess animals & people.
  7. ChuckPunch

    Why do people dislike Stannis?

    People who dislike Stannis cannot appreciate "context" and judge him purely on an inappropriate standard of goodness.
  8. ChuckPunch

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    Because her baby-daddy's soul is inside it.
  9. ChuckPunch

    I'm curious how justice is dispensed in Westeros

    Well if we learned anything from The Sworn Sword even the most minor of nobility can execute their commoners without rebuke, unless a higher noble steps in. Basically if their status is below yours the law is open for interpretation, just do what you want and ask for forgiveness later if necessary.
  10. ChuckPunch

    Azor Ahai is a hero, not a villain

    Azor Ahai is the same dude who stabs his wife in the chest for a magic sword. Not exactly man of the year.
  11. ChuckPunch

    Why do the direwolves hate Tyrion?

    It's an abandoned plot point where Tyrion was going to do Theon's "sack Winterfell" plot and actively war against the Starks. George tossed it out in favor of shaping Theon into Reek. Let's move on.
  12. You can't guarantee she wouldn't rat him out to gain Robert's favor.
  13. ChuckPunch

    Are There any Unicorns in Skagos?

    Giants aren't exactly how the humans imagine them, instead being much more like humongous bigfoot creatures. Unicorns are probably similarly unlike their imagined appearance.
  14. ChuckPunch

    What would Robb do if Ned took the Black?

    Well the hostage exchange seems likely. But then you need to figure out where Ned will be when he succumbs to his aforementioned infected leg. Will he still die in Lannister hands? Will he die on the road to the Wall with Yoren? These could factor into Robb's next move and the likelihood of success for the hostage swap. War seems unlikely without a public execution so at least that should turn out better.
  15. ChuckPunch

    Daenerys, Quaithe, and Asshai

    Dropped plot point.