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    Fevre Dream Fancast

    About Marsh... the actor I was originally thinking about, I'm like 90% sure he's american, but I seriously can't remember anything else but his physical appearence, not even a movie he was in! He's a large man with black hair and eyes, and I'm pretty sure he also played a Captain in some movie... You know who else would make a great Billy? Steven Ogg, Simon from Walking Dead.
  2. Lady Joy Hill

    Fevre Dream Fancast

    Haha, I hadn't noticed to be honest, ethnicity isn't something I think about when I fancast, unless it's important for the character. I just think about their acting skills and style and their appearence. That said, all of the vampires in the book are Europian to begin with, so I'd say it's quite fitting, actually. Plus there are many characters I didn't fancast yet. I didn't know about Donachie! He'd also make a good Captain Marsh.
  3. Lady Joy Hill

    Fevre Dream Fancast

    As most of us know (I hope), George R.R. Martin has also writen other books than ASOIAF. One of those books is Fevre Dream, an excellent vampire tale that I've recently read. Not to get into spoilers, but the book was dark, full of suspense and amazing characters, and truly refreshing. Good to know more writers that made justice to vampire fiction. Anyway... this is my ultimate fancast for the book! I'd like to hear what you think, if you've also read the book, as well as your own suggestions. 1. Abner Marsh - Mark Addy Described as really fat, black-haired and dark-eyed. Now, I actually had a different character in mind, but I can't remember that actor's name, and then Mark Addy as Robert Baratheon came to my mind. He might not look exactly like described in the book in every detail, but he definitely can pull off the part, considering the fact that GOT Robert Baratheon basically treats exactly like Captain Marsh (excluding the drinking problem). 2. Joshua York - Chris Evans Described as tall, broad and muscular, really blonde, grey-eyed, exceptionally handsome. He looks like a 30-35 year old man. He's well educated, clever, noble, and always does his duty. In my opinion, there is noone better than Chris Evans for the part. 3. Damon Julian - Aidan Turner Dark curly hair, with black, captivating eyes, tall and slender, and majestically handsome, with a deep, alluring voice. Yep. Noone better than Aidan Turner. [/img] 4. Sour Billy Timpton - Tobias Mezies Edmure Tully, ladies and gentlemen. Do I need to say more? He's just perfect for the part. 5. Valerie Merseau - Nataly Dormer An insanely beautiful woman, with black hair and violet eyes. 6. Jonathan Jeffers - Tom Hiddleston Tall and slender, graceful dandy with a pair of gold glasses. Gotta love Tom Hiddleston. 7. Cynthia - Keira Knightley A female vampire, thin and pretty, with brown eyes. I believe Keira Knightley would do just fine. 8. Simon - Tom Felton Simon is described as a ghastly and ghostly figure. His hair are black, but this could easily be arranged. Once I've read his description, Tom Felton came instantly on my mind. 9. Kathreen - Sigourney Weaver A tall and old-looking vampire, with the appearence of a noble, probably english lady, that could spread horror with a simple look if she wanted. Yep. Beloved Weaver would be perfect. 10. Raymond Ortega - Kit Harrigton A dark-haired and dark-eyed, handsome young vampire. Need I say more? Clearly, I didn't cast all of the book characters, like most members of the crew. For now, I mostly focused on the main characters and the vampires. Sooo? What do you guys think about these choises? And if you don't like them, would you cast?