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  1. The_Black_Valyrian

    Support for Rhaegar's Ghost

    yet none would take up arms in his memory unless lands, titles or the opportunity to be king consort were added bonuses.
  2. The_Black_Valyrian

    Support for Rhaegar's Ghost

    yet throughout the books, few speak of Rhaegar in a way that would suggest that they'd raise the targaryen banner over their castles. No one even knows her name.
  3. The_Black_Valyrian

    Support for Rhaegar's Ghost

    Well we can confirm that Barristan is by no means loyal to Dany in any way
  4. The_Black_Valyrian

    Support for Rhaegar's Ghost

    in ASoS, Barristan/Arstan was trying to get Dany to abandon the quest for an army and go back to Pentos and place all her faith in the middle man Illyrio to secure allies for her. He goes so far as to lie about how half of Westeros would support Daenerys. He mentions that Rhaegar was greatly loved throughout the kingdoms and that invoking his memory would bring lords to her cause. In practice, we see that very, very, very few had love or admiration for Rhaegar that Barristan claimed they did. Why would she use her brother's memory as a means of gaining support? Will they be fight for Dany or Rhaegar's Ghost.
  5. The_Black_Valyrian

    Valyria and Gender

    how do know that the Valyrians were just like the Rhoynar when it came to succession and the male only heir succession was adopted by the Targaryens. talk about down-grading
  6. The_Black_Valyrian

    Fire and Blood II, Dragons Lore

    Since dragons are gender neutral, and the Valyrians declared themselves kin to dragons, wouldn't it make sense that they practiced gender-blind succession like the Rhoynar?