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  1. R. Bolton

    Do you like Melisandre?

    I hated her on the show. But it is too early for me to shape an opinion of her in the books. There's the dreaded AFOC and ADOD to be read. There's one thing, though: when she explained the prince who promised/ the lord's chosen to Davos in the prison, she obviously described Daenerys, doesn't she know about the newborn dragons? I thought hers is a well organized religion with a lot of missionaries on the every part world.
  2. R. Bolton

    I'm at That Chapter...

    For the first time... I'm readying myself, hesitating. Lighting another cigarette. William Wallace will die.
  3. R. Bolton


    https://pasteboard.co/GWxNCRb.jpg Lol. Anyone know the sigil or the words? An overused pipe on an aluminum field? I wanna marry into that house. Imagine the seventy-seven course feasts. Kidding aside, is it the same with your books too, Mine's from Harper Voyager and it's same with ACOK, too, along with many other text errors.
  4. R. Bolton

    Why Arya Did Not Reveal Herself In Harrenhal

    In that chapter, she never indicate judgement about him (and no remarks of any northern lords' trustworthiness) as it was too early for that and she could not possibly know about Lady Hornwood. There were no hints of future treason like RW yet, even for the reader.
  5. I'm not sure if it had been asked before, I've skimmed the pages and couldn't find anything relevant. Why Arya didn't reveal herself to Roose Bolton when he took control of Harrenhal? Wasn't it safe to come out, then? It kinda bugged me. She is his princess now, a sister of his king. She could finally have ended her misery and save her friends, too; but she continued to play along the serving girl.
  6. R. Bolton

    Twenty-One Years... Wow

    To be honest, one of the reasons I didn't read the books (beside the reason I gave in my first post) was the frightening thickness of the books, they are thick like the stones that the pyramids had been made of. And knowing the content, I presumed they'd written in some archaic language or in a high level that hard for me to comprehend, -my English is not well, you see and I'm not an avid fantasy reader- However I was wrong, it was a very smooth reading I've finished the first book in six days. @Beeswing Thank you for articulating my thoughts exactly : ) I wish I'd read the books first too, but on the other hand if it hadn't been for the show, I wouldn't have known about the books and the vast world of ASOIAF in the first place. So I'm grateful for the introduction. Though I feel same as you. I've already a perception of story, characters and places and when I read, these pictures in my head popping up unintentionally which it really restricts the imagination. Call me weird but I really could use an artbook about ASOIAF to help me replace or variate the rather unimpressive show visuals in my head for a more regal and 'fantasy' perception.
  7. R. Bolton

    Twenty-One Years... Wow

    Hey guys/gals I've read AGOT, something that I never considered before. And to my amazement, found out that this book is actually 21 years old, talking about being late to the party. It feels so current for me. When I was watching the first four seasons I never even felt the need to read the books but seeing the last three seasons made me compelled to dive in, wonder anybody felt the same. Though after finishing the book it, made sense to me why people recommended to skip the first book if I had seen the show, but I'm very glad to read it.