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    Do you like Melisandre?

    I like her character. I wish I knew more about her though. She is not an evil character and follows the course she believes to the best of her ability. Sadly, her direction leads to evil actions... Human sacrifice is murder no matter how righteous the path.
  2. KellyM

    Did Maester Aemon know of Jon's lineage?

    I have to agree with TMIFairy. Reading that Benjen was mentioned as opposed to Ned does not imply that Aemon had any knowledge of Jon's parents. That would make Jon his relative... and why would he not reveal that to Jon - at least in privacy. Jon was the best choice.
  3. KellyM

    So who would you bend the knee to?

    Deanerys Targaryen. I think this is the most logical answer without a specific location. Stannis is the rightful heir according to Westerosi succession, but without being able to prove that Joff and Tommen are not Robert's sons this could be a dangerous choice as the Lannisters control the throne. Dani, however, also has claim to the throne and she has three dragons. Hmmm. I think I would have fall in line behind her at this stage. I would probably identify with Barriston Selmy and his choices...
  4. KellyM

    the magical black gate

    After reading the other posts Im afraid my thoughts are too simple and perhaps Ive missed something important.... But my interpretation was that it was a tear from the Wierwood. Tears are salty. Shedding a tear is a human trait... a living trait. Like having a face. This adds credence to the belief that the Wierwoods are more than just trees... Also, its another example of how magic (dragons, greenseers, Giants, White Walkers, etc.) is returning to Westeros.
  5. KellyM

    Best no-POV character so far ?

    Brienne, Jorah, Shea and Ygritte are my favorites. Mammoths are pretty cool, too!