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    House name: House Greycliffe House sigil: black thundercloud with yellow lightning bolt on grey Hose words: "Steadfast and True" House motto: none Location: in the mountains of the Barrowlands, south of Torren's Square and northeast of the Rills House weapons: Reaper and Bane, a pair of bronze battleaxes graven with ensorcelled runes Sworn to: House Stark House Greycliffe is ancient, tracing an unbroken line to the first men and having served the Starks since they were the Kings of Winter. The house is wealthy, but relatively small with a low population of smallfolk. Most of these work in the small mines that dot Greycliffe land producing iron, gemstones and obsidion. The Greycliffes remember the Long Night and their troops are armed with dragonglass daggers or arrowheads. This has become more of a ceremonial thing, but this house remembers that dragonglass can kill the Others. Worship of the Seven is forbidden in Greycliffe territory. When the Faith Militant existed this caused no end of trouble and Greycliffe knights frequently slew any that encroached upon their lands. Protected by the Starks, who reminded those Southrons that the Old Gods are worshiped in the North, House Greycliffe survived and prospered. The Greycliffe seat is called Silverlode and is situated almost entirely underground to protect from all enemies, including the harshest of all--winter. Reaper and Bane are thousands of years old but as good as the day they were forged. They are said to be magical, but no one believes that nonsense. However, Lukan Greycliffe, the eldest son and heir, insists that on the day that the red comet appeared the runes on the axes shone with an eerie red glow.