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  1. In the DWD chapter The wayward bride, asha was fighting with a northmen in the forest and killed like 7 of them or something. Was really strange to read this chapter and kinda confusing. i mean Asha is a women and lack in strenght alot. All should end probably on this moment - "To me!” she called, but whether she was calling to her own men or the foes even Asha could not have said for certain. A northman with an axe loomed up before her, swinging with both hands as he howled in wordless fury. Asha raised her shield to block his blow" and Asha realised what she is like 2-3 times weaker than the northmen and shield could stand the strike but Asha couldnt. Her legs lost balance and she fell hited by the ground and stunned, after what northmen finished her with one more strike to the head. The end. I dont get it. Martin write whole 5 books trying to be as realistick as he can be and now we got this. The terminator killing huge barbarians one after another? i mean the Brienne at least got the lore behind her, we got told the whole 2-5 books what she unnaturally strong for a women and actually even stronger than majority of males, so some sort of mutant, okay, and whats why she can fight with a full grown men , because she NOT lacking the strengh and stamina either. But Asha was described just like athlety women, theres no way she can stand against full grown male who is bigger and much stronger than her. Wtf Martin!? He just becomed some Abercrombie tier writer with this chapter(not saying this as a bad thing, but about differences in writing stories). Even Brienne never could kill so many warriors in such a short time. So strange.