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  1. Maester Yandel

    Robert died before made king

    This is just literally about Robert dying before being crowned as king and you made a whole mess on that. To quote Bael's Bastard (someone who is in this group since 2013 and actually knows things). "If Robert never becomes king I don't see Stannis being in line. I don't see them going outside the three rebel leaders. Jon has no children and a terrible history of trying to produce one. Ned already has an heir by war's end, and a bastard as far as anyone knows." And that actually made sense since if ROBERT IS NOT YET KING then why would Stannis already inherit the Iron Throne? They're just claimants. If Robert dies a king then Stannis has all the rights on ruling after him. BUT THAT WASN'T THE CASE HERE! (Mind blown, huh?) Oh and, YES. Last time I checked, there should only be one king in Westeros SINCE Aegon's Conquest. All the claimants are just claimants until they actually have the throne or conquered the whole continent. You clearly didn't understand the whole thread to begin with and you're out here thinking you know everything too damn well when clearly you don't! You're just stating OPINIONS yet you have the audacity calling everyone else stupid. If calling me ignorant makes you sleep at night then go off, I guess.
  2. Maester Yandel

    Lord Protector

    Yes since royal regents can take the title of "Protector of the Realm" which is reserved for kings. But I'm pretty sure that's a different title as well. Let's just stick into "Lord Protector".
  3. Maester Yandel

    Lord Protector

    I was confused because you said that Aemond Targaryen was a Lord Protector, when really he's a Prince Regent. I never said that a regent is automatically a Lord Protector. I was actually finding their difference since they are being used differently in the books.
  4. Maester Yandel

    Robert died before made king

    There were 2 other "kings" when Joffrey was the actual king on the Iron Throne during the War of the Five Kings. Does that make the other 2 really kings too? Even if Robert was proclaimed king by the rebel forces during his rebellion, it was an empty title UNTIL HE WAS ACTUALLY CROWNED KING AFTER THE REBELLION. He was just a claimant. Why would Stannis already succeed Robert in the Iron Throne if he died during the rebellion and is not yet the actual king? LOL His coronation was not until late 283 AC, that was AFTER THE SACK OF KING'S LANDING and AFTER THE DEATH OF THE MAD KING. I know my timeline well. You should too.
  5. Maester Yandel

    Robert died before made king

    The post never mentioned about him being proclaimed king and dies after. I think what he meant was what if Robert died during the rebellion.
  6. Maester Yandel

    Lord Protector

    "So in other words, when one serves as a regent for a lord or lady of a Great House (that's what the examples imply, at least), the title can be assumed" Lysa Arryn is already the Lady Regent of Robert Arryn. Why would Robert need another regent? Or why would Lysa Arryn need a regent (she's not a minority and it wasn't stated in the books that she's uncapable of ruling)? "The only instance of a Lord Protector that we have that appears to have nothing to do with age is Aemond Targaryen, who apparently assumes the title after his brother, King Aegon II, becomes bedridden." I thought Eddard Stark was a Lord Regent and Aemond Targaryen was a Prince Regent? Now this confused me more. What's the difference between a Regent and a Lord Protector? Pretty sure there is a separate Lord/Prince/Queen Regent titles and a separate Lord Protector (as there is no case of a Prince/Queen Protector) title.
  7. Maester Yandel

    Lord Protector

    I haven't found a page on awoiaf that clarifies the earning of this title; only that of Petyr Baelish's. He was granted the title "Lord Protector of the Eyrie and the Vale of Arryn" after marrying Lysa Arryn. Robert Arryn is currently the "Lord of the Eyrie". Furthermore, when Tywin Lannister told Tyrion Lannister that he is to wed Sansa Stark, he imagined himself as "Lord Protector of Winterfell" should Robb die then Sansa is to inherit Winterfell and their firstborn son will be the "Lord of Winterfell". (A Storm of Swords, Chapter 19, Tyrion III) So, does this mean that when a noble lord marries the unwed/widowed lady of a seat/castle or a region, he is granted the title "Lord Protector"?
  8. Then they'll probably rather have Daenerys as ruler than a "bastard". Plus, I guess everybody knows (since its written in their history) that not only the Targaryens can tame dragons. So I still doubt that they'd accept him as ruler even if he has both. Moreover, if Jon and Daenerys wins against the Others/wights, no one from the south would believe they did went on war with them (unless they "bring the dead" to them). Everybody else would just think that it's the dragon queen and the northerners' plan/folly to win the hearts of the Westerosi and usurp the Iron Throne.
  9. Maester Yandel

    So, with S8 not airing until 2019,

    Events: 1. That would totally happen 2. LOL the walkers would be barging the walls of Winterfell and Sansa still won't know how to use a dagger. 3. uhmm.. 4. uhmm.. 5. AGREE 6. I doubt they'd still care to expand Dorne's storyline on the show. Pairings: 1. YIKES?! 2. Ohhhh I ship them so much BUT Arya's not the romantic type so it might not work. 3. THERE IS A GREAT POSSIBILITY ON THIS tbh Questions that need answering: 1. The writers must've thought "Aegon" would have an impact.. 2. uhmm.. 3. HAHAHAHAHA yes, what really happened Podrick? 4. It WAS built on a lie. Remember Littlefinger?
  10. As for someone who has been heartbroken too many times with the massive changes on novel-based films/tv-series, I'd say yes. HOWEVER, Game of Thrones was an exception. Even though there were A LOT of plot differences, I still enjoyed the show on a whole different level. I don't know what sorcery David and Dan used but the show is still interesting to watch even if you're the biggest ASOIAF fan. BUT PLEASE.. READ. THE. DAMN. BOOKS.
  11. That would not be the immediate concern. The southerners will question the legitimacy of Jon's claim on the Iron Throne. Most of them won't probably believe on Sam and Bran's combined knowledge about his true parentage unless a really solid evidence arises.
  12. Maester Yandel

    Robert died before made king

    It would be between Jon Arryn and Eddard Stark only. However, their claim on the Iron Throne will be greatly questioned (just like Robert Baratheon if it weren't only for her grandmother, Rhaelle Targaryen). The concern also would be if Jon or Eddard would take the offer on ruling the Seven Kingdoms. The Great Council will likely end up choosing Viserys Targaryen but would also appoint a regent to look over him until he's 16.