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  1. Matter-of-fact

    secret service/mission impossible

    Your mission should you decide to accept it, is to create a secret department/agency that will monitor the various noble houses of Westeros independently from the master of whispers As always, should you or any of your Force be caught or killed, the crown will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This paper will self-destruct in five/ten seconds. Good luck, how would you complete this mission if you accepted if you start at the beginning of Robert reign?
  2. Matter-of-fact

    war of the five kings weak north

    I don't understand why Robb did not order bran and Sir Roderick to raise another army to reinforce his army later on or to guard the north. its basic tactics always have reinforcements and keep you homeland safe.
  3. Matter-of-fact

    war of the five kings weak north

    why was it impossible for the north to defend against iron born attacks/ invasion and Ramsey shenanigans since the north should still be able to get possible more than 10k army even after the battle at Winterfell.
  4. Matter-of-fact

    powerhouse north

    is the north a hidden powerhouse like Russia with large reserves of minerals/mining and forestry?
  5. who/what is responsible for King Aerys II madness? maesters twyn lanister inbreeding blackfyres varys bran mental breakdown ???????
  6. how should Robb have handled the iron islands invasion of the north instead of how he handle it?
  7. Matter-of-fact

    red wedding

    but baelish does and he can get lysa to send vale military against bolton/freys
  8. Matter-of-fact

    red wedding

    how much protection could tywn give specially to boltons in the north?
  9. Matter-of-fact

    red wedding

    why were the freys and boltons willing to risk the destruction of their house on the red wedding since if it failed or some of the targets escaped they would face retaliation/resistance from the survivors and anyone who was a stark/tully supporter and maybe even risk of the vale intervening because of the murder of Catelyn stark who was the sister of the regent of the vale(also baelish would want to avenge the murder of his beloved Catelyn so he would get Lysa to send vale military against freys and boltons and also have control over thee kingdoms the riverlands vale and north once boltons/freys defeated).
  10. Matter-of-fact

    no kidnapping tyrion

    how different would ned decisions and the war of five kings be if lady stark had not kidnapped Tyrion Lannister? no mountain raids in Riverland stark have no fight with Jaime so he no hurt
  11. Matter-of-fact

    different north/Frey

    what if Eddard Stark was executed or died before the north army arrive at the twins how different would the negotiations be with Walder Frey?would the starks still cross twins or use a longer way around maybe with cragnoman help?
  12. Matter-of-fact

    who would Rickard stark remarry

    if Rickard stark remarried after the death of his wife who would he marry? let's say around 270?
  13. Matter-of-fact

    alternate marriages stark

    how would you marry your children to expand your house influence as Rickard stark in 270? as Rickard stark, I would marry Brandon to Janna tyrrel eddard to Cersei Lannister benjen to Catelyn Tully lyanna to rhagnear or Robert barenthon or Jaime lanister or even Jon arryn or a bannermen ps:i would also remarry to a northern women maybe bethany rysweell ,donella manderly, or maege mormont or other to keep bannermen happy about kinds married in the south and tell bannermen any kids with the second wife will marry northern wive/husband.
  14. Matter-of-fact

    what if levée en masse by stark robb

    why it still happens?
  15. Matter-of-fact

    defensive robb stark

    What if Robb stayed in the Riverlands on the defensive and did not invade the westernlands or crownlands?