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  1. So you have to add an extra month no matter what, whether you call it 13 or 0. And should the war happen to be less than 11 months, like 9 or 10, which it absolutely could be within the timeline we're given and without a need for any flexibility, there's just no way it works.
  2. Not sure what info in the books or that GRRM personally provided are you referencing. I certainly have never came across it. GRRM said it's 8-9 months before Dany which is Trident-Sack + 1 month maximum. That gives you months 11 and 12, and that's assuming the war lasted 11 months, which is, again, us getting the maximum numbers and stretching it. But then how in your theory the Siege of Storm's End could've also lasted less that a year is a mystery. Can you try and demonstrate a convincing timeline with correct order of events where the war (from Gulltown to the Sack) would be less than a year and the Siege of Storm's End would also be less than a year and Jon would be born when GRRM said, not when RLJ theory said and Robb would clearly be born before Jon?
  3. I think it would if you stick to your favourite pov characters. )
  4. I feel like as far as matches for Arya go, it would be the best one for her. But Cathelyn would throw a fit 'cause she's already pissed off with Ned for raising Jon at Winterfell and now he wants her daughter to marry into the house that he supposedly dishonoured her with? - I don't see her taking it, tbh.
  5. Cathelyn would throw a fit.
  6. Apparently I personally would prefer that magic should have a scientific-like system/logic of sorts, but oh well.
  7. He has 6 years difference with Arya. Seems fine to me.
  8. Robb x Wylla Manderly Sansa x Renly Arya x Gawen Glover Bran x Shireen, so he gets Dragonstone Rickon - some northern house that has a female heir, perhaps
  9. Tormund roared. "Har! King o' My Hairy Butt Crack, more like. I just had to, I'm sorry. It's an incredibly interesting discussion for me as well! I've been rereading by POV recently. I pick one and real all of the books chronologically. It's a different sort of fun and gives a new perspective.
  10. Well if we look at out planet, the ice is on both poles. And the fire would be the sun and the core of earth, I guess. Which sort of reminds me how Valyrians operated these mines and the Dothraki legend of the moon wandering too close to the sun and cracking and producing a dragon. So maybe Westeros isn't as far from out planet than we think in the fire and ice sense.
  11. That a really logical thought, but it always bothered me that there's no fire in the south.
  12. I don't disagree with that btw. I just think that that would be a theory, and not a clear and definitive statement in the book.
  13. Cathelyn doesn't know when Jon was born. She has no way to know, she wasn't present. And according to RLJ that you was arguing for in that thread (I'm assuming that "That in and of itself isn't unusual, but if Ned is trying to hide Jon's real story he has to provide a cover story for how and when he and Wylla met." is about RLJ at least), Ned was lying to Robert in that quote. I don't really get how can you go "Ned is lying about Ned+Wylla=Jon when I'm arguing RLJ, but he's totally telling the truth when I'm arguing who's older between Jon and Robb". Pick one. So how would one use a guess of someone who has no reliable way to know something and a supposed lie to calculate Jon's age is beyond my understanding. Now, the main point here is, which one are you arguing, with RLJ in mind, the date when Jon was born or the date when Ned said Jon was born? I suggest you go on and quote from the book on their namedays celebrations, then. 'Cause I couldn't find it. Chronologically Jon turning 15 is mentioned several chapters before Robb in GOT. That doesn't mean anything though. just as what Cathelyn thinks or whether what Ned said was the truth or not. At least I couldn't find any clear and definitive proofs about who is older.
  14. wia

    The impact of normal seasons on the North!!

    Not sure how anything would be that much different. It seems like no part of Westeros is capable of growing anything in the winter, not just the North. The thing that impacts the fertility of land the most in cold climates is permafrost (I don't think there's much of it if any in the North though) and it shouldn't change, assuming you mean that winter and summer temperatures stay the same and it's only their duration that would change. Otherwise it depends on the type of soil that also shouldn't change and overall weather conditions that also shouldn't change either. The trade would probably be better in terms of the seas being calmer more often, I guess.
  15. Actually, I wonder how does that fact that the crypts are the actual Winterfell (since the oldest building, the First Keep, is awfully young) relates to the barrow thing. There are theories that at some point inhabitants have been living underground. Would that be before or after barrows?