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  1. Chisa

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    I have to disagree here. There's so much drama involving just one house. What happens when the other houses come in the scene? The north at this moment would be boring if it was only the Starks. Let's wait and watch the drama unfold.
  2. There is no point in me commenting this but yeah right? I agree once again Is he a cruel person at all? What cruel thing did he even do? Why do people hate him? If he won the war, he would've probably be known in history as King Renly the Sweet or the Charm
  3. Chisa

    Who will Sansa marry?

    And they can even talk about how handsome Renly was, together.
  4. Chisa

    The Regret of Killing Characters

    Might be. I think the dead waking up is a used plot in the books with Berric Dondarrion and Lady Stoneheart so most probably, it won't happen. I actually think it might be Quentyn.
  5. There seems to be more to it than it seems. Did Tywin really order such brutal murders and rape?
  6. So he's alive? I mean I know the whole fandom believes he is. But is he? Cause MArtin said he's gonna find out too?
  7. I was never entirely convinced, mostly because that would favor Jon Snow too much. But I have to say, the hints are pretty heavy. So the only reason I am expecting this theory to be false because I am internally waiting to be shocked. However since I am not an actual believer in the theory, I cannot ignore some plot holes. Most pro-RLJ argue that Ned only ever thinks about Lyanna and never the mother of his bastard, he also never *hardly* thinks about Brandon, his father and never even, seriously never, thinks about his mother. And Jon Snow is northern to the bone. I get that children in westeros seem to favor a parent entirely, but he's too northern, too much, that even if he's Rhaeghar's son, I can never imagine anywhere without snow. I believe "Snow" is his identity. And North. And he has a freaking werewolf he can warg, now if he also would own a dragon (and suppose he could warm it too), it just becomes very uncharacteristic of him. He may be the son of Lyanna and Rhaeghar. He may be the song of ice and fire. But he is more ice. And will always be ice. (plus even if I do buy the RLJ theory, I can't except that Lyanna ran away. And if she did, I hope no one ever finds out. Too many people died of her and Rhaeghar's foolishness. And just a sidenote Rhaeghar is such a depressed soul)