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  1. Chisa

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    I have to disagree here. There's so much drama involving just one house. What happens when the other houses come in the scene? The north at this moment would be boring if it was only the Starks. Let's wait and watch the drama unfold.
  2. Chisa

    Would you let Samwell inherit Hornhill?

    I think the point is yes, Sam is a good person. And yes, he's brave. Because one is only truly brave when one is scared. Sam has grown as a character, but the question the OP puts forward is whether you'd send him to the wall if you were Randyll. This is not about you, it's about the entire Tarly legacy, the people in the Tarly lands and the entire Reach for that matter, because of it position. I think Sam's a good person, great person even but a good Lord. Ask yourself, would you want him as the Lord Commander of the NG. No. Maybe others would have chosen the citadel instead of the wall. But even that doesn't sound like a good idea if you'd be in Randyll's place. It's a place you can fail and come back home from. What makes me think that Sam would fail? The fact that he had so much potential but didn't try hard enough before when he was a Hornhill makes me believe he wasn't strong willed enough to pass. And the citadel isn't just about reading books, if studies were just about loving to read, I'd top my class. Imagine all the people that love reading and let them try mastering Medicine, History, Accountancy Etc. As much as I love Sam, he would not have mase a good maester (Now he will because now he has seen the dead walking, I'm talking about earlier). Much less a good Lord (before or now, in future he might) because a good leader needs to inspire, make hard decisions and sometimes even be more brave than wise, ie, taking risks. I'm not saying Sam doesn't take risks, but he is far from being his father(with his war prowess), or Tywin (with his administration) or Mace (who somehow inspires loyalty, I'm guessing by way of talk) or Doran (with his savvy political games). I don't think Ned was a particularly great Lord other than his famed Honor but yeah, Sam wouldn't have that honor too.
  3. I dislike a lot of people in the series as "people" but I like their POVs. The storyline is very hypnotic somehow. However I have to make two exceptions, I can hardly go through both of their chapters. It's very tiring. 1. Arya :: I don't have much problem with her as a person. In fact I actually like her, if I don't think about how tedious it is to read her POV 2. I have to stop myself from skipping her chapters. So many things happen in her chapters, I agree. And many people may find her chapters interesting, but I just can't. Barristan POV is so much better suited to explain Mereen situation in my opinion. And unlike Arya, I don't like the person . Not a huge fan of Arys either but she's fine. But Dany, I know she's supposed to be a very interesting person but for me, she doesn't do it. I have to say this though, in my opinion and maybe so many more's , Theon is such an interesting character. To read and as a person as well. So much internal conflict. So well written. I could talk all day about Theon's chapters in the fifth book
  4. I believe Dany will most probably go mad, either in actual "mental illness" or people won't agree with some of her extreme decisions and therefore call her mad for her choices, using the history of madness in her family as proof for her being insane. why I think this might be the case is because Aerys, while being very handsome and likable in his youth ended up being not really that likable in the end. Dany is by all means very beautiful and powerful, and very desired (like in a non sexual way, like "mother") . I feel as if George might be trying to show us that the Iron throne can change a person and completely screw them up. And while I might be wrong, there's still Dany's messed up genes to think about. That's about at least four hundred years of interbred DNA(and that's after assuming they didn't interbreed earlier)
  5. Chisa

    Mace Tyrell and Rickard Stark?

    Why, sire, is there a doubt?
  6. Chisa

    Mace Tyrell and Rickard Stark?

    None. I'm just bored to the extent that I find everyone similar to everyone. I was just hoping that discussion would help me sort out if there actually was something similar between these two. Wolf and a Rose.
  7. There is no point in me commenting this but yeah right? I agree once again Is he a cruel person at all? What cruel thing did he even do? Why do people hate him? If he won the war, he would've probably be known in history as King Renly the Sweet or the Charm
  8. Chisa

    Who will Sansa marry?

    And they can even talk about how handsome Renly was, together.
  9. Chisa

    robert strong will kill Faegon)

    Wow. This is actually getting interesting. But still, no. Not Robert Strong. However, Aerion causes all the drama. And he is a Targaryen, a dragon. So maybe, there's that. Maybe it will happen. Just not by See Robert Strong.
  10. Chisa

    robert strong will kill Faegon)

    Just to clear it up. After having a conversation with you, I feel like I speak Spanish rather than English. You're constantly contradicting yourself. But that's beside the topic. I think DoD with the Aegon is very much possible. Also, I don't think Dany would instantly decide that Jon deserves a dragon simply because he cannot claim the IT. Also, she may not believe either claims. And as of now, (for now) Jon is dead so Aegon seems a better contender for DoD. Plus Dany might have internal conflicts on the whole Aegon issue. He may be fake. He may not be. And that's still out of topic. I firmly believe Robert Strong will not kill YG. And if that happens, it will be very unsatisfying. At least imo. And there is no ground work for that possibility. P.s. sorry, not interested in trolling you.
  11. Chisa

    The Regret of Killing Characters

    Might be. I think the dead waking up is a used plot in the books with Berric Dondarrion and Lady Stoneheart so most probably, it won't happen. I actually think it might be Quentyn.
  12. Chisa

    robert strong will kill Faegon)

    Okay, whatever you say. Wait, what? You're contradicting yourself now. Dany is supposed to be against Jon if there is to be DoD with him. So basically you're now saying a DoD with Aegon is more possible? Okay, let's go with that too. "So"? As in "due to the reasons stated above"? But you just said.... Well, okay, are you saying that DoD won't happen at all since its not Jon/Aegon or do you have some theory about LF being a dragonrider?
  13. Chisa

    robert strong will kill Faegon)

    I have a huge doubt. 1. I'm in denial and I don't want the kid to die and he has abilities. He got the impregnable Storm's End so HURRAY. 2. there is considerable foreshadowing for a second DoD so if he dies, it'll probably be at Dany's hand or her dragons.
  14. The Stranger's POV Whereabouts of Darksister and Blackfyre (I'm not sure about this)
  15. Chisa

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    I cannot answer the OP since I actually don't like Arya that much. I don't feel anything for her at all. I don't want her to die. But I don't want her back in WF either. As for Dany, imo she's disliked because she's not relatable. I don't feel anything for her. No hate. But sometimes her chapters are so frustrating, especially her twisted idea of justice and disregard for cultures comes off as a little distasteful. Actually for me personally, it comes of a VERY VERY distasteful. She doesn't create a sense of attachment so I wouldn't be much sad if she dies. Though I don't really care if she lives either. But I truly deeply don't want her to win and establish another era of the Targaryen Dynasty.(However at this point, I don't want anyone to win the IT. Jon Snow? No. He's going to be depressed there. He's northern to the bone. Stannis? He's my favorite contender in terms of claim as I believe all of Aerys II's children should be overlooked just like how Aerion's son was overlooked. But I hardly think he'll win it. Young Griff? Actually yeah. It'll be kind of cool. Plot twist :: he's a girl and the younger prettier queen that's suppose to dispose of Cersei) Also, the only sense of feelings I get is her description of the red door house. And then, there's the case of entitlement. It's pretty much there in every Lordling in Westeros, yet something about Dany's sense of entitlement is very disturbing. I am sorry to rant. But well, I'm waiting for a dance of dragons 2.0 , this time the greens win so I would suggest everyone in westeros to go marry a Hightower as fast as possible. Or you know what, Lady Ermesande wins the IT, she's the ptwp. I'd be satisfied ::evil laugh::