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  1. Mordant Jester

    Mistakes/Contradictions in the books?

    There are two 'errors' that I have noticed. For a series this scope, its remarkable how neat the package is kept. In GoT when Jon's thoughts indicate he knows about Lady/Nymeria fairly soon after the incident at House Darry. Also, in ACoK, when Arya is approaching the town that includes Sir Gregor, Tickler, etc., the description of the land and where the Lake/water is gets turned around. (I think, I cant look for the passages right now).
  2. Mordant Jester

    most tragic character

    For me it is Tyrion All he wants is love for the most part. He had it with Tysha, and it sounded sweet and perfect... only for it to end in complete humilation, thinking it was just a whore jaime paid to make him a man. Then you get to see him in the process of fooling himself into thinking Shae really loved him. As the reader you even find yourself wondering how Shae is feeling. fool. fool fool He does everything right. He tries to throw the people of Kings Landing a bone and tries to gentle the king's actions, and they hate him the most mainly due to his appearance. He protects Sansa genuinely, and even she can't stand him (later) and never trusts him. He basically saves the city and castle, including leading a sortie on his own, only to be cut down by Mandon Moore. Anyone else would get songs. He got basically put in a forced coma while everything was taken from him. In the process, he was disfigured. Then he finds out he gets almost no credit for any of it, and furthermore, his father (who he looks up to almost as much as his brother) scolds him for it and basically calls him a creature he wants to disown. Gets framed for killing that little monster Joffrey, including having Shae brought out and levying yet another crushing blow to his person. And later, he finds out Tysha was legit.
  3. Mordant Jester

    Wouldn't it have been cool if...

    I kind of like how this scene was handled, being from a 3rd party point of view, witnessing a degraded Ned. You just get these sense that he was disoriented being in the black cells and being driven half mad. Then mustering strength to speak loudly while getting hit with rocks. So its well done that you kind of see him dying weakened and without his wits amongst a near riot for the most part. Just kind of sudden and primal.
  4. Mordant Jester

    Anyone else not interested in Jon's chapters?

    I feel like many of the chapters in first half of CoK is kind of Grind-Tastic (although I still really like the entry). A series of long journeys early on with the great ranging and Yoren's march. You have Tyrion setting up pieces for a long while, as well as the detail behind Shae and Tyrion's "relationship". A couple huge information-dump chapters on the Iron Islands. All the setting up the pins, as well as the back-stories sets everything up marvelously. Not a word is wasted
  5. Mordant Jester

    Favorite POV Character

    My favorite are the Eddard POVs. I love how impatient he is with everyone's games and wordplay. Just wants everything and everyone to be straight forward and to the point. That is kind of like myself. I chuckle at these moments " The question of who might win the tourney interested Eddard Stark not in the least." “He had no patience with this game they played, this dueling with words” "He had no taste for these intrigues, but he was beginning to realize that they were meat and mead to a man like Littlefinger" "He wishes he (Clever Lannister) were here now so he can wrankle the truth out of this damnable book" (something like that).