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  1. I think maybe the Tyrion chapter around where he learns that he actually had a girl who loved him, but his father cast her aside and humiliated them... followed by his family lying to him for most of his life about it. It pretty much leaves him with nothing
  2. I like them a lot. I will say though, if I would have read these live and had to wait for Feast, and then endure the wait for Dragons, I would have loathed Feast. If I have one complaint, It is Dance With Dragons' last 25%. So much Meereen content and political machinations. Also too much Wall/Jon for what was necessary. For the first time in the 5 books, I felt like there was too much/waste. The last Davos chapter was amazing and made me cheer out loud. Nothing after that and it was chapter 30 out of 73.
  3. I feel like many of the chapters in first half of CoK is kind of Grind-Tastic (although I still really like the entry). A series of long journeys early on with the great ranging and Yoren's march. You have Tyrion setting up pieces for a long while, as well as the detail behind Shae and Tyrion's "relationship". A couple huge information-dump chapters on the Iron Islands. All the setting up the pins, as well as the back-stories sets everything up marvelously. Not a word is wasted
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