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  1. Mordant Jester

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    I like them a lot. I will say though, if I would have read these live and had to wait for Feast, and then endure the wait for Dragons, I would have loathed Feast. If I have one complaint, It is Dance With Dragons' last 25%. So much Meereen content and political machinations. Also too much Wall/Jon for what was necessary. For the first time in the 5 books, I felt like there was too much/waste. The last Davos chapter was amazing and made me cheer out loud. Nothing after that and it was chapter 30 out of 73.
  2. Mordant Jester

    Was the Red Wedding inevitable?

    It was a series of mis-steps, and we also had some level of active collusion between Bolton/Frey/Lannister that would have doomed him. The Jayne marriage gave Walder Frey a pretext.... but I am also sure that once Robb lost Winterfell, Frey would be looking for an opening with the winning side. Allowing Theon to go was a mistake and ended up costing Winterfell which started the chain reaction. Bad idea marriage and executing the lord of Karhold also was to blame.
  3. without knowing the end-games of Stoneheart, Aegon, Connington, Belwas, Arienne, Darkstar, and Victarion.... (also what Illyrio's end game is). I'd say it was Vargo Hoat and the Bloody Mummers. I know they were generally supplanted by a band of Boltons... but I felt they really carried a lot of the ambient danger in what would have been seasons 2-4ish. It was an interesting and brutal collection of villains. We were also missing elements of Gregor's brutality as well. Biter and Rorge, while werent missing were essentially written out. The whole "weasel soup" twist with Arya/Jaqen and her 'wasting' her last assassination to speed along the inevitable turncloaking of the bloody mummers, freeing, Northern prisoners, and handing Harrenhall off to Roose Bolton (who was a very grey area 'good guy' at this point).... was a great thread.
  4. Mordant Jester

    Rank the seasons!

    Tough one 1. Season 4. Nailed it and Oberyn was terrific. 2. Season 3. Hit Storm of Swords well (along with Season 4). Red Wedding done fairly well. 4. Season 6. Battle of the Bastards was the Greatest Episode in TV ever, and the finale, perhaps the 2nd or 3rd best. 3. Season 5. Hardhome was great and a top 3 episode. The Dorne plot didnt affect me like it did others. High Sparrow 5. Season 1. Classic, although there is little "action" and takes 3-4 episodes to start rolling. Best adaptation of the books, which makes me want to rank it higher. 6. Season 2. Qarth was butchered. 7. Season 8. I didnt like the rush job. The two battle episodes were great. 8. Season 7. The conception of the idea and the poor execution of the mission beyond the wall (as well as the 'ease' of escape) were by far the lowest point in the series and was nearly a show-ruiner for me. That sequence is all I can think of while pondering Season 7
  5. Mordant Jester

    GRRM's (Brief) Thoughts on the Final Episode

    I thought he was talking about scarlet Johansson at first and i was confused
  6. Mordant Jester

    Is the quality of this season low?

    I do not think the quality is bad at all. Id actually call it excellent! However, I think the writing and progression became unfocused and hurried after surpassing the books, especially after season 6. GRRM does not leave a lot of holes (so far), other than something like "Hey! you said he had GREEN eyes 2,789 pages ago, now they are BLUE!" For example, Cersei's pregnancy. She was revealed as being pregnant. People traveled to and from the wall and winterfell, several times, time passed, battles waged.... and she still wasn't "showing" at all. Also, the lack of development into Dany's "mad king" transition, which became THE major plot point for the entire story. I also hated the ill-conceived mission of WALKING past the wall to capture a Wight amongst 100K+ of them. And walking without much equipment or anything. Then, comparing their fight in the most vulnerable of predicaments to the Night's Watch, fully equipped on the Fist of the First Men... it was a huge suspension of previous ground-rules established. And Jon just dumping Ghost. I do not think any of these are "show ruiners" or anything to get too twisted up about. The Dany thing could have greatly enhanced the story if handled right.
  7. Mordant Jester

    What happened to Ellaria??

    I would wager she is gone... However, I feel like we are going to see the end of Targaryens and the abolishing of the throne and a restoration of independent kingdoms. We have a ruler established for each one, except for Dorne. North - Sansa Vale - Robert/Robyn Reach - Bronn Riverlands - Edmure Stormlands - Gendry West/Rock - Tyrion Iron Islands - Asha/Yara Dorne - ???
  8. Mordant Jester

    Thank you GRRM for the forensic deconstruction of Dany

    This x1000000 I dont 'mind' that she went 'mad'. The show missed the opportunity to show any sort of internal conflict, or any sign she was not stable until Season 8, Episode 4 and 5. It would have made the story much, much stronger if we were rooting for Dany's 'Rhaegar' side to win out, along with wanting Cersei and the Night King out. Could have had a bad councilor who was increasingly proven correct every time Tyrion made an error... (they say Aerys started out good and it changed when Varys got involved). Could have made a great bottle episode with her as the general POV, sometime in the past few seasons. The moment that the Bells rang would have been a much more intense and heartbreaking climax. For her to just go from everyone's sweetheart and righteous queen, protector of the weak to a murdering despot, a 96 on a Targ crazy scale of 1-10... in the matter of an episode. Thats the hard part to swallow.
  9. Mordant Jester

    Why do some people have a problem with Sansa?

    I like the character in the books for the most part, because IMO she is a good character who rounds the story. IMO, in the show, she seems to have moved from the "I like songs" to being a stone cold ruler rather conveniently and efficiently. I get that she had been through a lot, but I don't think she has done anything to be worthy of being "the smartest person" Arya ever met. She is a bit insipid throughout the story. Even her big 'moment of glory' when the Vale showed up at the Battle of the Bastards wasnt a 'smart' move. She should have told Jon, who would have told her to send for them yesterday.... and would have built a battle plan around that knowledge, perhaps saving thousands of lives?
  10. Mordant Jester

    What was your personal GoT breaking point?

    Im not "broken", but I no longer consider the series 'canon', and I believe the books will be considerably different and not so sloppy (such as cersei's 2 year 'pregnancy'.) The time for me that was the lowest, was when all the best minds of the 7 Kingdoms were meeting at Dragonstone, and they decided that the best course of action was to take some of the most important leaders and go past the wall, walk into a bloodthirsty army of about 100K, kidnap one, then bring it to cersei, who had zero credibility (plus at this point had zero army or presented a near-term threat). Then these main characters walz through eastwatch, on foot, with no dragonglass or equipment and such. The next episode got worse with an "avengers" style comedy as they were walking. Then they were caught and were able to fight/hold off thousands and thousands of wights, while we have the fist of the first men, which was 200 trained soldiers (sort of), well equipped in a strong defensible position, slaughtered. Those 2 episodes nearly bucked me off. Just a lot of "rushed" things now in the past few seasons. Sansa's whole transition from "I like songs" to some kind of stone cold leader seems hastily done. It feels like the whole white walker threat was resolved "easily" and quickly at the first battle with men (which we have been told all along that this thing is much bigger than titles, lords, etc). Little things like the fact that Cesei/Euron suddenly have like 100 of those scorpion things that pivot and have impeccable accuracy, while being mounted on a stealth fleet of ships. I dont hate the show at all. Still gripped by it, and anything connected to these characters... but it is a definite split from the books.
  11. Mordant Jester

    Best/Worst POV Storylines in Each Book

    I agree with this. Also add Barristan into the list. And somewhat Jon Connington/Victarion. As a whole, they had a few good chapters, but for the most part it was a slog The whole Meereen thing unnecessarily weighed down A Dance with Dragons. It all seemed cumbersome and unnecessary. Deep-diving into the politics of the Slavers' Bay cities, and Eastern Essos is rather uninteresting. Lots of Ghiscari and Yunkish names, ins and outs of various mercenary companies and their leaders.... all the travel to get there from 3-4 POVs. Too much. Hopefully this thing gets wrapped up in the first 100 pages of WoW.
  12. Mordant Jester

    Robert's Kingsguard

    Can we think of any candidates from the source material? Lyn Corbray? I dont know. They switched allegiances during the rebellion I think? Maybe that would be a disqualification. It seems like Robert wouldnt want to bother much with the choices, and he would also be like "I dont need protection!"
  13. Mordant Jester

    POLL: Will you continue to read the books if _________

    Was a ned fan. Then loved renly Now gained an attachment to stannis, but i dont see any way he makes it much longer. I dont mind losing a character as long as it makes sense in pushing the story. In ned's case, obviously. Renly was pretty much unstoppable at that point and he could have sacked kings landing, we would get 5 books describing his jolly and uneventful reign. I dont think its an exciting conclusion of the series when stannis sits the throne and rules with a stiff and unwavering hand of justice, with the final paragraph of dream of spring describing him shutting down brothels. And stannis will either get there, or die. His entire 'iron' narrative points that way... unless, maybe he sees dany as the rightful heir, and being a stickler for the rules, bends the knee?
  14. Mordant Jester

    Characters who deserve to DIE

    He is/was the King, and in open rebellion against a King that many/most held as the legitimate claimant. Every decision is perilous and death is always at hand, especially in Westeros and especially while participating in something called the "War of Five Kings". There were a few glaring errors that cost him friends and exposed his rule. The Frey wedding vow (for someone who provided little in way of clout in the way of political, financial, or levies, Beheading a major Northern lord, and sending Theon back to his daddy are among the unforced mistakes. A nice assist to his mother for going rogue and releasing Jaime Lannister. It stunk that the King in the North was snuffed out like that. It made it more tragic that it was pretty preventable in the build up. It also leads to endless 'what if' thoughts that will never be answered. I havent been here much/long, but Im sure this conversation has been held countless times, lol. But, as I said, the method the assassination was executed is a low-blow and flies in the face of what little gentlemanly order exists in the seven Kingdoms.
  15. Mordant Jester

    Characters who deserve to DIE

    I agree Robb had an assassination coming to him... Wedding Jayne Westerling and breaking that vow was a fatal error and terrible judgement, and he should have also figured out a way to placate Rickard Karstark, even prior to the murder of Tion and Willem. But IMO, violating guest rights is the westeros version of deploying WMDs and violating the Geneva convention. Absolute no-no.