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  1. honorable men

    What 'dead ends' are most likely

    THERE are a lot of plot threads left open, I mean Holy sh, I doubt we get any form of closure in those. But anyways, Which 'dead ends' are the most expected in your eyes. Religion, Magic, History & Motives are mine
  2. honorable men

    Does GRRM hate heroism or avoid it? (Jon and Quentyn comparison)

    Both sides are destroying the world. How can we stop self destructing?
  3. honorable men

    Does GRRM hate heroism or avoid it? (Jon and Quentyn comparison)

    Everyone is a hero of their own story
  4. honorable men


    What are your predictions on whats going to happen next ? storywise
  5. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh Why the rush to marry quickly? Besides there's like 25+ midlevel houses with suitable wives. Everyone has a daughter to offer to marry to a King. And every potential suitor will want to be a Queen. Lastely Southern Ambitions is OVER. The safest route to go is midlevel or a small respectable house. To avoid a potential takeover. You guys act like there's no other characters...
  6. honorable men

    Why do you all love Sansa Stark?

    Why do all love Sansa Stark she's just a little girl?
  7. He pits his daughter (and heir) against Quentyn more than once. They are both sent to dangerous War Zones without proper precautions & preparations. Most importantly, he failed to communicate properly with his kids. He sends the most bloodthirsty sand snake to take the Martell seat on the counsel. He sends the oldest after Dark Stark with Aero and Balon Swann (he clearly didnt attack Myrcella). I just don't think the solution to Westeros problems is Dornish Law imo. Clearly Doran is playing the game of thrones but sometimes I wonder, what winning truly looks like at this stage to Doran. Until further material is release.
  8. Why would the fiscally savvy Iron Bank offer so much debt to regime that does not have the tax revenues to remotely have the ability to pay its debts? In the real world, a lot of leaders are aware that the USA looks like it will have trouble paying back all its debt anything soon, but the USA has no trouble getting credit. The reason is three fold. One is that US government can always print more money to pay its debt. Two is that because of steady rate of inflation built into our economy by the Federal Reserve to lubricate the financial system, no matter how big the debt gets, as long as we pay the interest eventually the debt will become worthless. Three most of those people who buy bonds are just acting as intermediaries. They are banks and funds that manage people and business savings. These people don't really want a lot of interest income, they just want to park their savings someplace safe until they need to spend it. So these intermediaries are basically borrowing the money at 0% interest and as long as the US government pays something more than 0% they make a profit. However none of these fundamentals are true in Westeros, yet the Iron Bank kept lending them money. And these savvy bankers are clearly aware that if one regime can pay them back with tax revenue any replacement they come up with can't either. How are they going to get paid? Westeros is feudal system. That means that ultimately all the land belongs to the king. If a king can prove that a particular noble was disloyal he can seize that noble's lands without the other nobles reacting. And that is why backing claimants is a viable strategy. A civil war is a great way to prove that a lot people were disloyal. The new king can repay the Iron Bank with the seized property of the losers.
  9. Then let the streets run red
  10. Tyrion is heir to the Kingdom of the Westerlands with Sansa as his wife. Since the Lannisters sh!t gold, they should reimburse all the damages. ALL. Kevan's youngest daughter will wed Rickon or Bran, heir to Winterfell. Lannisters should help retake the North from what remains of Ironborn and the Boltons. Blackfish will wed a suitable Lannister bride. Oh and Riverrun will go back the Tullys: Edmure. I perfer the Blackfish but whatever. Since Lancel decided to go all religious. The Darry lands should go to the bastard of Darry and be legitimized. Since neither Darry women can remarry and produce DARRY heirs. And no more Lannister Land grabs: Rosby, hayford etc. To ensure no more butt hurt feelings, all the kids that would've been born out of this marriage, should find a way to marry each other. Also Roose & Ramsay will be executed and the their lands be giving to Jeyne Poole. Massive Frey Trial Hearings will be held. Those responsible for the Red Wedding will be executed. Freys should be lucky that their castle isn't going to be revoked. Harrion Karstark will get Karhold. Sorry Alys. Capiche?
  11. If you're fighting in Westeros, you should've stick with the Seven. If you're fighting in the North, you should stick with Old Gods. Regardless if you're a atheist. Its true, converting religions will bring more loyal & devout followers. Richard Horpe Clayton Suggs, Corliss Penny, Godry Farring, Malegorn of Redpool, Justin Massey (lolol?), Patrek of Kings Mountain, Narbet Grandison, Perkin Follard. etc So what do you think, Will Mel deliver? Did converting to Rhllor help Stannis' cause? Even though he's the rightful King?
  12. You're the 12th male in line, you have to represent your House, Tourneys/Melees/Jousting ain't cutting it. Its either joining a sellsword company or being foster off in a war torn area. Waiting for another blackfrye rebellion... Or hanging out in the dornish marches. Why don't lords assemble some kinda Temporary Army Service on the wall, clearing out the stepstones, traveling with vulnerable cargo, Slapping the Ironborn reavers on neighboring shores etc... Some Food for thought. Master-At-Arms is good and all but scars prove you're a bad ass.
  13. honorable men


    A lot of houses from Stonish Dornish area, The Dornish Marchers Selmy, Caron, Dondarrion. Houses around the Gods Eye. Crackclaw Point. Blackwater Bay...
  14. honorable men


    please let one of them be House Royce
  15. honorable men

    How come there are no slave revolts in the Free Cities?

    Do you mean the army slaves or regular slaves like whores If you thinking about army slaves, its brewing in Volantis