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    The House of the Undying

    I disagree with a number of things you wrote, but this most of all. The Undying are trying to imprison her and drain her of her essence/magic capacity so they can continue to "live" as it were. There are a lot of takes on the prophecy, but this is just a recital of known aliases. Or is it? Child of Three - She has a vision of Rhaegar as she moves through the House of the Undying. Rhaegar had two children already. She could be the third child of Rhaegar, completing the "three" that he was going for. This also explains the need to go for Lyanna as Elia was incapable of bearing another child for Rhaegar. So she's the third head of the dragon. Child of Storm is a nickname they invented, likely on the basis of the lies her Vis told. Stormborn likely refers to her being bastard born. We have no evidence she was born on Dragonstone. In fact, it is very likely she was born at the Tower Joy as Queen Rhaella had a great number of stillbirths, miscarriages, and children dying in infancy between Rhaegar and Vis. The name Stormborn makes more sense if Vis later legitimized her and made up the lies about her birth. It also explains why he looks down on her as he knows she isn't a true born child. Recall that in the Dunk and Egg story, The Sworn Sword Egg has some really negative opinions of bastards, when conversation about Bloodraven comes up. Egg declares that his father should have been the Hand, not some bastard-born sorcerer. Dunk reminds him that Bloodraven was washed clean of bastardy by his father King Aegon the Unworthy, but Egg retorts that all bastards are born to betrayal. This attitude was given to him by the High Septon who told Egg that true children are made in a marriage bed with love, while bastards are made out of lust and thus are prone to more base actions than higher ideas. This explains Vis crap behavior towards her, as well as the lies we know he has told her about her past.
  2. Good points! Gared may have left the door open, so to speak.
  3. I had considered these exact notions before I came to my conclusion. Here were my thoughts on the matter. First Direwolves in the North (Including the Gift) are apex predators. They have no competition. IF they were present, there should be packs of them roving the North. Someone would have seen one, or signs of the beasts. Keep in mind they grow to be massive in size. Additionally as apex predators, they should be flourishing! We have yet to see any wild animals in the North that would be able to compete against them. This means they wouldn't remain isolated to one set area. Packs would multiply and spread out to other areas in order to survive. This means someone again would have seen signs of them, if not the packs themselves. Additionally, they aren't timid creatures. Wolves by nature are territorial. So if present, the packs would be wiping out other game. Hunters, trappers as well as members of the mountain clans would all be fully aware of the animals activity. Yet nothing ever gets mentioned. Last but not least, where was the male direwolf? If the she wolf was with pups, than a male had to sire them. As wolves aren't solitary creatures, a male should have been in the area. Hell, it would have FEASTED upon the stag that killed the she wolf. Actually it wouldn't just have been the male and female, it would have been an entire pack. Even if we assume that some of the direwolves integrated with the normal wolf packs, like Nymeria. We still should have seen some sort of greater sized wolves overall. Yet nobody indicates that the wolves in the North are any greater than the wolves anywhere else. So I think it safe to say that Theon had the right of it. Direwolves were not present in the North until the she wolf the Stark's found.
  4. I think this was a move by GRRM to prevent simple solutions. That Winterfell has a library and Tyrion notes they have a lot of rare texts indicates that some Stark along the way was very serious about obtaining and collecting recorded knowledge. This also would seem to indicate that House Stark has been really diligent about keeping records. If any of those Kings of Winter kept journals or any sort of chronicle on their experiences, it would be a far easier thing for Bran to just simply go and look up what was happening to him in the Library instead of having to introduce the Reeds to the tale. Torching the library cuts off that opportunity for Bran to puzzle out what is happening through research. These notions aren't unheard of in the story or in History. Rhaegar was reportedly very interested in old scrolls and books revolving his obsession with prophecy. Additionally in our own world plenty of great leaders in history kept journals of their thoughts and experiences. Modern day it is for memoirs, but even in ancient times this occurred. The book entitled "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius is a prime example of this. With all the collected knowledge lost, Bran (and the rest of the Starks) have to puzzle out being a warg on their own with no ancestral guidance.
  5. That doesn't make any sense. Bloodraven should WANT the Baratheons dead. I'd be more inclined to think that Bloodraven somehow warged the boar that killed Robert. Additionally if it was Bran, wouldn't he have, ya know stopped himself from becoming a cripple? Maybe a warning about not climbing the broken tower.
  6. But there is a ton of evidence to indicate the Starks of old were wargs. They did defeat the "Warg King" and married his daughters. Additionally they have a tradition of being entombed with a direwolf statue. Likely the direwolf the Stark lived out it's second life. Also there is the paranoia about the spirits in the crypts. Specifically they toss an iron sword on the crypt to keep the vengeful spirit in. Someone killed might wish to warg into someone else and claim revenge. Possession of another person is possible. We see this with Bran and Sixskins also attempts it as well. As indicated before, the Starks likely need a direwolf in order for their Warg powers to manifest. Hence why they have the statues, the sigils and why GRRM needed to burn the tower library at Winterfell. After all if Bran can just go look up what is happening to him in a book, it won't make for a really great read as a good part of the mystery will be solved quickly.
  7. The notion that the Old Gods sent the Starks the direwolves doesn't make any sense. Think back to the first direwolf we see in the series. It is the mother wolf that was killed by the stag in the wolfswood that Robb and Jon find after the execution of the deserter from the Watch. Theon indicates that direwolves haven't been seen in the area for over a hundred years. This seems like an accurate claim as direwolves would be apex predators in that environment. Additionally Benjen notes that they still have direwolves beyond the wall when he chats with drunk Jon at the feast for Robert in Winterfell. So I'm accepting that notion as fact. So the question is how did that first direwolf get past the Wall? Climbing is definitely not an option. Tunneling underneath seems unlikely as does the direwolf running the length of the wall and swimming around. This only leaves the option of it passing through. Likely via a gate, or the secret gate that Bran travels through when he heads north. We know the servants of the Old Gods are unable to pass due to the magics in the wall. Hence why Coldhands had to wait on the other side, instead of going with Sam and Gilly. But Benjen could have opened the gate. Keeping in mind he was First Ranger, his familiarity with the crumbling locations and passages is probably pretty good. Likely Benjen found the wolf beyond the wall and started forming his warg bond with it. We don't see Starks developing warg abilities unless it is with a direwolf initially. Sansa hasn't developed any abilites as she lost her direwolf. So Benjen must have been a warg on some level. Likely when he realized his direwolf was with a litter, he let it through the wall and into the wolfswood where it would be an apex predator. (No competition means it can birth a healthy litter and likely the pups would be OK.) Benjen goes back North and doesn't show back up until the feast for Robert, where he bumps into Jon and recognizes Ghost as a direwolf. If you look at all the direwolves, they seem to react directly to the emotions/mindset of the warg/companion Stark. IE Nymeria attacks Joff when Arya is fighting him. Robb greets Tyrion with hostility when Tyrion is traveling south from the Wall, and Greywind reacts hostile upon entry to the hall. Ghost acts exactly the same way, he even attacks Tyrion on the road up to the Wall when Tyrion upsets Jon. However, once Jon has the 'vision' of Benjen laying dead/bleeding out in the snow beyond the wall, Ghost starts acting a lot different. First he goes against his natural animal instincts on a few occasions. Typically they (animals) flee the wights and others, Ghost leads them to a couple of wights when Jon and Sam take their oaths at the tree beyond the wall. Later when Chet tries to get the dogs to take scent they refuse. When Sam first arrives, and is crying after the first day of training. Jon doesn't know what to do, but Ghost shows almost human level of empathy and compassion and gets Sam to stop crying. Ghost also makes noise to alert Jon's friends when Jon is planning on deserting the Watch. This is the exact opposite of what his warg wanted. When Jon and the Half-hand are in the cave and recite their vows, Ghost remains quiet and almost seems to be joining in on the oath. Also most of Ghosts attacks are leaping attacks. He leaps at Tyrion, the wight that attacks Lord Commander Mormont. Yet in Jon's fight with the half hand, Ghost is behind the Half Hand and opts to gnaw at his calf. He easily could have taken the Half Hand down from behind, but he didn't so Jon could get the kill. Effectively selling it to the wildlings. Ghost also is seen calmly looking up at the stars just prior to Jon telling him he has to make his way back to Castle Black. Navigation by stars is something the first ranger of the watch would be well aware of how to do. I'm sure there are at least a dozen other instances of Ghost acting more human than direwolf, but they escape me at the moment.
  8. ShaggydogVOK

    9 Kingdoms instead of 7

    I think it will be one unified kingdom.. Well, whatever is left of it will be unified.
  9. ShaggydogVOK

    Question about the Red Wedidng

    Likely they wanted Robb to go and take part to see what he missed out on by being wed to J. Westerling. Robb doesn't join in, and hence why Cat thinks it is an insult to his daughter. Another prime example of the King in the North thinking he is too good for the Freys. Likely him going would have only delayed the time the slaughter started. Once he was back they would have started the killing. They might have even had cleaner shots if Robb led the way back to the hall.
  10. ShaggydogVOK

    Why did nobody try to curb Joffrey?

    Well in this case, without actual nurturing Joff was left to his more base nature and tendencies to take over.
  11. Because they didn't send them. Brandon brought his wolf through to wall to birth it's pups in the Wolfswood. Later on when Brandon is killed, he moves his second life into Ghost. This is why Ghost acts differently than other direwolves.
  12. ShaggydogVOK

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. Likely she took her big pile of money and relocated. 2. Lyanna Stark 3. I think it's a consortium and not one person. 4. Ashara Dayne 5. A descendant of the House Blackfyre who has been raised to believe he is Rhaegar's child. 6. Big Walder or someone really loyal to Ramsay. 7. Mance 8. Nobody important. Some nameless minor character from the past that is only relevant now as Coldhands 9. I think it was Hullin son of Harwin. 10. Jon
  13. ShaggydogVOK

    Robb Stark

    Robb is 14 at the beginning of ASOIAF. He isn't even considered to be a man at that point as he doesn't carry a blade. He starts later on, once he assumes the role of Lord of Winterfell. Additionally any betrothal has to be of strategic importance. Ned's marriage to Cat might be muddying up that notion. First, if you look at the family tree in the World of Ice and Fire, you will notice the Stark's have often married with other Northern houses. Thus helping to secure their hold over the north and foster loyalty. Cat however, being from the Riverlands, and daughter of Hoster Tully likely would want a union with a greater house such as House Martel or House Tyrell. In the chapter where Robb returns with Jayne Westerling she wishes to herself that if Robb had to get married for love it would have been far better if it was to Margaery Tyrell. Highgarden would have brought a lot more wealth and a far stronger alliance than House Westerling or some Northern House. So while there was nothing set into motion, it is clear that it was on Cat's mind at some point.
  14. ShaggydogVOK

    Why did nobody try to curb Joffrey?

    I don't think parenting is as much a factor as others seem to. After all most highborn characters don't seem to be raised by their own parents. Septa Mordane is charged with raising Arya and Sansa, and Maester Luwin seems to take a large role in the upbringing of Bran and Rickon. (Given circumstances of the times may have impacted this.) Additionally we should consider how frequently children are sent out as wards. Jon Arryn was considering fostering his son out to Stannis, Theon is raised in Winterfell from age of 8 and onward. Ned and Robert were both raised in the Eyrie. Theon being the only one who was technically a hostage. Now Joff does have a strikingly different situation than any of those other wards. He is the crowned prince and heir to the Iron Throne. Warding him out to any house would show a significant level of favor. It would also give the hosting house a significant level of leverage over the royal family. So really this ins't an option for them. Otherwise Joff could have been warded to Stannis, Renly or Tywin. Raising Joff at the Red Keep is really the only option. Keeping in mind King Robert dies before his time. Time that could have been used to guide Joff down a better path. Once Robert dies, Likely the expectation was that he would be managed by a number of 'handlers' such as Queen Cersei, Varys and members of the small council. We see this happening a bit when Tyrion shows up, and it happens once Tywin returns from the field to resume his duties as Hand of the King. Likely the members of House Tyrell also likely thought they could manipulate Joff via Margaery Tyrell. Lastly Cersei and Robert likely were too distracted by other things. Robert was drinking and whoring, and Cersei likely was dealing with some of the political plots and schemes going on in court. Regardless of people's opinion of her, when Bran over hears her and Jaime talking in the broken tower, she is spot on in regards to the political situation and how things are unfolding. My guess is that Cersei was too busy attempting to use influence in order to maintain and secure her and her children's futures.