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  1. Do people know what a Price is as we know it today? Can you say the price of 'something' is 8 pennies, if you pay 7 it is not accepted and if you pay 9 you will get a change of one penny exactly. There are many places where a pot of gold and a fist full of coppers is used as a unit of currency. Can the characters know how to calculate profit margin as we know it today? Even among the smart nobility, say Tyrion or Tywin. Take the decision to enact the dwarf's penny tax scheme, which couldn't possibly generate more than a few dozen dragons per day. From what I understood all transactions look like bartering even when currency is exchanged. it is kind of "you gave me some coin take this item" not like "wait a minute I spent this much for this and that, you must at least pay me a certain amount for me to make a profit".
  2. How do merchants like illyrio and xaro xhoan daxos operate long distance trades with places they have never been to without being cheated by their ship captains. How does any of it work?
  3. Widow's Wail

    Sansa marries Lancel not Tyrion

    Lancel did not choose the life of a religious man just because he was dying. It took a lot more than that. At Lord Tywin's funeral, he was still clinging to his worldly aspirations and being disappointed by his prospects. [...] But Lancel lingered, the very picture of a man with one foot in the grave. But is he climbing in or climbing out? Cersei forced herself to smile. “Lancel, I am happy to see you looking so much stronger. Maester Ballabar brought us such dire reports, we feared for your life. But I would have thought you on your way to Darry by now, to take up your lordship.” Her father had made Lancel a lord after the Battle of the Blackwater, as a sop to his brother Kevan. “Not as yet. There are outlaws in my castle.” Her cousin’s voice was as wispy as the mustache on his upper lip. Though his hair had gone white, his mustache fuzz remained a sandy color. Cersei had often gazed up at it while the boy was inside her, pumping dutifully away. It looks like a smudge of dirt on his lip. She used to threaten to scrub it off with a little spit. “The riverlands have need of a strong hand, my father says.” A pity that they’re getting yours, she wanted to say. Instead she smiled. “And you are to be wed as well.” A gloomy look passed across the young knight’s ravaged face. “A Frey girl, and not of my choosing. She is not even maiden. A widow, of Darry blood. My father says that will help me with the peasants, but the peasants are all dead.” He reached for her hand. “It is cruel, Cersei. Your Grace knows that I love—” “—House Lannister,” she finished for him. “No one can doubt that, Lancel. May your wife give you strong sons.” Best not let her lord grandfather host the wedding, though. “I know you will do many noble deeds in Darry.” Lancel nodded, plainly miserable. “When it seemed that I might die, my father brought the High Septon to pray for me. He is a good man.” Her cousin’s eyes were wet and shiny, a child’s eyes in an old man’s face. “He says the Mother spared me for some holy purpose, so I might atone for my sins.” Cersei wondered how he intended to atone for her. [...] “Atonement is best achieved through prayer,” Cersei told him. “Silent prayer.” She left him to think about that [...] A Feast for Crows - Cersei II Sansa is a hottie with a golden heart. He might not have been so willing to give her up. yet again, that marriage wouldn't have been consummated either as Lancel was indisposed until Joffrey's wedding and Sansa disappeared during. In the end, nothing changes for Lancel, Tyrion, or Sansa. She is good at this, he thought, as he watched her tell Lord Gyles that his cough was sounding better, compliment Elinor Tyrell on her gown, and question Jalabhar Xho about wedding customs in the Summer Isles. His cousin Ser Lancel had been brought down by Ser Kevan, the first time he’d left his sickbed since the battle. He looks ghastly. Lancel’s hair had turned white and brittle, and he was thin as a stick. Without his father beside him holding him up, he would surely have collapsed. Yet when Sansa praised his valor and said how good it was to see him getting strong again, both Lancel and Ser Kevan beamed. She would have made Joffrey a good queen and a better wife if he’d had the sense to love her. He wondered if his nephew was capable of loving anyone. A Storm of Swords - Tyrion VIII