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  1. wvchemteach

    What was the purpose of Jon Snow?

    I don't think Sansa is too broken up over Jon being gone. She seemed quite disappointed that he survived the Battle of the Bastards and had no problem starting the cycle of events that very likely could have ended in him being burned to death by telling Tyrion about Jon's parentage.
  2. wvchemteach

    What was the purpose of Jon Snow?

    Actually other than stabbing Dany he was brushed to the side more or less since the end of Season 6. Nothing about his character arc ever paid off.
  3. wvchemteach

    Did the writers confirm Jon’s ending?

    All you have to do is look at the facial expressions of Sansa (Sophie Turner) when the Vale rides in during Battle of the Bastards. She's got a smug look of contentment when the Vale smashes into the Bolton forces, but then she sees Jon squirting from the scrum and the look of satisfaction vanishes to one resembling disbelief. I am of the opinion that Sansa would have been perfectly content had Jon died as well as Rickon during the battle, leaving her the de facto Stark in Winterfell. Combine that with her later revealing Jon's heritage to Tyrion she's again putting Jon in danger. She has to know that if word of his heritage gets out that Daenerys or one of her supporters would end up trying to kill Jon. The only thing I never understood was why somehow between the end of Season 7 and Season 8 Arya no longer gave Jon the benefit of the doubt and became a devout follower of Sansa.
  4. wvchemteach

    Jon and Val

    The mutiny at Castle Black was for a host of reasons, but ultimately the reason Marsh and the others acted was to stop the Great Ranging to Hardhome, fearful of losing a large percentage of the remaining manpower in the Watch along with Jon's cooperation with Wildlings and Stannis. Jon foolishly announcing his intentions in the Shield Hall merely gave the conspirators a convenient excuse.
  5. wvchemteach

    J=E+Fisherman’s Daughter

    The best explanation I ever heard for this story is given by those who think Ashara Dayne is Jon's mother. They think the "fisherman's daughter" was Ashara in disguise.
  6. wvchemteach

    Your biggest what if?

    What if Ned had made some other provision for Jon Snow instead of leaving him to end up joining the Night's Watch? Ned could have fostered Jon with just about any of his bannermen and had he fostered with House Tallhart, House Manderly, or House Ryswell could have possibly earned a knighthood and chose a new name. Ned also had loads of contacts in the Vale, perhaps House Royce or Redfort would have taken Jon on? The point is, Ned made no provision for Jon. Although to be honest it seems he gave little thought to the future for any of his children.
  7. wvchemteach

    Jon and Val

    While I would prefer Jon ending up with Val in the books I have a feeling that Val will most likely end up being another Ygitte for Jon.
  8. wvchemteach

    If there was season 9...

    Western Coast... these are Ironborn raiders, not Wildlings.
  9. wvchemteach

    If there was season 9...

    You follow Drogon, carrying Daenery's body to the ruins of Valyria. He lands where Quaithe is waiting. Quaithe performs a ritual and Daenerys gasps back to life. Then a small council meeting where it is reported that Dorne has once again demanded their independence, also it appears the Crown's finances are a mess with Bronn being completely incompetent as Master of Coin and as a result more and more complaints are arriving from across the 6 Kingdoms. Then cut to Winterfell and Sansa receiving reports that the raiders have again raided the western coast and there are many murmuring that this wouldn't be happening if Jon Snow was still ruling in the North. Then cut to the Wall, where Castle Black is minimally staffed. Jon Snow going through correspondence, before he's interrupted by a knock, the door opens and a beautiful woman of the Free Folk, her stomach slightly swollen in pregnancy, and Ghost at her heels. She informs Jon that Tormund has arrived with some news from the True North. Jon smiles, puts away his correspondence gives the woman a kiss before escorting her out, Ghost trailing behind. Then a slow pan from the Wall deep into the Lands of Always Winter where the Night King turned Craster's Son. Within the stones a White Walker, the size of a 5 or 6 year old sits on the alter deep in concentration, his eyes open and he smiles. Then the scene cuts to Bran sitting in his chair in King's Landing, his eyes white before they return and his smile matches that of the White Walker.
  10. Showrunners stated someone tipped Euron and Cersei off to Daenery's travel plans which allowed them to set up the ambush at Dragonstone. It's possible it was Varys except he doesn't know about Jon at that point. Could just be the random spies that Qyburn was employing that told him the Wall fell... or it could have been someone that had nothing to lose and everything to gain if both Daenerys and Jon end up dead in the South.
  11. wvchemteach

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    Given that I'm pretty sure Sansa hoped Jon would die during the Battle of the Bastards and did not seem to concerned about his well-being when she lobbed the bomb of his heritage to Tyrion to spread around I don't think Sansa would have been the slightest bit upset of Jon died. I think the only reason she's pleased about the Night's Watch is that it prevents him from making any claim.
  12. wvchemteach

    Arya the Explorer

    Book!Arya would never want to live a life where she doesn't see her favorite brother again. Show!Arya, however, seems to have chosen a new favorite sibling after she and Sansa outmaneuvered and killed Littlefinger at the end of Season 7. Given how Sansa's manipulations led to so many deaths maybe show!Arya found a kindred murdering spirit in her older sister throughout Season 8.
  13. wvchemteach

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    What Jon wanted at the beginning of the show more than anything was the opportunity to prove himself worthy as Eddard Stark's son. It was something unfortunately that was not possible in the 7 Kingdoms with he stigma of his bastardly which was why he went to the Night's Watch. It was the only institution where he had a remote chance of getting by on his ability rather than being held back by his name. Of course when he got to the Wall he found that 1) the Watch wasn't all that honorable and 2) not everyone advanced due to ability (for example Waymar being in command of the ranging where he died even though he'd been at the Wall less than a full year.) What Jon wanted more than anything was to be a Stark and to be truly part of the family. The reality is that even if Val had been waiting for him at the Wall he was never going to be a Stark or truly part of the family. Between Sansa's machinations and him having to do the right thing to save the world it guaranteed that he would never be a Stark of Winterfell... which means Jon never gets his true desire, but instead has to settle.
  14. wvchemteach

    Arya the Explorer

    The problem with Arya the entire Season 8 is that once they decided to Have her steal Jon's story arc and kill the Night King Give up on her story arc and finish off Cersei. They had no idea what to do with her... I would have found her ending more believable if she would have bonded with someone who actually knew how to sail a ship. Personally, I had saw her, becoming sort of a traveling hedge knight type much like Set Duncan the Tall from Dunk and Egg
  15. wvchemteach

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    I think I could have overall accepted Jon's ending had It had been him to come up with the idea to go to the Wall That the Night's Watch had been changed to adapt to the new age... allow the men to have families, etc. Had the character of Val been in the show and also been waiting for Jon at the Wall.