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    Fave moment in AFFC?

    So many! This book turned out to be really great and compelling. Definitely didn't miss Bran and Jon (so freaking boring) -CERSEI in general. For me it was actually a re-read of her chapters, but oh my how great they are. She's just one evil and tricky bitch. Even Margaery with all her courtesy (or hypocrisy?) eventually becomes fed up with her antics and starts showing her true feelings towards her. -DORNE in general. How exquisite! Although I'm not really fond of Arianne, she seems like too much of a brat to me (her cousins, on the other hand, are the real thing). More chapters could have been added, too. The queenmaker crusade-to-be was epic. -The Ironborn, I thought I might hate them but they turned out to be really interesting in fact. I can't stand Aeron though, what a twat. The invasion of the Shield Islands (and The Reach campaign in general) and its repercussion in Cersei's arc as well in Westeros felt like masterful writing. It was a bold move that affected everyone. Honorable mentions: Sansa's final chapter with the reveal of Lf's true plan. Although, more could have been added to her story to be honest. Oldtown, seemed like a very cool setting, I was picturing it like one of those fantasy genre's cities with all the magic and mysteries going on around. Samwell becoming more comfortable in his own skin, he goes from crying all the time about the possibility of meeting again his father to talking down with confidence his childhood's bully. Didn't really care about Arya. Honestly it feels like she hasn't done -anything- since Harrenhal and weasel soup. Brienne had some cool moments I guess? How much does this woman need to suffer for being ugly, though? In summary: Cersei, Dorne and The Reach campaign. Yes, those were my fave moments.
  2. Paramo

    Did Tyrion have feelings for Sansa?

    Tyrio has low self-esteem and insecurities shaped up by years of abuse from almost everybody. To be honest, even if he were to get someone "whole" he would never truly appreciate that woman because deep inside he'll always think he doesn't deserve her (see how he was always doubtful about Shae's feelings) - That's why he appreciates Sansa, she's so broken (no family thus no credibility in a world like Westeros) beyond repair that he resonates with her and wants to protect her, keep her all by himself.
  3. Paramo

    Anyone else not interested in Jon's chapters?

    I have to force myself through them, to be honest. The Wall and everything that has to do with it is just... Ugh.
  4. Paramo

    Renly Gay?

    It was very, very low-key. Which is weird to be honest? We catch a glimpse of Renly's last moments with Catelyn, and she who flinchs at almost every little thing of the world doesn't alarm nor comment on the obvious preference he has for Lora's company instead of... Anyone's... Nor at Stannis's "In your bed she's like to die that way" (a maid). She gladly spent an awful chunk of time rambling and rambling about how ugly and stupid Brienne was, though.
  5. Paramo

    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    Same here, I binge-watched the entire TV series by this time last year and have re-watched several episodes ever since. As everyone, I noticed how weird the show got from season 5 upwards although I didn't dwell into it that much. Cersei became pretty much my favorite character, even so before I started watching the show as a whole just by looking at clips of her. And so I looked at her ADwD POV chapters just to know what was going through her mind during the walk, and then I couldn't get enough of her so I looked at her AFfC chapters as well: exquisite, hilarious, scary, infuriating, bold and MUCH more all at once. I was shook, still am, and couldn't help but notice how wholesome everything is compared to the show. Everything that happens has a reason and isn't just there as a plot device. I looked for reviews on her chapters and some youtuber mentioned The Fandomentals and how Cersei (née: Carol/Cheryl) is a central point of discussion for them, I went there and read a lot of articles from them and realized how pointless/dumb the majority of the show is. After all that, is that I started to read the books proper. Currently, I'm more than a half in ACoK.