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  1. I think Rhaegar promised Lyanna to marry her. She wanted to escape her marriage to Robert, and by marrying the crown prince she can be sure her father will never be able to make her marry Robert. I don't think it's a coincidence that they met not far from Harrenhal - near the Isle of Faces, which is full of weirwoods (and thus Lyanna can get married Northern-style). As for Rhaegar, I don't think he particularly cared whether Lyanna is a lawful wife or not, he just wanted a third head, base or true - legitimization, if necessary, can come later. As for Elia, I think Lyanna probably thought that becoming Rhaegar's second wife would be the best case scenario for all; she doesn't marry Robert, and Elia remains Rhaegar's wife (just not the only one). Lyanna probably thought that afterwards, Rhaegar would take her to court to be a crown princess, furture queen, mother of princes, with a father who can't do much about it, no matter how furious, safe from Robert. Instead, she spend the last year of her life completely isolated, far away from home and family, dying at sixteen to bring forth a baby whose parentage posed a danger to him.
  2. Alyssa of House Arryn

    The Shivers

    Eh, not everything has a equivalent in the real world. Like seasons last years, diseases are even more deadly. Nobody seems to think there's a supernatural element in the Shivers, winter fever or Great Spring Sickness, so I think that this is simply how the Known World is (or just Westeros - but the Red Death in Sothoryos is equally horrifying). Targaryens are not immune to diseases, no more than they are fire-proof. Maybe they have better resistance, but are not untouchable. That's why Daenerys never gets sick - she's got some sort of immunity, plus plain luck. But some of them got sick, and most of them died because of diseases and sicknesses. Case in point: King Aenys I died of some bowel disease. Princess Daenerys died of the Shivers. Princess Alyssa died of childbed fever. Princess Maegelle died of greyscale. King Aegon III died of consumption. King Daeron II died of the Great Spring Sickness. Prince Daeron died of some pox he got from a whore. And that's just a sample of the Targaryens who got sick and died. Alysanne, Naerys, Daella, Valarr, Matarys, Jaehaerys II, Rhaella, Maekar, Aerys I, maybe Viserys II, all got sick (and mostly died) as well.
  3. Alyssa of House Arryn

    [SPOILERS] The Regency of Aegon III

    The regency is probably the best part of the book - Aegon's Conquest was already known, the chapters about his reign too sort to draw any conclusions of the characters hadn't had already, the Maegor & Aenys chapter was... good, but not exceptional, the chapters of Jaehaerys and Alysanne, though fun to read, are tiring after too much 'Jaehaerys is the best, Jaehaerys is god, Jaehaerys can do no mistake' propaganda and the shifting in characterization. As for the Dance, it was... the Dance. Gritty and all. But Aegon III's regency, despite having a bit of gore, is surprisingly light-hearted and enjoyable. The fact that Baela and Rhaena just faded after a certain part left a bad taste in my mouth, but I guess they couldn't be at court all the time. And I am a bit disappointed we did not get to see a little more of their relationship with their half-brothers, especially Viserys. I think when it came to Baela, GRRM sort of... gave up. Baela feels like a repetition of (an older) Arya, and a mix between Alyssa, Saera and Viserra, like he couldn't think of a distinct personality for her. She prefers masculine activities to feminine ones, has scandalous sex drive, is the tomboy to the girly girl, very pretty, etc. I do wish GRRM didn't act like sisters only come in two different modes, one traditional feminine, and 'meek' (for lack of better word), the other more masculine and adventurous - and are polar opposites. We see that with Visenya and Rhaenys, Rhaena and Alysanne, Aerea and Rhaella, the daughters of Jaehaerys (compare Daenerys, Maegelle and Daella to Alyssa, Saera and Viserra), Baela and Rhaena, Daena and Rhaena, Sansa and Arya.
  4. Alyssa of House Arryn

    The Pact of Ice and Fire

    The possibility of the crown prince marrying some Northern girl is a more serious matter than anything Coryanne Wylde ever did - especially since it echoes the current situation in the main series, unlike Coryanne trying to seduce Jaehaerys.
  5. Alyssa of House Arryn

    The Pact of Ice and Fire

    Sure, but if it isn't true... then why did GRRM mention it at all? Just to show what an imaginative fool Mushroom is? There has to be a reason why this rumour existed at all - and Rhaegar had no problem to humiliate his wife, a princess of Dorne, so I imagine if Jace was as lovestruck as Rhaegar, he wouldn't hesitate to ditch Baela for Sara, like Rhaegar left Elia for Lyanna (I think Jace and Sara serve as a Rhaegar and Lyanna parallel, after all - the Targaryen prince, betrothed to a princess, leaves his bride for a Stark maiden but dies in the war anyway).
  6. Alyssa of House Arryn

    The Pact of Ice and Fire

    If Jace could break his betrothal to Baela without telling her or Rhaenyra, he could lie to them about marrying Sara.
  7. Alyssa of House Arryn

    The Pact of Ice and Fire

    That's because Elio Garcia mentioned her. The books themselves (before F&B) don't.
  8. Alyssa of House Arryn

    The Pact of Ice and Fire

    The Pact was that a future daughter of Prince Jacaerys (presumably by his wife-to-be the Lady Baela) would marry a Stark. Jacaerys though married Sara Snow in secret. It's not clear if Jace expected his firstborn by Sara to marry some Stark.
  9. Aegon III reminds me a bit of Jon - far from the throne/seat of Winterfell (Jon's a bastard, Aegon's a fourth son), has two sisters, one of which is a tomboy, the other more feminine, is rather distant and aloof from those he rules over, has eyes so dark they could be black, etc
  10. Alyssa of House Arryn

    How did Daeron and Baelor end up like they did?!

    If Daeron II was named after Daeron I, it is even more likely that it was Grandpa Vissy who named the baby. His son after his brother the king, his grandson after his nephew the crown prince. Plus, I can't imagine Aegon the Unworthy ever bothering to parent any of his children, and than includes giving them a name. I think, that just like Bobby, Aegon was hunting when Naerys delivered Daeron, far away from the capital to decide for his newborn's name.
  11. Alyssa of House Arryn

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    This Aegon (Alysanne and Jaehaerys's) was one of eleven known Aegon Targaryens. I really doubt his fate means anything for Jon, no more than the fates of Aegon the Lord f Dragonstone, Kings Aegon one to five, Aegon the Uncrowned, or Rhaegar's Aegon. Plus, it is not even confirmed Jon's 'real' name is Aegon. This is show-only until further books prove otherwise. And Daenerys's fate will probably be nothing like the first one's. Dany's not dying from Shivers or greyscale, nor is the Shivers some metaphor for ice and cold, no more than the winter fever is, or the Great Spring Sickness, or anything else. I think Prince Aeryn becoming Princess Daenerys had more to do with 'child of three' theme of Daenerys's story than anything else.
  12. Alyssa of House Arryn

    How did Daeron and Baelor end up like they did?!

    Maybe Daeron I was named after his maternal grandfather, Daeron Velaryon. Or maybe, after all those fake Daeron the Darings showed up, Aegon III felt he needed to reclaim the name 'Daeron' for the Targaryens. edit: Or maybe Daeron I was named after his maternal grandfather and Viserys felt the need to reclaim the name, thus naming his grandson Daeron, which would explain why the Targs had two Daerons within ten years.
  13. Alyssa of House Arryn

    How did Daeron and Baelor end up like they did?!

    Daeron grew up with stories of the great men of the Dance of the Dragons - like Daeron the Daring, Addam Velaryon (and his brother Alyn), Ben Blackwood, etc. He probably wanted to be as glorious as they were. Baelor's piety is not that big of a mystery. Some people are just very devout. I think the viper incident in Dorne greatly shaped his later life decisions, though. What wit he'd got left vanished.
  14. Alyssa of House Arryn

    Traditions of royal progresses

    There's no mention of pre-Conquest progresses, but there had to be some - though, obviously, within the kingdoms themselves. No Lannister, Arryn, Hoare, Gardener, Durrandon, Martell or Stark would travel the whole of Westeros. After Conquest? Obviously, the Targaryens had to remind everyone they were kings, to make sure people saw the people who ruled them. It was necessary, considering Targaryens were just lords of some small island in the narrow sea before, unlike the great kings Stark, Gardener, etc. It depended, I think, on how much popular each king wanted to be. Aegon and Jaehaerys needed to show everyone who's boss, Aenys wanted to be loved, Maegor just did not care, nor did Aegon III...
  15. Alyssa of House Arryn

    Targaryen princess who doesn't want to marry her brother in F&B v2

    Naerys asked Aegon to live as brother and sister - that is, without incest. The Faith considers incest to be a sin; so it's only natural that Naerys would hate it as well. Whatever Baelor might have felt, it doesn't mean much for Rhaena; she's her own person. She was pious like Naerys, so I believe she too might have not looked very favourably at the Targ tradition. Talking about Baelor; all we've got about him is second-hand information. We don't know for sure that Baelor locked up Daena, Rhaena and Elaena because he was tempted by them. Cersei thinks so, but Cersei never met him. And even if he was attracted to them... it doesn't change the fact that he might have misliked incest. Conflicted feelings and attraction against one's better judgement is a thing, after all. The fact that he locked them away so he couldn't commit incest points to that, he, too, wasn't fond of the tradition.