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  1. bobbleheadphil

    Game of Thrones Baseball Bobbleheads

    Hi Ran, I hope all is well! A couple things: Is Email the best way to reach out to you once we are ready to start promoting the bobblehead? If so, how can I reach you? Do you have any suggestions for finding someone to help with this project? It hasn't gotten many responses here. Is there another board or forum where we could post? Thanks! Phil
  2. bobbleheadphil

    Game of Thrones Baseball Bobbleheads

    Thanks, Ran! We aren't the ones that produced the GOT bobbleheads for the stadium giveaways, but we do have a lot of those and they've been very popular. The ones I mentioned would be the first GOT bobbleheads available for retail sales. I'll share pictures as soon as we have them. We would greatly appreciate you helping spread the word once we have approval! The bobbleheads all have to be approved by MLB and HBO and that process is taking place now. We expect to be able to release them within the next month or two. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.
  3. bobbleheadphil

    Game of Thrones Baseball Bobbleheads

    Hi Everyone! I'm a founder of a bobblehead company and we'll be offering officially licensed Game of Thrones themed baseball bobbleheads in 2019. I am VERY unfamiliar with Game of Thrones, so I was looking to get some input from GOT fans and also see if anyone is interested in an opportunity to help with the bobbleheads: 1. Do you think there is a big interest in Game of Thrones collectibles? 2. If you're a baseball fan, would you pay between $40-$60 for a very limited edition, high quality bobblehead featuring your favorite player or mascot in Game of Thrones attire? 3. We're looking for a HUGE Game of Thrones fan who is also a HUGE baseball fan that can help promote the bobbleheads, give suggestions, etc. This would be a very flexible position and you could do this on your own time and from any location. Let me know if this may be of interest to you and I'll send over more details. Thanks in advance, and I look forward to seeing your replies! Phil