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  1. Destiny Arrives

    Worst Targaryen King

    I can't say Visearys is the worst but somethings he did really has to make me put him in the top 3. Aegon IV though for me has to be worse especially since it was hinted he killed his dad. All his reign was corrupt i'm shocked more people didn't try and kill him. Aerys II- Caused the Dynasty's down fall no forgiveness for that Visaeys- lazy and really dumb it started when like many said why remarry when you know if you have sons it will cause an issue. He himself noted that Alicient wants her blood on the throne when she pushed for Aegon to marry Rhaenyra. Appointed Otto again seriously why in the name of the old gods? Simple really lazy and didn't think clearly. Why wasn't Rhaenyra even on the counsel when she was to take over.
  2. Destiny Arrives

    About Viserra’s Bethoral

    So is true it kinda bugged me as well 3 things with the good queen annoyed me. This instant other than she wanted a good alliance with the north makes sense but its not like her children with him would be air to white harbour. Upset because Big J didn;t want Daenerys to be heir (i just don't get why she thought that would happen after how her owner elder sister was past over) Blaming everyone for Daenys death no reason at all but a mother's grief i guess
  3. Well she did describe him as the love of her life and they weren't known to have been with other people. Heck he even rejected offers of other marriages .
  4. Right she just badass like that i so can see her doing just that.
  5. Because my boi Aegon was just too magnificent nothing she could do when he said look i'm taking lil sis too so deal with it. Still why not only had 3 dragons at the time why tie Rhaenys to someone out side the family
  6. Destiny Arrives

    most tragic character

    Elia Martell not even a POV character or one who was alive in the main story, but dang such tragedy.
  7. Destiny Arrives

    Looking North: What did Bran see?

    I'm all for it being a Lovecraftian monstrosity about time so magically things started to happen. Well really magical i should say.
  8. Destiny Arrives

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    She was no lie made him seem flawed and really intriguing she flt who was born first should be placed on the thrown not by ability at first. I'm shocked J-man didn't tell her "look my love that's nice and all but if that was the case out father would have made our big sister Rhaena heir and not our big bro Aegon". I don't get why his response displeased her since Daerneays would have indeed been queen if she had lived. I don't like that she forget that in north of dorne male heirs would always come first.
  9. Do think cancelling the royal progress was dumb but no one taught the kid how to rule if Tyland was there he would have learned but Peake and his betrayal just left a bad taste for him. Him firing manderly can't say he did anything that justified he should stay on permanently, but i see nothing wrong with that.
  10. So true although i think i would have still told daemon to kill aemond and criston cole Book wise i would really have told Arya to name Tywin, Cersei and Roose
  11. Destiny Arrives

    New little legal details

    The Law Alysanne put in about widows really stood out to me didn't think it was a common occurrence for an heir who become lord to dismiss the wife with no station. So even Lords that remarry could just forfeit their kids from a previous marriage before Alysanne convince Jeahearys to rectify that. Hmm not sure about the Lord cannot execute another lord or judge them without the King's leave i mean Roose was scared of Rickard Stark finding out he indulges in First Night
  12. Destiny Arrives

    Targaryen princess who doesn't want to marry her brother in F&B v2

    More than likely no unless there is a retcon
  13. Destiny Arrives

    The goal of Reyne-Tarbeck rebellion ?

    Simple pride nothing more they were so used to cowing Tytos and when Tywin showed defiance in their pride they said they should just do as they want. Its the same way westeros reacted to Aenys
  14. Destiny Arrives

    The North does not need the Other Regions

    They do if they wish to trade for their own benefit
  15. Destiny Arrives

    Stannis Aegon parallels

    Both were fighters though Aegon is even described as one of the greatest of his age. Heck i would even say Aegon was a better King guy was flexible and learned from his mistakes and didn't let his insecurities affect hos decisions.