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  1. Meh nothing new in Westeros people have long since stood buy to let nobles do as they please.
  2. There are several reasons: 1. Plot- Mr. Martin just didn't want him to have any 2. HE was shooting blanks for years 3. Wives just weren't fertile
  3. Seemed like a mutual respect and love as sisters and rivals as wives and queens. Heck they took joy in plotting marriages between housed.
  4. We all saw what renly thought he though Robert should have gotten rid of them all. Hoster probably was a loyalist but got a bigger reward with them gone so he was all pro robert Tywin was a House Targ loyalist right up until Rhaegar died. Like hoster got a better deal so he didn't mind them being gone. Ned he proably wouldn't mind House Targ still in power as long as justice was met. Martells lost love for Aerys and Rhaegar but they had power with them their so they are pissed. House Valyeron pissed too. Arryn same as tywin and hoster Baratheon stannis would have bent the knee if robert loss and served
  5. Pardoned no killed yea should have held him hostage to kill him later, but such is war. I just figured Robb felt Tywin would have started killing hostages too,
  6. No he just a man that got power and wanted to keep it. Look how easy he dismissed things that didn't suit his needs: 1. Says fighting all Maegor's supports and Moon is expensive but doesn't mind splashing on an expensive ass wedding 2. He dismisses Rhaena's and her daughter's claim, but when Big J ain't on his team he all of a sudden brings it up. 3. Boasts of wanting to battle Maegor in single combat, yet never made any real attempt to do so (i know they were prepping for war, but meh) Still as i said no need to defend him he was just as you get a power hunger lord that wanted more and got burned when he reached too far.
  7. The red wedding can never be justified but the jist of what your saying i get. The Freys had every right to abandon Robb and not even help him after what he did.
  8. I expect wonderful things from him in the next two books when ever they get released. I hope he kills great warriors bloodies enemies gets to hook up with his crazy dornish cousins even bangs a few of them. Hell i would love for him to meet his brother Jon but alas we have to wait.
  9. Who say they didn't i mean there was a good century they were on Dragonstone someone might have
  10. I always took them for Ice Vampires but like the yuuzhan vong if any one knows that species from star wars when the EU was canon. I think they have a warrior caste and then another caste because there are at least female described as inhumanely beautiful. Just glad they don't sparkle.
  11. Alicient, Otto and Aemond for me Alicient- started the whle thing when Aegon was born Otto- pushed it further because he wanted daemon out of the way Aemond- legit made it untenable when he kill luke
  12. Guy just seem like a well skilled man child. No way someone beats up two guys at a wedding without being a hurt fool.
  13. Can we really call the Reign of Visearys I pax targaryenica?? I know he kept the peace and Daemon and Corlys were still ruled by him when they conquered the steppstones but his reign feels so i don't know how it lead to the dance really shook me especially when it was plain to see. Reading more info in the war seriously what were the greens thinking the only one i can say had great success in fight the war who Larys and Tyland Lannister the both caused the black defeat with their moves.
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