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  1. Aemond was clearly the most bloodthirsty character. Clearly a mad Targaryen. Everything about him claims "villain!": distinctive visuals (lacking an eye)? Check. Impressive power (having a dragon)? Check. Arrogant and foul-mouthed? Check. Cruel and vindictive? Check. Many others had their part of guilt, but Aemond was clearly the most eeevil. Rhaenyra was also bloodthirsty. But the narrative gives little exposition to her vile acts. We only hear "many heads appeared on pikes". Even the forced prostitution of her haf-sister and mother-in-law is only a rumour.
  2. Tywin is evil, but not in the spiteful way Cersei is. He doesn't accept the incest (any father would), so the bastards are undeserving any attention by him. He never made any reference to Edric Storm, Mia Stone or any other. Baseborn bastards are no danger, and he doesn't kill for pleasure. His only reaction to Stannis' letter is forcing Cersei to marry again. He is smart enough to know that a killing spree could draw attention.
  3. Personaly, it's SO evident Jon is Rhaegar's pup, and I'm so tired of this theory, and the s*upid TV show made it so wrong, I'm wishing Jon is the son of the fisherwoman who brought back Eddard to the north. Just for the laughs.
  4. As you say, Baelish isn't the most reliable source. Tywin is perfectly able to get children murdered, but only if there is a profit. He wouldn't kill two child becouse he is feeling despised. Cersei is also interested in supressing any proof about Jeoffrey and the rest being bastards. AFAIK, Tywin doesn't suspects nothing about the incest and when he read Stannis's letter, he was offended (he is their father, after all). Cersei couldn't start a killing spree without gaining attention. It could be suspicious if all Robert's bastards die the same year. She is powerful enough to do it in King's Landing or Lannisport, but not everywhere (for example she only killed little Barra after Robert's death). Also there is a simplier reason. The witch augured 14 bastards, yeah, but didn't any mother's name. Cersei doesn't has a list. For example almost nobody thinks Bella the whore is Robert's bastard. And probably some married women believed her boys/girls are her husband's children, not from any daliance with the King.
  5. I think both theories are arguable. Rhaenyra was always in love with Criston. First in a children adoration way, but when she grow up, the desire became more physical. Probably Cole believed their relationship was a chevalier-lady perfect and chaste amour. When Rhaenyra tried to seduce him, he was reviled. When Rhaenyra married Laenor and started having Strong babies, Cole was furious and indignated. But he could do nothing with it. King Viserys was blind to the truth, and he will always believe his loved daughter before his knight. After all, if Rhaenyra was accused, she could always say Cole was only a spurned suitor. Not the first time a man loses his head for her. And not the first time a white knight is send to the Wall ofr unapropiate conduct. Remember Lucamore the Lustful? So Cole took his "rightful" anger to the only place where he can free it: the jousting field. Perhaps he believed the King of the Kisses was the father of the Strong boys. Or maybe believed the threesome of Rhaenyra/Laenor/Joffrey was repulsive and wanted to end it. Harwyn Strong was another evident target.
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