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  1. Being able to surprise a foe is a trait of the best commanders. Remember the Young Wolf. Oaekenfist is a sailor, not a diplomatic or a trader. The krakens were expecting him, yes, but Alyn had better ships and probably superior numbers. Also Dalton has to divide his men to keep his conquests. Greyjoys are reavers and sackers. But kidnapping a girl and ramming a galley are completly different things. Dalton had never fought a sea battle. Just individual one ship vs one ship combats.
  2. the Last Teague

    Cregan Stark: the fool wolf

    His duty was to assemble his levy and join his Queen. The Hightowers and the Lannisters were a threat for the Blacks during all the war. And Cregan believed no war is over until you kill the entire enemy house, including toddlers, so I don't think he thought he wasn't necessary. Cregan's work for preventing winter problems were laughable. The first months of winter were enough to start a famine in the North. Robb Stark assembled 20.000 men in a much shorter time, and he was a boy, not a man like Cregan. In only one year he had time of winning three battles, conquering three castles, geting married and getting himself murdered. Cregan needed two years only to assemble 8.000 useless peasants. I've the feeling it was lord Dustin who organized the Winter Wolves and went south. The Manderly's help also moved by their own decision. With Lord Hairy permission, of course. But without any special help: no Stark rode with the Wolves. Cregan could have joined them with his cavalry, but nay. Glaciers have their own slow rhytm. Cregan is perfectly able to intimidate a 12 years old lad, that's for sure. I'm sure he was a holy terror at the school yard. Jace was a kid, and a very diplomatic one. And if he only stayed in Winterfell for a month, and married a bastard girl (despite his mother needing marriage aliances), he was simply fool. Being able to get rid of an uncle isn't exactly a feat. That was just a noisy weekend in Winterfell. The Stark army was more of an horde, I think. The last thing the devastated Trident needed was a plague of bearded locust. With or without them, the North starved the same. How did he pretended to conquer Storm's End when they deserted at the first chance? When I read that chapter, I was wishing the Lads made short work of them. Black Aly managed him at her whim. It wasn't geting a good match. It was being seduced by a young girl. There Cregan showed how laughable it was his commitment to "justice". Give him a pretty lass and he forgets about "avenging" Aegon's murder,, and about his genocidal fantasies. That story only shows Aly was a smart lady, and Cregan was a fool. Becouse planning about destroying Lannisport and Oldtown is short of genocidal. So Cregan get a wife, yes. And the Rivermen, the people who really fought and bled for two years, the people who suffered Aemond's dragonfire and smashed Criston Cole, only get 8.000 thousand hungry bandits. No matter what Gyldain says: a peasant widow with a burned field doesn't need a new "pagan" husband, who is almost a homeless. She needs a knife to get rid of him. That's what probably happened. Probably the northerners who established themselves at Raven's Tree were more lucky.
  3. the Last Teague

    Cregan Stark: the fool wolf

    Personaly, I prefer Fool Wolf or Lazy Wolf... One thing is mocking Lord Stark and the other one is mocking Lord Frey, an upstart. I agree that Stark was real slow and without any good excuse. His vassals Lord Dustin and Lord Manderly moved quickly (in my opinion, by their own decision. And in Manderly's case, motivated by a marriage's promises). Stark maybe feared Aemond and his dragon. Or he simply was utterly uncompetent. I mean, he spent two years gathering provisions for winter, but there was famine in the north just the next year.
  4. the Last Teague

    The Kingsguard doesn't precisely shine in FaB

    The Hound doesn't abuse Sansa becouse he is fixated with her. With his last breath, he was sorry he didn't rape when he could. That's real Kingsguard stuff. Sandor has killed all kind of innocent people, and doesn't show any remorse. The Hound hadn't problems working for Joffrey. He deserted simply becouse he knew he would be punished for his coward conduct during Blackwater. Kidnaping Arya and menacing her with beatings isn't chivalric stuff. Sansa idealism had some influence on him? Sure he was impressed by her innocence. But not enough to change his spots. Has he changed? The Seven knows. But too little, too late. Having Clegane in the KGs shows how low it has sunk the institution during Joffrey's reign.
  5. the Last Teague

    What do you think of Aegon III?

    I must say I really like your theory about the end of the dragons and Aemond's son.
  6. the Last Teague

    What do you think of Aegon III?

    About Viserys and Aegon: the youngest brother clearly had influence over Aegon, but it's never mentioned he was the real power. Tyrion Lannister (based in "Life of Three Kings") believed Viserys only started being a real decision-maker during Daeron II. Having royal blood isn't enough to become a king. Remember how Saera's sons and Maegor's bastard hadn't a chance during the Great Council of Jaehaerys. The same way, Jon Snow is of no consequence if he lacks Stannis' suport. Without noble attendants able to proof that the wedding happened, it doesn't matter if Aemond and Alyn married or not. That's why many people prefered a "new" Daeron than Aemond's son (probably: also the son was probably just a kid).
  7. the Last Teague

    The Kingsguard doesn't precisely shine in FaB

    Sorry to disent but... where is the growth? We were made to feel some sympathy for him, but he remained the same person all the time. After losing control at Blackwater, he fleds for avoiding punishment. In his way out, he could have killed Sansa Stark, but she managed him. Later, the Hound kidnapped Arya Stark, and kept running until he was hurt at the inn's fight (mostly becouse he stupidly get drunking before an expected fight). Where is the personal growth? It's just going down in a self-destruction path. Our perception of the Hound evolution, but Sandor himself remained the same dog. If he is still alive in the books, we will see if he grows up. It not, well... The woods are full of beasts, like Tywin and Tyrion said.
  8. the Last Teague

    What do you think of Aegon III?

    I think the fake Daerons just showed that Unwin Peake still had resources to make more kingmaking attempts. Aegon showed courage in decisive moments. He was apathic as a teenager and a loner all his life, but he never was completly authistic. Spending all the Regency being a puppet make him grew fed up with pretentious Hands. He was not like Aenys Targaryen. His brother Viserys was a talented man, but he didn't became Hand until the last years of Aegon's reign. At that time Aegon was suffering consumption (tuberculosis) a weakening illness who killed him slowly. So any success of Aegon, AFAIK, belongs to himself exclusively. Of course he probably got help from his sisters and allies. About Aemond "son", I can't imagine a baseborn bastard being a believable contender for the Iron Throne. Probably Alys and her gang were a local trouble at the Riverlands (that perhaps explains why Harrenhal was empty for 20 years), but not a real danger for the king.
  9. the Last Teague

    What do you think of Aegon III?

    Like Antoninus Pius during the Roman Empire, Aegon is underrated. Antoninus had a prosperous reign, but it lacked barbarian invasions, conspirations or Caligula-like excesses, so it's largely forgotten. Same happens with Dragonsbane. Even as a child, Aegon was brave. He tried to defend his mother during the Dragonstone ambush, and reacted better than some knights. While his uncle Aegon kept him prisioner (and constantly menaced with gelding or mutilating him), he showed no fear, and didn't shame himself. The regency was a tough time for him. He was used as a political tool, used by everyone, and no one took time to prepear him for ruling (well, maybe Tyland Lannister was an exception). Being under legal age meant he could do zero about it, except for waiting. Aegon's moral was also at his lowest point, having lost in short time his grandfather, his parents, all his male brothers and his dragon. Only the return of Viserys brought him some happiness. Aegon III was beaten by life (destruction of his family, abandoning his brother, etc.) but not broken. His live was a fight agains a bitter illness (chronic depression), without any treatment. Mostly becouse people watched him and only saw a prince or a king, not a man. Against all odds, he kept the Seven kingdoms united after the Dance of Dragons. When he sat at the Iron Throne as a grown man, the Crown was at its lowest moment, without effective authority or reputation. But Aegon and his Hand Viserys rebuilt it, without dragons. I hope B&F second volume helps us to see how the brothers won against all odds. When he died, king's justice and king's peace reigned, the treasure was full (Daeron I could start his war without economic problems), and the Greens vs. Black enemity was finaly buried. Even the death of dragons can't be blamed to him, and he made efforts to help saving the remaining ones. At least one of his children, Daera, loved him dearly (she always wore the necklace he gave her). Sadly, Aegon made no effort to win any popularity. He lacked social skills and distrusted flattery and multitudes. That makes him (like his brother Viserys) mostly forgotten.
  10. the Last Teague

    Is Dorne an imperialist critique?

    I'm not sure what you mean by "brown" people. I assumed Rhoyniars were most akin to Levantine people. Personaly Dorne story under the dragons reminds me of the resistance of the last Moorish kingdom in Spain (Granada), against the overwhelming Christian kingdoms. UNlike Granada, Dorne survived. Dorns is a reflection of the typical quagmire, or quicksand, were imperialist powers sunk themselves to the neck, when they fight a war were their firepower can't find a decisive target. Same happened with Napoleon in Spain and with USA in Vietnam. I hope F&B v2 gives more detail about the conquest.
  11. the Last Teague

    Did Cersei really kill the twins and sell their mother into slavery?

    Tywin is evil, but not in the spiteful way Cersei is. He doesn't accept the incest (any father would), so the bastards are undeserving any attention by him. He never made any reference to Edric Storm, Mia Stone or any other. Baseborn bastards are no danger, and he doesn't kill for pleasure. His only reaction to Stannis' letter is forcing Cersei to marry again. He is smart enough to know that a killing spree could draw attention.
  12. the Last Teague

    [spoiler] Larys Strong

    Probably Daemon only contact in court were Mysaria's spies.
  13. the Last Teague

    Marston Waters, most decisive Lord Commander EVER

    Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Probably the only good thing Aegon II did was making Marston a Kingsguard (I'm exagerating a little bit). I haven't seen that movie, but looks interesting.
  14. the Last Teague

    Marston Waters, most decisive Lord Commander EVER

    One thing that the fall of King's Landing (during the Dance) demonstrated is that you can take the capital if you have the right man at the middle schelons of the city's watch. When prince Daemon left the Goldcloacks, the men he apointed as captain of the gates remained, and the same happened when Unwin Peake resigned as Hand. Peake didn't control the small COuncil or the Regency, but the Watch, the servants, the jails and even the training ground was controled by his cronies. Probably these people understimated Ser Marston. He clearly wasn't the sharpest blade of the rack. He was a follower who wanted the serve a good leader, but he never found the right man. And when he knew of bad was the side he had chosen, he had to take decisions for first time. Being Hand of the King and Lord Commander gave him lots of formal authority, right, but he lacked any real power. Probably the conspirators trusted him as stooge and apparent leader. As you said, he surprised them by his quick tempo, but probably had to rely in a rag tag force. Remember the men who stoped Merwyn Peake were three servants (on of them, drunk). That's why I think his achievement deserves some credit. In fact, I think Marston was a better Hand that Cregan Stark. The Fool Wolf almost managed to restart the Dance, and the Unlikely Lord Commander arranged Aegon's survival.
  15. the Last Teague

    What do you think of Aegon III?

    When did Jon Snow said that? Maybe Winterfell is a good place to raise a kid during Eddard Stark's time, but Cregan isn't an especialy caring man. Also with the famine in the North, is really not a good idea. Also the Regency plan was to rebuild the kingdom's peace by investing in reconciliation. Having a diehard blackist as Hand of the King and king's ward wouldn't have helped.