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  1. anubis

    Events you are most looking forward to see in TWOW

    I´m looking forward to Jon staying dead (or at least not being resurrected the way he was in the show), Stannis winning something at some point, and krakens wasting the redwyne fleet. I don´t know if there´s a lot of chances of any of that happening, though. There´s also Dany not using her dragons as much as I fear she will (as in, more strategy and proper battles, less dragons saving the day), learning more about other cultures aside from Westeros, much more about the Faceless Men, and Yi Ti getting involved in any kind of thing, somehow. To be honest, I would not like for the books to follow the show for the most part (Stannis just being the means for Melisandre to get to Castle Black, Dorne and the Reach being trivialized, etc), so I´m also looking forward to not seeing those scenes. Oh and while I´m at it, some more details into the war of the ninepenny kings and the conquest of Dorne would be nice, so that I don´t have to keep speculating while I wait 3 more years for fire and blood 2. (And as a bonus, more details into the underrated Greyjoy rebellion!).
  2. I would love to see your project, I´m really interested in filling out the blanks of the background, so to speak. Martin isn´t the only one that can come up with great ideas, though I would also love to see a project for many regions in Essos too, but I guess we must wait until the series is officially over to start filling out the blanks in regards to Asshai or Yi Ti. Perhaps you added some interaction between continents? I´m really into the asoiaf world, but even though I know plenty about the lore, I imagine there will be better loremasters around this forum (especially when it comes to Targaryen dynasties, which I´m not that interested in). Good luck with your project!
  3. anubis

    Aegon VI

    I honestly would like for fAegon to conquer King´s Landing, if only so that the books diverge from the show quite a bit. Also, reading through other posts, I really don´t like the idea of greyscale spreading throughout Westeros and taking plenty of characters out of the picture. I hope George can manage the plot well enough without having to resort to epidemics (I mean, why would something like this happen now of all times, and not in the previous centuries of culture exchanges, which we know were more than a few). I´m saying this mainly because I can´t figure out the plot reasoning behind Jon Connington´s illness, and I now fear it could be so that greyscale gets spread throughout the continent. I´m not much of a fan of using illness as a plot device, but that´s just me. Besides, I´m sure there are thousands of theories out there that can offer more insight into what could this greyscale affair mean in the bigger picture.
  4. anubis

    Is GRRM As Complex As You Believe He Is?

    Well, he might not be as complex, but take a look around, you ingenuously posed the question "aren´t we thinking about the little details/supposed foreshadowing too much?" and what you got as an answer was more people thinking about the little details/supposed foreshadowing. Conclusion: Martin´s got us by the balls.