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    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    You really summed up my own reaction perfectly. After reading yours I thought: well, now I don't need to write that, someone wrote it for me. The real disappointment here is that it has soured me on the books, which I love. I think the outcome is in general close to GRRM's outline. Unfortunately, D&D did a very poor job of getting there. (I won't repeat what everyone else has said about D&D.) In the books it will take a lot of time and a lot of pages before the characters reach this point. In the books they still have to deal with the Others, about whom we know nothing. Their "long night" will not actually be one night, it will be 900 pages long. In the books (ADWD) Dany is still in Essos with a lot of story line to get through before she gets to Westeros. And Drogon being big enough for her to ride changes everything. First example that comes to mind: in the books, after Dany flies off from Mereen, she flies over the Dothraki on Drogon, then encounters them with Drogon. I daresay they don't just grab her, bind her hands and walk her back to camp without getting toasted by that BF DRAGON. Knowing that the Dothraki only respect strength, she calls out, "I am Danaerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons etc. Who is khal? I challenge him." After torching a few guys she vaults back onto Drogon and asks: "Does anyone else wants to defy the Mother of Dragons?" In short, wielding dragon power will change her over time (about 1500 pages worth of time, I'd say). That's the curse of the Targaeryans. But we don't have all this stuff - just favorite characters going bad or dying. Do I really want to plow through hundreds of pages just to get to this disappointing result, even if I get there more plausibly?