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  1. Rickard_The_Crisp

    Arya will die at the hands of...

    Do you really think Arya doesn't have fighting skills? She has shown herself to be an extremely talented fighter numerous times. Also, she does have some political influence as she attended all the meetings at Winterfell. And in regards to Jon she is one of the closest of any of his friends and family, and if she went to talk to him, then he would at least listen. She only wasn't with him in the episode, because she had her own plans. Finally, why do her looks matter?
  2. Rickard_The_Crisp

    Duskendale Delay

    When Aerys II was taken hostage at Duskendale, it took half a year before he was rescued single handedly by Barristan Selmy. I was wondering why it took so long and Barristan didn't attempt save him sooner. I came up with some possibilities: It may have taken a while for Barristan to plan the mission and the delay was due to recon. However, six months seems a long time. Could also be possible that Lord Darklyn's security around the king had dropped over the months, only making the rescue possible later. But don't really know why they would lower the security. Maybe Barristan only offered as a last resort because he was worried about Tywin's planned assault and the casualties that would inflict. It makes sense from the point of view of Barristan. However, then I'm unsure why Tywin decided on an assault after six months. I like the idea Tywin didn't save the king instantly as with the king captured, as hand, he could rule in his place. Particularly, since at that point their relationship was strained. But then why give up his power in an attempt to save the king all of a sudden? Maybe in the six months he had planned something,(possibly regarding the succession) behind the king's back amd he intended for the king to die, like Aerys thinks afterwards. But if he wanted him dead why let Barristan go on the rescue mission? It doesn't add up. Another possiblity, is Tywin had no hidden agenda and had realised the siege wasn't working well enough. Then decided that he could gamble on Darklyn not killing the king because people never kill the hostage as then they have nothing to barter for their life with. He might also have considered that a captured king is about as good use as a dead one so the issue had to be resolved one way or another. The simplest reason and my favourite would be Tywin just thought Aerys deserved to be held hostage for a while and just waited for six months because he was annoyed with the him. However, this seems really petty and Tywin isn't typically petty, so not sure. Yeah, so this post is a bit scattered (sorry) but I would appreciate any thoughts on what people think Tywin was doing?
  3. Rickard_The_Crisp

    Would Robert have been a better Lord than King?

    I think Robert would have happily drunk and f****d his life away at Storm's End if he wasn't king. Just the way he was. However, he wouldn't have had as hard a job. His advisors would likely be more trustworthy than a lot of the King's Landing set, so he could rely more on them. As well, the houses he would be dealing with would be more culturally aligned than if he were king. Also, if he screwed up, the problem would be on a much smaller scale and he could even be supported by the crown if it escalated. Thus he could get out of a mess much easier. So I don't think he would have been a good lord, but you don't have to be as good as a lord, as you do as a king.