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    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Yes, she does want to take power in the north, all I'm saying is I think a significant part of her motivations are the strict legal standards that Eddard tried to uphold with his children, which is demonstrated with the beheading of the NW deserter in episode 1, and what Jon tells Bran.
  2. Khal Lhevon

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    I don't think that Sansa's just doing this because she doesn't like Dany, she was raised by Eddard Stark, who strictly obeyed laws and traditions (especially to do with inheritance), it seems like one of the hardest things Ned ever did was lie just before being killed about Joffrey being legitimate. In the books Stannis isn't so ambitious for rule, he doesn't even seem to want to rule very badly, he just sees it as his lawful duty. I would say Sansa has a similar idea about Jon, she thinks it doesn't matter what he wants, by law he must be king, since his claim is ahead of Daenerys'.
  3. Khal Lhevon

    Discussing Jaime and Brienne

    It does really annoy me, and I'm surprised it happened. In an old ComicCon panel Gwendolyn Christie (who plays Brienne) said one of the things she really liked about the dynamic between Jaime and Brienne was that there was no love interest, they were just friends. Also given that a big part of Brienne's character is that she is a strong, independent woman, introducing a love interest like they did just cheapens a lot of her character arc. A lot of the stuff in this episode and also especially episode 2 felt like fan service to me. Also it annoys me that they created and then ended this whole thing in a single episode, like a lot of s8, it feels really rushed.
  4. Khal Lhevon


    So they said that the new prince of dorne supports Daenerys. Who is the new prince of Dorne? They said prince so its probably a man, and as far as we know there are no remaining male Martells, Lewyn, Oberyn, Trystane, and Doran are all dead.
  5. Khal Lhevon

    Dragons far to weak

    They could probably make a whole in the hull, but yeah I do get what you mean when you say its ridiculous to rip through the ship like that
  6. Khal Lhevon

    Dragons far to weak

    Yeah I guess. It does really annoy me that the ballistae have just ruined the value of dragons, and while it is a bad story choice, the idea of Rhaegal falling to drown isn't unprecedented, when Drogon was hit in s7 he fell to the ground, so maybe we should assume that Rhaegal wasn't dead falling, but died from drowning in the water
  7. Khal Lhevon

    Dragons far to weak

    To be fair, they are just wooden ships with planks put together, it does kind of make sense that ballistas of that size could rip through the hull
  8. Khal Lhevon

    Dragons far to weak

    Yes but that was a lucky shot, whereas Rhaegal is down in one shot to the chest/belly, which in a lot of fantasy tends to be the most heavily armored part of a dragon. Also in S7 Drogon was brought down to the ground with one shot from a scorpion, so clearly scorpions bring dragons to the ground at least, if not kill them, which is making them far too weak. Although I agree with you that that is completely ridiculous, especially since Dany was flying pretty high up, and would have seen the Iron Fleet, even if they were on the other side of Dragonstone.