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  1. Long time lurker, first time poster. I actually created an account to post this. This episode has been getting a lot of hate. Some criticisms were certainly justified, especially about the bad writing in places. But the writing has been bad for several seasons now, so what sets S08E04 apart? Here's my opinion: I think people are not angry about the bad writing, they're angry about the story not going in the direction they wanted: Some people were hoping WW to be some kind of climate change allegory, they aren't happy about them not being the last big bad. Instead it turns out the game of thrones is the final stake. Some people wanted R+L=J to have some significance in either the fight against the WW, or the fight for the IT, or both: instead, it may very well be that the only purpose of this reveal is to drive a wedge between Jon and Dany. Some people wanted Jon and Dany to end up together, they're not happy about the conflict that is shaping up between them. Some people hated Dany's "mad queen" theory, now it looks like we're headed in that direction. etc, etc, etc As we approach the end, many predictions/theories will be proven wrong and many hopes will be crushed. In this regard, Ep4 was pivotal (confirmation that the WW are done, mad queen Dany). I think people are disguising their anger at their own wishes/predictions not coming true as criticism of the writing. Yes, the writing is bad. But was this episode really worse than the past two or three seasons?