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  1. Yeah, because the TV ending is probably the only one will ever get.
  2. Ok, let's rant: Benioff and Weiss: if you knew Bran was going to be the king, why the fuck do you screw him in all ways possible the last 5 years. You never let him feel any emotion even before season 7: -Jojen died for Bran's mission, how does he feel? We dont know -Hodor died, Summer, the animal he shared body and mind with died. How does he feel? -He has so many skills, he can enter animals, he can watch secrets that no one knows, why did you not let him become a player of the game of thrones just like his predecessor? (On that note, they fuck Bloodraven. They should have let the audience know about his identity). -How did you cut him for one entire season?
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