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  1. Yeah, because the TV ending is probably the only one will ever get.
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    The purpose of R+L=J?

    Benioff and Weiss bet each other in the best ways to destroy Bran's potential: Benioff said they needed to cut him off during season 5. Weiss opted to give him useless exposition in a theory that everyone knew anyway (considering how rushed season 8 was is almost funny to think we spent so much time with the ToJ scene) Both won. We lost.
  3. Ok, let's rant: Benioff and Weiss: if you knew Bran was going to be the king, why the fuck do you screw him in all ways possible the last 5 years. You never let him feel any emotion even before season 7: -Jojen died for Bran's mission, how does he feel? We dont know -Hodor died, Summer, the animal he shared body and mind with died. How does he feel? -He has so many skills, he can enter animals, he can watch secrets that no one knows, why did you not let him become a player of the game of thrones just like his predecessor? (On that note, they fuck Bloodraven. They should have let the audience know about his identity). -How did you cut him for one entire season?
  4. Being a Bran fan, I already hated the show when I see how badly they executed the Hold the Door's WTF moment. They didn't let Bran react to the fact that he lost his best friend and the direwolf (you know, the animal he actually SHARE THE MIND WITH) at the same time. They used him all season to show the stupid R+L = J theory that everyone knew already. But I stopped watching at 07x02 when souless-Bran appeared. I was and still am disgusted by it. The complete disregard to all the themes of Bran's storyline was too palpable. I just assume they hate Bran for being to complicated to write.