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  1. The sweet: I always thought that Daenerys would site upon the Iron Throne, reigning as queen for half a century or more. It would be a time of peace, culture, and prosperity throughout Westeros. The bitter: I thought Daenerys would be emotionally isolated all of her life. No one would really be "her people". The Dothraki, the Unsullied, and the people of Westeros would all be somewhat foreign to her. Further, she would be barren and unwed. She would try to ensure that the time of justice would outlive her, but she would be afraid that upon her death Westeros would be plunged into another war as various rogues and psychopaths fought (yet again) over the Iron Throne.
  2. Fortunately, the preview for episode 6 does not show Daenerys's face at all, smiling or otherwise. It only shows her from the back for a few seconds. For all we know, her hidden face in the preview was registering shock and disbelief: "How in the world did all this happen?" I want to reiterate that I am not predicting anything for episode 6. All I am doing is indicating the only way that the episode can save Game of Thrones for me. It's hope, not prophecy.
  3. Greenseen, I had formulated the same general theory as you, but you have fleshed it out better than I did. I really, really hope that the theory is right. It is the only thing that can save Game of Thrones for me now. I was able to overlook all the show's other missteps, but Daenerys torching King's Landing was too much for me. I can go so far as to see Daenerys liquidating the political elite of King's Landing and their soldiers. But burning the innocent children? That's utterly out of character. But if Bran did it through Daenerys's body? Then it all makes sense again. The entire 8-year show wasn't for nothing. Somebody above asked, "How would you explain her facial expressions during the bell scene though?" I would answer: Daenerys was wrestling with herself as to whether she should A) go torch Cersei right now, or B ) have her men capture her and give her a brief trial before torching her. In her anger, she decided to go torch Cersei immediately, and she flew off towards the Red Keep to do it. Then, and only then, did Bran finally warg into her while Daenerys's face was off-camera. For this to be so, I pray to the gods, the old and the new.