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  1. This. He is in quite a corner especially with the "Bloodmoon" prequel and HBO. What he says next is going to be interesting to say the least.
  2. Exactly. All of the cutting, chopping, adding, and subtracting really ruined it for them. But they were on to Star Wars and instead of using most of the material that could have helped them with a more plausible story they threw away Martin's advice and went their own direction, hence the {non} ending we have seen. Martin warned of the "Butterfly Effect".
  3. I keep hearing a lot of people saying that GOT would have ended better if it hadn't been so "rushed"? Really? Rushed? There was enough filler in the last two seasons that if you actually cut it all out there would have probably have been about five episodes. Problem was with no books to lean on there just wasn't enough material and we all {the book reader snobs at least} knew that the D{umbasse}s couldn't write actually story content so we got 13 episodes of shit that wasn't rushed, but just that, pure shit!
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