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    The role of the Uncast - was important after all?

    And once we had said "writer's room" they could have actually included part of a coherent Dorne plot line that did actually at least include Aegon and Arianne and I don't know, maybe excluded the Sand Snakes that were there for just? If only that "writer's room" would have existed? Oh the possibilities.
  2. This. He is in quite a corner especially with the "Bloodmoon" prequel and HBO. What he says next is going to be interesting to say the least.
  3. Exactly. All of the cutting, chopping, adding, and subtracting really ruined it for them. But they were on to Star Wars and instead of using most of the material that could have helped them with a more plausible story they threw away Martin's advice and went their own direction, hence the {non} ending we have seen. Martin warned of the "Butterfly Effect".
  4. I keep hearing a lot of people saying that GOT would have ended better if it hadn't been so "rushed"? Really? Rushed? There was enough filler in the last two seasons that if you actually cut it all out there would have probably have been about five episodes. Problem was with no books to lean on there just wasn't enough material and we all {the book reader snobs at least} knew that the D{umbasse}s couldn't write actually story content so we got 13 episodes of shit that wasn't rushed, but just that, pure shit!
  5. BrianCizMe

    What was your personal GoT breaking point?

    Loong time lurker, first time poster. Have to say you guys are great. Sorry my first post rant is so long. Well. That happened {is happening}. 1M signatures to a petition because the shit-show {is ending} ended so very badly. Although in my mind it actually didn't actually happen {the shit-show ending, not the petition} because I quit watching after Season 5, maybe Season 6? To be honest it strayed so far from the books and turned into such an utter turd after Season 4 I can't even remember what the last episode I actually watched was? Yes, it seems that I am in the minority here and the Dorne Chapters are some of my favorite reading. Once they destroyed Dorne story wise {Dany may as well burnt Dorne too, back in Season 5 for some more nonsensical bullshit city burning} I was pretty much done with the shit-show. Not to mention all of the other things they had cut, rearranged, changed, flipped, reversed, added, subtracted, multiplied, divided, squared, ect... that has already been mentioned in this thread. In the Shows Defense Now I could defend some of the actions of the show-fuckers by saying that this is a book adaptation and not all things book are going to work in TV land but after the amount of things simply cut due to "time" I will not defend this trash. The books were simply too big to try to shove into 7 and a half seasons. But a couple of douches decided that after "The Red Wedding" and the show blowing up in popularity and them deciding that they were now to good to actually finish the show, instead they would cut every possible corner they could to rush to the end. The writing was on the wall back in Season 4 when things were being cut left and right and HBO said they wanted 10 or 11 seasons, Martin actually thought it was going to be up to 13 seasons, and the douches said no, absolutely not as they and the {mostly} shit {main} cast had other obligations. I won't elaborate on the "shit cast" as I am not going to inflame the "my favorite actor/actress fanboyism". In Martins Defense, Does He Actually Have One? Martin has stated that he thought the show was going to run upwards to 13 seasons and he would have the books concluded based on that premise because with all of the material in AFFC/ADwD, and at that point, some of the material left in ASoS, they had enough material/seasons for him to catch up. Also he "supposedly" had a huge chunk of TWoW done that was actually cut from the end of ADwD because Dance was to long. Including the battle at Winterfell {Stannis} and the battle at Slaver's Bay {Victarion?}. Not to mention all of the chapters that he was releasing once up a time that after Season 4 mysteriously dried up? More on that in a minute. All that being said in Martin's defense of himself he should have been able to at least have kept pace with the show since he had "supposedly" untied his Mereeneese Knot? Now most of that is what Martin has said over the years in snippits here and snippits there from an interview here, an interview there, his blog, GOT promos, and whatnot, as I remember it. This has been one of the longest train wrecks in human history so I have forgotten all of the specifics at this late date. But one of the only train wrecks that I have actually watched in my life, in real time, in slow motion, as it actually derailed. Although watching the show crashing and burning has been pretty gratifying! As it appears that Martin is/{was, huge chunks of cash have a strange way of changing honest people into liars} a man of his word, and believing all of the things he has said over the years leads me to believe something changed drastically after season 4 of the show because Martin... A) and the biggest tell IMHO, gave the d{umbasse}s the ending and whatever else he gave them? Bullet points, story, the ending, nothing, what he had written of TWoW? Who knows? I have never seen anything really telling of what he actually gave them? But why was he giving them the ending so prematurely? He stopped being involved with the show in any capacity after season 4. He quit writing episodes, stopped showing up to events and promotions and as far as I remember was pretty much never heard saying much about the show in any capacity except... C) He became openly critical of the show on a few occasions. One that comes to mind is the cutting of characters and the butterfly effect. Another being that the show and books were going into a different direction as a lot of the characters that were dead in the show were alive and well in the books. I am wanting to say there were more things than this but trying to remember it all with a shitty memory is hard to do while typing this. I will probably remember more later? I have seen a lot of posters blaming this train wreck directly on Georgie. To be fair I am up in the air in this and I highly believe that that opinion is solely on each individual fan. Should Martin have been more involved, less involved? Should he have finished writing the show or the books {is he even writing the damn books}? Does Martin's word even mean shit at this point? I am of the opinion that he is a very shitty writer as far as his fan's feelings are concerned. Just shutting up about the last 3 seasons/outcome of the show is very telling if you ask me. Then again after the dust settles? Who knows? The Winds of the Never Coming Winter I do believe TWoW is done and he is a liar. Just giving the amount of material he said he had finished and the other points I brought up earlier about him thinking that the show was going to run for up to 13 seasons. Not mention a couple of years back{?} he said that he only had about three months of writing left? Duh. The rub is why lie about it? Either that and I am way off and he just doesn't give a fuck and has said fuck the books altogether? Which if that is the case he should have helped with the shit-show and gave us an actual conclusion. At this point I don't buy the "Martin is a slow writer" bullshit! That shit-ship sailed long ago. Some one is lying about something and any one paying attention should have figured it out by now. "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time." ― Abraham Lincoln I will give the show credit for one thing, I am a late to the game book reader that didn't start reading until after Season 2 because I couldn't wait for Season 3. FUCK! I really regret not looking into ASoIaF more before delving into the books and knowing about the huge time lapse between AFFC and ADwD and his notoriously slow writing. I would have never started down this road, remained unsullied and maybe actually enjoyed the show... because ignorance is bliss. You think I would have learned after multiple re-reads {every time a new book was released} of The Dark Tower ever since Roland walked across the desert in The Gunslinger back in the eighties. Glutton for punishment I guess? And lets not talk about shitty adaptation. GOT is garbage but that "thing" is... I will never know as my curiosity will never lead me to the point of being depraved enough to watch it. On a side note I have searched the internet high and low for a location that has all of the above snippets from interviews and what not in one location with links to said material that I could share but have not been able to find anything remotely close. Just more snippets from here and there and definitely nowhere near all that been said since the beginning. To be honest of all of the places I expected to find something like that, it was here at Westeros.org. If it is here and I have somehow missed it I apologize.