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  1. Jon’s service ended when he died and was brought back. Easy way out. Sam on the other hand is still under oath or am I mistaken? Jon sent him to study to become a Maester while he was Lord Commander. The Nights Watch never truly ended and there are still survivors. Isn’t Sam an oath breaker in more ways than one?
  2. GetMoney420

    Targaryen Prophecy

    What if The Mad King’s Trademark phrase to “Burn Them All” was actually a vision of him seeing his daughter burn the city to the ground nearly 20 years later? Although I know he partook in his own share of burning people alive, what if that was the ultimate meaning to his phrase? A foreshadow of sorts, whether it be him rooting his daughter on or not, these were The Mad Kings final words. Burn them all. Since the Targaryens are all about their prophecies, wouldn’t this tie in altogether pretty well? What do you guys think?